I have spent many years of my life as quite a lonely guy.

This includes many moves when I was younger to different housing, right through to joining the Army when I was older, and then moving Interstate starting a new life.

I have spent many times of my life quite lonely and I always used to think it was just me! As life passed, I realised that this is not the case at all.

When I was lucky to be invited to speak at the Meetup Togetherfest 2018 in New York, they hit me with one stat that supported by Meetup is so successful:

  • “Nearly Three Quarters (72%) of Americans Feel Lonely”

Whilst I am not American, I bet the stats in Australia are identical.

Feeling lonely is not a good thing, especially as an Entrepreneur and my advice to you is that you need to make some great friends.

Running Meetups, starting Meetups, joining the Business Chambers and more have helped me conquer being lonely over the years. Having friends and a sense of community has driven my productivity and it’s a great thing.

Nothing wrong with admitting you are lonely or have no friends. I used to be like that! Take steps and make great friends.

Love your work, reach out anytime and god bless friends!



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