Uploaded into Section 10 of the Vault: “Creating PROFITABLE Social Media Content that SELLS!”

FRIENDS! We had a stunning Live Webinar last night that was recorded, that I just uploaded into Section 10 of my Awesome Marketing Vault. “Creating PROFITABLE Social Media Content that SELLS!” was a hit and as a Premium Subscriber you get full access to it: >> Access the Awesome...

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20,000 Connections Later

I must say THANK YOU for helping me break 20,000 connections on LinkedIn. I have really taken off on that platform lately and considering the connection limit is 30,000 – I am heading up there to be a large influencer. This whole experience has got me thinking in two senses. Firstly, to...

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PROFITABLE Mastery Workshop: Saturday 27th July 2019 @ Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour

FRIENDS! Our latest Mastery Workshop has been announced and we’re taking bookings. It’s a full day Mastery Experience with incredible people, a top venue, personal education & training from myself and more. “Profitable Persuasion, Marketing, Sales & Influence” shall rock on many...

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One SMART reason to sit at the front

I was thinking about Timo Topp today. He’s a very smart guy, and I keep seeing winning moves from him. In fact, he is so in the zone, he sat right in the first row at our Meetup Event tonight. Timo is front and centre in the photo being seen by thousands. My advice and thinking? I love...

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Uploaded into Section 9 of the Vault: “PROFITABLE LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Strategies!”

Friends! Our Live Webinar, “PROFITABLE LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Strategies!” rocked on many levels and is available in Section 9 of the Vault: >> Access the Awesome Marketing Vault with Edward Zia™ here! Love your work friends and any questions, please reach...

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