I Awesome and So Positive.  And Sane.

I Awesome and So Positive. And Sane.

I remember meeting a few of the Positive Thinking morons out there that think everything “Is Easy”.

I think some genuinely are feeding themselves a line as part of the their “Positive Thinking Delusion”, however the majority I have found are trying to Scam You, Put you down or Take Advantage of you in some way.

If I consider the wealthiest people I directly work with – they are all very similar in their outlooks.  They are all realists and openly say things to the effect of:

– Life is Hard, Get used to it, Deal with It.

The (general poor & unsuccessful) Positive Thinkers I know run around despite the disasters around them saying junk like:

– I am Awesome. Life is great.  It’s just so super.

What is sad about this is that their own dishonesty to themselves is putting them into a position where they can’t help themselves.  That is – if things aren’t good, you have to admit that – so you can do something about it.

Not distort reality so it’s all shitty and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

In quite a few of the “Positive Thinking Cults” that have really harmed some top people I know.  They are always pushing this type of thing.  For example, one you know in particular work;s hard to make out “Every Business is so hard”, but our system is just “So Easy”.

If this was the case, then why in Sydney there are so many people who have lost out to to this company.  I know, it’s because “They didn’t follow the system”, “They are bad”, “They are Stupid”.  I have actually heard people from that company say that by the way – and in the same breathe they say how fantastic their lives and businesses are.

Then of course, they are driving cars less than $2,000, overweight, working full time jobs and going to rally’s week after week.

If you are one of those Positive Thinking liars trying to con people – either stop it, or go and kill yourself.  The world doesn’t need people like you corrupting it.

If you are however (like I was and many of my friends), one of those poor people caught up in this web deceit – please take a deep breathe and protect yourself from these people.  Go and talk to someone you trust, and if you don’t go and walk into a Church, Synagogue, Mosque or whatever you are into and talk to the Spiritual figure there.

Make sure you don’t end up manipulated and canon fodder for these wackos!

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