Thickening Your Skin

I had an extremely productive day. Meet a great client, made 30+ phone calls (for my workshop) and put out a stack of strong videos.

Right now, I am “playing for keeps” in what I’m doing, I’m working very hard (and smart) on cracking things to make my business and life to the next level.

During this whole experience today, I had someone tear me up on one of my phone calls. I was 50 / 50 about calling this person to begin with and they said they don’t need my stuff, it’s not for them and they started going all aggressive on me.

I just cut the call on them, finished up and carried on (to get ready for my very successful radio interview).

What I found interesting about this experience, is that say 5 years ago, this meanie would have thrown me out of the zone. Today, it has the opposite. It inspired me to go harder.

My advice and thinking? Like I have over the years, THICKEN YOUR SKIN and GET TOUGH. When things take off and you really get busy, you’re going to need it. You can have some stick reduce your mojo, and one must stay focused.

Love your work and thank you to the meanie who gave me a hard time today. You have made me even tougher 😊