VOTE Liberal tomorrow!

Scott Morrison is a legend and our best PM!

Friends! If you are reading this article, you are probably already Liberal. Not many non-Liberals read my content.

If you’re a Liberal, you will love the confirmation here. If you’re not a Liberal, then please – read on and hear me out.

Three great reasons to vote Liberal and it’s why I do it:

  • Jobs & Economy: Of course, Liberal are the best for that.
  • Equality & Fairness: You don’t get racists in the Liberal party. In fact, in my local seat (Parramatta), it’s the most ethnically and thought diverse party by a long shot.
  • ScoMo: Scott Morrison is a funny great guy.

My advice and thinking?

VOTE LIBERAL FRIENDS. You’re going to love it SO MUCH 😊

Edward Zia

Author: Edward Zia

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