I must say THANK YOU for helping me break 20,000 connections on LinkedIn. I have really taken off on that platform lately and considering the connection limit is 30,000 – I am heading up there to be a large influencer.

This whole experience has got me thinking in two senses. Firstly, to the people LIKE YOU that have supported me.

Secondly, to a darker turn with the people who have tried to sabotage, slow me down and disrupt what I’m doing.

My big lesson from all this is standing strong and standing tough. When you’re in business for yourself your going to meet a mixture of people. Great people who are on your side. Then you meet evil people that want you to fail big time.

You push on, don’t let the evil people slow you down and focus on what matters.

If I could go back and tell my younger self something it would be this:

  • “Toughen up FASTER Edward!”

Love your work, thank you for your support and thank you for the read friends!



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