Finding new great friends

I have been reflecting lots lately on how I need to structure my business and life to win even more. I’ve made lots of changes and in what I do, my success is heavily reliant on making new awesome friends all the time. It improves my influence, they may refer / become clients and it’s...

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Uploaded into Section 7 of the Vault: Creating PROFITABLE High Converting Websites & Lead Pages

Awesome Friends! Tonight’s Live Webinar Recording has been uploaded into Section 7 of my Awesome Marketing Vault. If you’re a Premium Member and subscriber, please dive in. Any questions reach out. If you’re not, you’re very invited! >> Access the Awesome Marketing Vault with...

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It’s great being a Failure and a Loser!

Hey everyone! Guess what? I’m a failure and a loser. In fact, I am willing to bet that I have failed in life more than you have. I have made big mistakes, had large regrets and put myself in tight spots. But you know what is great about all these times I have failed and lost? It’s taught...

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Curing Loneliness & Finding Community

I have spent many years of my life as quite a lonely guy. This includes many moves when I was younger to different housing, right through to joining the Army when I was older, and then moving Interstate starting a new life. I have spent many times of my life quite lonely and I always...

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The RARE times you shall see me in a SUIT

Truth be known, I am not a suit fan. Everyone tells me how great I look in them (which is true since I lost the pounds), but I don’t like it. I used to like suits when I was younger, but years of wearing them just wore me out. I love dressing like an Entrepreneur and it just works. There...

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