I just wanted to say how how awesome you are and how much I appreciate you! […]
I must say THANK YOU for helping me break 20,000 connections on LinkedIn. I have really […]
FRIENDS! Our latest Mastery Workshop has been announced and we’re taking bookings. It’s a full day […]
I was thinking about Timo Topp today. He’s a very smart guy, and I keep seeing […]
Friends! Our Live Webinar, “PROFITABLE LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Strategies!” rocked on many levels and is […]
I was thinking about my wonderful son, and how good looking he’s becoming. I am quite […]
I have really upped my game lately when it comes to content. I generally post at […]
I had a crazy start to my day; extremely early in my day! My wonderful daughter […]
Tonight’s Live Webinar was one of my best attended ever and I loved it. More importantly, […]
We won the Election yesterday! I worked a 16-hour day and did my small part in […]
Friends! If you are reading this article, you are probably already Liberal. Not many non-Liberals read […]
I have been reflecting lots lately on how I need to structure my business and life […]