A good way to redeem yourself? :)

A good way to redeem yourself?

I have seen this on blogs for sometime, but I have met someone who was previously “High Up” in this dodgy MLM you all know about.  Whey the reached a certain level, they were told to start “Forcing” people beneath them to purchase Motivational Goods by their own upline.

If you don’t know much about this system, it’s quite a monolitihic organization that works by you building “Your Team” beneath you.  It’s your job to get them to sign up as many people as possible and as your empire get’s bigger, you get a cut of what they do.

What has been discussed a lot though, is that many people in this system make more out of peddling their own “Motivational Goods” than from the actual system itself.  I know people that are reporting this now – which combined with the wealth of information on the internet, makes me think it’s true.

This is very sad.  If this is really occuring, then this dodgy MLM besides being deceptive is truly Evil in that respect.  I do suspect this is quite true in that expect for say 1 or 2 – almost everyone I have met from this organization have used Deceptive Tactics to lure me to events.  Combined with that person that tried to bully me – it all fits! The story comes together nicely.

And what’s better is that they use the charade of “Positive Thinking” to make out they are visionary and “Loving” people of course.

Ha ha – I think you are getting busted dodgy people from this MLM! Even better, in the Networking Events I am going too – people trying to rip people off using this system are become alienated and don’t even finish the events (i.e. they leave early).

If you are one of these bad people, refer to the nice image for “Spiritual Guidance”.


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