Want to come to a Meeting?

Want to come to a Meeting?

Some of these dodgy MLM’s are amazing.  You have to admit that.  Despite the Court Actions and the evils committed – they are still going.  And what brings me incredible sadness is what I have seen them do first hand to some fantastic people.

About 2 great people I know – true, honest characters, with great ethics and a sense of honour to do the right thing – were at a desperate point at their lives.  With the carefully (and almost criminal genius level) constructed sales pitch – they were conned into joining one of these rip-off organizations in Sydney.

I originally told them to leave – they said I was “Wrong” and “Dis-empowering”.   Now, these poor characters have nothing – save to say upset friends and family, a ruined reputation and lost opportunity.  Even worse, their financial set backs hurt their family.

One of my great buddies Lorna Hollinger (who is a pro in NLP) grilled me today and asked “Why am I so uptight about [insert evil company name]?”.

It got me thinking and seeing great people lose out so some fat cats get rich greatly upsets me.  I supposedly am a Christian, so if I am really a Christian I better do some good by protecting those who are being harmed.  To me, deep down – seeing my friends being effectively turned into “Losers” has made me thing – this is wrong and it must be stopped!

One thing that Lorna did get me thinking about and I wanted to make clear is that not everyone is evil in these systems.  Don’t get me wrong, a good chunk of them obviously are by their actions – but some great people have been fooled into what is becoming well known as a dangerous scheme around Sydney.

So please, if you have good friend get caught up with these schemes – by all means, they are responsible for their actions – but try and give them some compassion.  It’s the only way to best show them the light to win them back! As for you evil MLM people – leave my friends alone! You have taken out two of them.  You have enough – stop hurting them!

If you are an evil MLM person, feel free to leave your Home Address and details of where you keep your spare house key. Come on, you know you want too – it will help you become “Financially Free”.

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