20,000 Connections Later

I must say THANK YOU for helping me break 20,000 connections on LinkedIn. I have really taken off on that platform lately and considering the connection limit is 30,000 – I am heading up there to be a large influencer.

This whole experience has got me thinking in two senses. Firstly, to the people LIKE YOU that have supported me.

Secondly, to a darker turn with the people who have tried to sabotage, slow me down and disrupt what I’m doing.

My big lesson from all this is standing strong and standing tough. When you’re in business for yourself your going to meet a mixture of people. Great people who are on your side. Then you meet evil people that want you to fail big time.

You push on, don’t let the evil people slow you down and focus on what matters.

If I could go back and tell my younger self something it would be this:

  • “Toughen up FASTER Edward!”

Love your work, thank you for your support and thank you for the read friends!

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One SMART reason to sit at the front

I was thinking about Timo Topp today.

He’s a very smart guy, and I keep seeing winning moves from him.

In fact, he is so in the zone, he sat right in the first row at our Meetup Event tonight. Timo is front and centre in the photo being seen by thousands.

My advice and thinking?

I love being front and centre at events. You not only get into photos for free PR, but you get the expert attention.

Love your work, bravo Timo and to sitting in the front friends!

They grow up FAST!

I was thinking about my wonderful son, and how good looking he’s becoming.

I am quite lucky here in that my dad’s really good looking and my wife is really good looking. This by default, creates the genetic conditions for my wonderful son to be really good looking.

The thing that I am realising as a relatively early parent is how quickly kids grow up. I’ve had to work like a dog to keep everything moving and times. Even though I can do some hours, I’ve done my best to spend some quality time with my wonderful son.

He’s a great guy!

My advice and thinking? Regardless of how busy you are, spend quality time with your children. My daughter is already running around like crazy, and I would have liked to have spend more time with her in the baby stages.

Love your work friends, massive thank you to my wonderful wife for making it all happen and remember, they grow up fast!

Spotting a place to take a GREAT SHOT

I have really upped my game lately when it comes to content.

I generally post at least 10 times per day and my content must keep improving. This is in terms of quality, being on brand and of course conversion.

One key skill of all this that I have really developed is being able to find a great background in my environment. This may be a good bit of lighting, some water, buildings, an office and more.

The background must really bring the photo to life, and it reminded me of when I made a great pick at the Pullman Hotel at Sydney Airport when I met with Deborah Spiller. There was the great sculpture, the chairs, the wine rack and more; where else would I take a photo?

My advice and thinking? Really scope out your environment nicely and find great backgrounds for your videos and photos. This brings images to life and just rocks.

Happy content making and love your work!

Resting for 25 minutes

I had a crazy start to my day; extremely early in my day!

My wonderful daughter (“Little Piggy”) is over two years old and at times she sleeps in our main bed.

Whilst this is cute and sounds great and all, she has started this trait of WAKING ME UP at 3:30AM.

This could be her putting her feet in my face, grabbing my nose, or even sticking her fingers in my ears. She did this to me all morning and when I arrived at WeWork to start my day at 8:30AM, I was already yawning.

I was speaking to a lead at 11:30AM and I was almost falling asleep.

This of course is not good for Sales & Marketing and what I did was rest up on a bean bag at WeWork for 25 minutes.

This resurrected me and I felt great! It got me zing back and I was able to go through right to 10PM.

My advice and thinking? If you’re tired, it is worth taking 25 minutes out to recharge. Even if you shut your eyes for 10 minutes it really helps. This is now in my bag of tricks to do more and more.

Love your work, thank you for the read and touch wood she doesn’t get me this evening!

Diversity & Tolerance and Being Unfriended on Facebook

We won the Election yesterday!

I worked a 16-hour day and did my small part in helping the powerhouse Scott Morrison and the Australian Liberal Party grow in power.

I’m friends with lots of people right across the political spectrum. One of my friends at the gym is a self-described Socialist who votes Labor (great guy), right through to some of my Right Winger friends who were not very happy with me campaigning for Marriage Equality.

Either way, I have tons of friends where we disagree on our views. What keeps us all together is that we respect each other.

Today, I had someone on my Facebook troll me, remove me as a connection and more – all because they didn’t like my political views.

Even though I am a seasoned political activist these days, I still find it surprising that someone would unfriend me for holding mainstream political views.

I think it’s quite dangerous for this person’s mindset in that I bet, they want to surround themselves by people that only agree with them. This would create a ‘bubble’ which aren’t the best things ever.

Some of the best improvements in my life has come from people disagreeing with me and likewise, me returning the love.

My advice and thinking?

Diversity and Tolerance are critical skills especially in today’s age. Lots of people put diversity up to skin colour or background culture, where it’s far more than that. It’s people with different viewpoints coming together to create better outcomes.

Surrounding yourself by awesome people, who at times DISAGREE with you is a great thing. It makes you sharper!

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and to the person that unfriended me – door is always open for you to come back 😊

VOTE Liberal tomorrow!

Friends! If you are reading this article, you are probably already Liberal. Not many non-Liberals read my content.

If you’re a Liberal, you will love the confirmation here. If you’re not a Liberal, then please – read on and hear me out.

Three great reasons to vote Liberal and it’s why I do it:

  • Jobs & Economy: Of course, Liberal are the best for that.
  • Equality & Fairness: You don’t get racists in the Liberal party. In fact, in my local seat (Parramatta), it’s the most ethnically and thought diverse party by a long shot.
  • ScoMo: Scott Morrison is a funny great guy.

My advice and thinking?

VOTE LIBERAL FRIENDS. You’re going to love it SO MUCH 😊

Finding new great friends

I have been reflecting lots lately on how I need to structure my business and life to win even more.

I’ve made lots of changes and in what I do, my success is heavily reliant on making new awesome friends all the time. It improves my influence, they may refer / become clients and it’s just a key part of being a successful influencer.

On a more subtle note, I started attending Anytime Fitness at Pyrmont in Sydney (near WeWork where I’m based). It’s been good, met the new staff, started making new friends in my original visits and it’s been great.

My advice and thinking?

If you want to succeed, you need to always be meeting new people. Be it going to social places like gyms, meeting people in your Coworking Spaces or being more particular in going to certain types of events (e.g. Business Chambers).

Get out there, find new friends and explore.

It’s a key part of winning. Love to hear your thoughts friends and LOVE YOUR WORK 😊