The RARE times you shall see me in a SUIT

Truth be known, I am not a suit fan. Everyone tells me how great I look in them (which is true since I lost the pounds), but I don’t like it.

I used to like suits when I was younger, but years of wearing them just wore me out. I love dressing like an Entrepreneur and it just works.

There are times however, where one must wear a SUIT or necessary business clothing. To me this includes:

  • Business Chambers
  • Paid Speaking Events where they require this
  • Special Events

The opposite also becomes true too. If I wear a Business Suit to WeWork or one of my Meetups, I would look like a COP or someone from Canberra.

My advice and thinking? Dress for the situation. You shall know what suits one at the right time.

Love your work and you rock friends!