Finding where GREAT people hang out

Truth be told, that I’m an introvert!

Many people are surprised, however some of those with the necessary training can pick my traits there. In being a proud introvert, “Business Networking” is something that used to terrify me for a long time.

I visited many different events and business environments, to find very few places where I felt comfortable (which led me to launching my own Meetup Community too).

One key learning of mine has been finding places where GREAT people hang out. For me, it’s been my own Meetups (of course) and NSW Business Chamber.

In fact, almost any Chamber is full of great people.

My advice and thinking? Go visit your local Chamber (which I’m a fan of) and get out there. I find that when you meet someone cool and connected, they know all the “HOT SPOTS”. If you be nice to them and ask them, who knows what you can find…

Love your work, find the great people, give to them first and you shall receive 😊