I remember meeting a few of the Positive Thinking morons out there that think everything “Is […]
I have seen this on blogs for sometime, but I have met someone who was previously […]
Some of these dodgy MLM’s are amazing.  You have to admit that.  Despite the Court Actions […]
As you can probably tell – this well know particular MLM has scammed me for the […]
I love telling this story.  Some time ago, I met this “Very Nice” Girl at Networking […]
If you are a Sydneysider like me, you have no doubt been bombarded by these people […]
Although my story is “Sad”, I know it’s unfortunately quite common – and there are plenty […]
One thing our Legal System is big on is clearly defining lying.  When one gives evidence, […]
In quite a few courses I have done they have all given similar advice of “Faking […]
As you have probably picked up – I have almost made it a hobby of attacking […]
Now, before you ready this – please don’t think I am a “Cowboy” or some fruit […]
At a recent Networking Group I was at, a friend of mine who ran the group […]