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Stefan thomas – author of “business networking for dummies” from united kingdom

“What I love about Edward is the energy which he directs to both his own and his clients’ businesses.This is a guy who cares enough about his clients to go the extra mile. He is SO generous with his time and advice and keeps going, relentlessly building his clients’ success.Despite the time difference I make time to catch up with Edward and listen to his advice as often as I can. As someone who teaches networking, it is simply awesome to see someone who networks like a pro, which is a massive benefit for the businesses he works with.No matter where you are in the world, I completely recommend you connect with Edward and check out his services.”  

sarah polyakov – Executive Life Coach from washington usa

“Edward and Lassie Zia are a change-making couple. Here is what I love about Lassie and Edward: they are working together to concretely and selflessly benefit the lives of millions of people. Their empowering workshops and their upbeat and transformative messages are top notch. They give more than they take, they seek to lift others up, and they are sincere and authentic in their work with others. Thank you Lassie and Edward for being who you are and for being the Guiding Light for so many. I am so grateful to both of you. 🙏”

Emy knazovic – international master business coach from ontario canada

Edward is the best of the best. High energy, lovely presence and such a great personality. He is one of those rare coaches who exceed your expectations far beyond. Highly recommend Edward for all your social media needs. Thanks for being so great! You rock!