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Alexi Boyd rocks and it was an honour being on Triple H 100.1 FM

I was only thinking that a decade ago, I was a homeless veteran living in my car.

Now I’m a Community Leader & Influencer on the radio!

It was cool, and it was my first mainstream radio interview ever with he awesome Alexi Boyd on her Triple H 100.1 FM Radio Station.

What fascinated me about this, was the interest that it gathered. Lots of people heard me, added me on LinkedIn and it’s helped build my “Media Kit” for more to come.

Most of what I do I have done myself over Social Media (which has rocked) and getting some mainstream has been great.

My advice and thinking? If you know people in Radio, TV, Media and more; get in contact with them. Put yourself out there as a speaker.

Most will say no, but you will get that break which comes your way. You only need a few good breaks to pave the way for more greatness to come. Also, connect with Alexi Boyd on LinkedIn and tell her I sent you. She’s a legend.

>> UPDATE: Listen to the Radio Interview here on Triple H 100.1 FM Radio!

Love your work 😊

Edward Zia

Author: Edward Zia


    • Edward Zia

      Appreciate it and thank you!

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