They grow up FAST!

My Little PORK BUN is in the zone!

I was thinking about my wonderful son, and how good looking he’s becoming.

I am quite lucky here in that my dad’s really good looking and my wife is really good looking. This by default, creates the genetic conditions for my wonderful son to be really good looking.

The thing that I am realising as a relatively early parent is how quickly kids grow up. I’ve had to work like a dog to keep everything moving and times. Even though I can do some hours, I’ve done my best to spend some quality time with my wonderful son.

He’s a great guy!

My advice and thinking? Regardless of how busy you are, spend quality time with your children. My daughter is already running around like crazy, and I would have liked to have spend more time with her in the baby stages.

Love your work friends, massive thank you to my wonderful wife for making it all happen and remember, they grow up fast!

Edward Zia

Author: Edward Zia

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