Upping my content has worked great. Love it!

You may have noticed some changes to my Social Media Content Strategy lately.

It’s more content! I used to do 1 to 2 videos per day.

I have now upped it to 3 to 5 videos a day, and it’s been a massive change to everything. It’s a bit more work (but not really that hard) and I’ve had the following results so far (after about 2 weeks):

  • About double the leads
  • More new clients
  • Lots more engagement

As I’ve been putting out more content, more people are getting into what I do and I love it.

My advice and thinking? If you’re Social Media Strategy isn’t where you want it, do more content. I can produce it fast now and it totally rocks.

Check mine out, love to hear your thoughts and love your group.



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