The RARE times you shall see me in a SUIT

We do look great though!

Truth be known, I am not a suit fan. Everyone tells me how great I look in them (which is true since I lost the pounds), but I don’t like it.

I used to like suits when I was younger, but years of wearing them just wore me out. I love dressing like an Entrepreneur and it just works.

There are times however, where one must wear a SUIT or necessary business clothing. To me this includes:

  • Business Chambers
  • Paid Speaking Events where they require this
  • Special Events

The opposite also becomes true too. If I wear a Business Suit to WeWork or one of my Meetups, I would look like a COP or someone from Canberra.

My advice and thinking? Dress for the situation. You shall know what suits one at the right time.

Love your work and you rock friends!

Edward Zia

Author: Edward Zia

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