We won the Election yesterday!

I worked a 16-hour day and did my small part in helping the powerhouse Scott Morrison and the Australian Liberal Party grow in power.

I’m friends with lots of people right across the political spectrum. One of my friends at the gym is a self-described Socialist who votes Labor (great guy), right through to some of my Right Winger friends who were not very happy with me campaigning for Marriage Equality.

Either way, I have tons of friends where we disagree on our views. What keeps us all together is that we respect each other.

Today, I had someone on my Facebook troll me, remove me as a connection and more – all because they didn’t like my political views.

Even though I am a seasoned political activist these days, I still find it surprising that someone would unfriend me for holding mainstream political views.

I think it’s quite dangerous for this person’s mindset in that I bet, they want to surround themselves by people that only agree with them. This would create a ‘bubble’ which aren’t the best things ever.

Some of the best improvements in my life has come from people disagreeing with me and likewise, me returning the love.

My advice and thinking?

Diversity and Tolerance are critical skills especially in today’s age. Lots of people put diversity up to skin colour or background culture, where it’s far more than that. It’s people with different viewpoints coming together to create better outcomes.

Surrounding yourself by awesome people, who at times DISAGREE with you is a great thing. It makes you sharper!

Love your work, enjoy the thoughts and to the person that unfriended me – door is always open for you to come back 😊



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