I have been reflecting lots lately on how I need to structure my business and life to win even more.

I’ve made lots of changes and in what I do, my success is heavily reliant on making new awesome friends all the time. It improves my influence, they may refer / become clients and it’s just a key part of being a successful influencer.

On a more subtle note, I started attending Anytime Fitness at Pyrmont in Sydney (near WeWork where I’m based). It’s been good, met the new staff, started making new friends in my original visits and it’s been great.

My advice and thinking?

If you want to succeed, you need to always be meeting new people. Be it going to social places like gyms, meeting people in your Coworking Spaces or being more particular in going to certain types of events (e.g. Business Chambers).

Get out there, find new friends and explore.

It’s a key part of winning. Love to hear your thoughts friends and LOVE YOUR WORK 😊



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