I had a crazy start to my day; extremely early in my day!

My wonderful daughter (“Little Piggy”) is over two years old and at times she sleeps in our main bed.

Whilst this is cute and sounds great and all, she has started this trait of WAKING ME UP at 3:30AM.

This could be her putting her feet in my face, grabbing my nose, or even sticking her fingers in my ears. She did this to me all morning and when I arrived at WeWork to start my day at 8:30AM, I was already yawning.

I was speaking to a lead at 11:30AM and I was almost falling asleep.

This of course is not good for Sales & Marketing and what I did was rest up on a bean bag at WeWork for 25 minutes.

This resurrected me and I felt great! It got me zing back and I was able to go through right to 10PM.

My advice and thinking? If you’re tired, it is worth taking 25 minutes out to recharge. Even if you shut your eyes for 10 minutes it really helps. This is now in my bag of tricks to do more and more.

Love your work, thank you for the read and touch wood she doesn’t get me this evening!



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