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Edward Zia

Edward Zia loves Creating Master Persuaders & Influencers™ 

Ed’s a Marketing Mentor Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) & International Master Coach and has mentored thousands of winners globally to help them get more clients, win top positions and become leading personal brands. As Master Grade Coach, Edward has exceeded the threshold of 10,000+ Personal Coaching Hours making him a leader in his field. He’s helped individuals generate millions and millions of dollars and loves it so much.

Today Edward works with his clients and works directly with key organisations such as Microsoft, Teachable, Meetup, LinkedIn, Business Australia, the Australian Government and more to get the latest knowledge and support great people. Edward is also a proud Christian & Templar, working behind the scenes in various charities and political change to do his small part in fighting for justice and helping the world become a better place.

He also has become an Australian Top Google Guide and has a side passion for discovering 5 star businesses and locations.

Lassie Zia

Married to Edward, Lassie is passionate about Positive Mindsets and helping Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Mentors in Conciously expressing your full Potential. ❤ Focusing on helping you supercharge your Online Presence and building a strong Personal Brand.

Helping Specialists and Professionals like yourselves Define and Express your Niche areas of Expertise. Creating Authorities who are Passionate about what you do and Know best. Supporting you to become Business Community Leaders and Authorities, ultimately a better version of yourself.

Lassie specialises in Mindset and Motivation, helping you create High Performance Linkedin Profiles and Strategies, Growing your Social Media Presence and Business Network.

As an International Business Community Leader and Facilitator, Lassie also helps organise a series of quality Webinars, Networking as well as Online Conferencing Events and Groups to continously support Growth and Strong Business Connections.

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  1. Michael says:

    Not sure if this is a contact form or comment form (it says ‘your email address will not be published’). I’m interested in coaching / mentoring with regards to kick-starting my lead generation and getting more clients. I looking for really practical stuff, not a course as such. My key problem has been more around the getting it done and trusting the process, rather than knowledge.

    In fact, I could also offer skills in return, one being a deep understand of websites and web technology (basically how to get a really fast and friendly website). If I can improve my offer, lead generation and client acquisition skills, I have so much to offer that could help a lot of businesses.

    Kind regards,

  2. Joshua Sherman says:

    I’m Joshua Sherman – a freelancer from Guildford, England. I have read a lot of posts on your website excellenceabove.com.au and decided to join. Last 2 years I have been working with tech blogs and I would be glad to share my experience with your readers.
    I have some ideas for posts:
    1) AI in Modern Cloud Services
    2) Gaming AI Evolution
    3) How AI Can Help with Business?
    4) B2B Cloud Business Services in 2020
    5) Web development Changes via COVID-19
    Are you interested? Waiting for your reply.

  3. Christy Andronicus says:

    Hello Edward and lassie zia! Edward I have not spoken to you in a while. Love your work and you riock!!

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