Self-Respect: The Two Way Street and Loving the Reflection!

Self-Respect - My life never worked till I started developing it!

Self-Respect – My life never worked till I started developing it!

I am very grateful to have yet another amazing day in my marketing consulting business.  This post I would like to dedicate to my awesome CPA with whom I met with today.  I am also thinking of the hard-working and amazing Jenny Kuo (from Sociable Space) as I write this article.

Like many of my clients (who are about 70% awesome female business owners), my CPA fits the perfect profile of many of them.  Kind, good natured, technically brilliant, hard-working and of course not realizing how awesome they actually are!

Relating to this experience myself, I have spent many years of my life with little respect for myself.  This has led to a disastrous life for myself in a range of areas.  One big one was how badly my career progressed.  As I never had respect for myself, I would always be attracted to employers that merely gave me respect matching my own internal respect.  This resulted in earning far less than what I deserve, working incredible hours, generating results without any long-term benefit to myself and having nothing to show for years of hard work when I was moved on in all instances.

Many corporate rebels like myself are dealing with fallout from years of ill treatment in corporate environments.  I used to think it was “only ee” (which is no doubt their intent) only to realize there are many which had it worse than me a range of ways.  I have heard amazing stories and personally observed a range of things covering:

– Sexual harassment (e.g “sex for job security”).

– Forced to commit crimes to keep your job (happened to me once, and I said no and called their bluff).

– Standard corporate bullying.

– Theft by withholding entitlements and commissions.

– Women being penalized.

All very sad stuff and after speaking with my CPA and reflecting on my past, it’s all about respect.  That is, many corporates and even people in our own lives treat us with such disrespect and contempt, we must be careful not to let it change our own view of “self-respect”.  The big mistake I made was not keeping up my self respect and them getting to me and their lies rubbing off on me.

When I went into my own business and escaped that abuse, the thing that I found strange (as many others do) is that it can take some time to detox from what happens to us.  In my case, even years later:

– I still have nightmares.

– I still act with poor confidence at times.

– I still don’t treat myself fairly.

– But I am getting over it!

To my poor friends and clients alike – if for whatever reason you don’t have good self-respect, I encourage you to really work on this part of your life.  As my self-respect has increased, my income and results have increased! So it’s important and totally critical!

There are no secret answers, but I can say one great technique I learnt in the church and did myself:

– Every day Write 10 x Things (every morning) about why you can realistically self-respect yourself!

It can be little things! Eating health, loving your children, helping someone – or even from your past, reflecting on big things and missions you have won.  I did this exercise mentally and it worked, but many need to write it down.  Reflect on why you are awesome!

So if you are down on yourself and letting yourself get walked over, you have little self-respect, so please work on it! Don’t stuff up your life like I did, and if you have – just improve and don’t punish yourself!

The Requiem of Positive Thinking: Part I – The Employee

Listening to my boss and Positive Thinking - Got me unemployed for 6 months!

Listening to my boss and Positive Thinking – Got me unemployed for 6 months!

This is probably going to be an odd blog post for me in the respect that I have been “mentally” writing this for a few weeks now.  Even though I am considered quite articulate, putting into words the emotions and ideas have been a challenge for me on this one. I think this will appear to be a bit more of a serious diary entry, rather than a blog this time – so thank you for bearing with me.

What is interesting about this post to me, is that I usually write with a clear end goal in mind.  In this case, I am actually not sure what that is – my thinking is that as I write away it will somehow unfold. So another apology in advance – please keep up with my writing that may drift from topic to topic, I want to keep this as raw and uncut as possible.

As I write this post I am 34, I started in the professional workforce when I was about 19 – and did most of my University Undergraduate and Post Graduate work around that.

I grew up a big “positive thinker” and as I moved through my life “realism” has kicked in – and since I have been approaching things in a balanced manner my life has completely improved in almost every area.

One area of strange concern to me has been my corporate / employee career – for my whole life, my career has been ironically my own “goal of success” but really ended up being an elusive oppressor.  I now completely love what I do now and I can contribute to others and enjoy the work – but my whole life has had a very “master / slave” relationship about it. That is, I would start out as the “bright eyes” hardworking guy putting my life and soul into many corporates and getting a very small return on that back.

As a qualification, before you think I am attacking the whole workforce – of course not! This could easily be a reflection of me on perhaps being too sensitive, looking at things in an absolute manner or perhaps me being attracted to the wrong employers due to my own “mindset issues”. I once worked with this fantastic man by the name of Mike Davey – General Manager of Wrest Point Casino in Hobart, one brilliant and kind man – obviously had a job to do, but always protected the underdog.

In fact, when I moved from Hobart to Sydney – my original business ventures all were a spectacular failure and I had to go and get a job again. This kind man was referee for me and everything – helped me when I was down!

Conversely, early on in my career – I also had the opposite experience.  One employer I worked for – I would work long hours, reply to abusive emails late at night, finish work at 11PM all to be at my desk 7AM the following morning – and then to top it off, when I finished up with them they falsely accused me of negligence to get out of paying me my entitlements.  All as it was so they could keep all the money they could, at my expense despite the years of dedication and service. I recall that one was painful and very demoralizing and it was the beginning of the end for me when it came to positive thinking.  I felt sorry for myself, angry, confused and cheated – and many more dark emotions.  That started my career on a tough path – I remember I thought it was a “one off”, but it became the start of many and my first “requiem of positive thinking”.

What I found was scary about what I have been through – was that I met many people who had it worse than me.  That is, they weren’t “Jerry Springer” people or bad people many are kind and good-natured university educated, the religious (i.e. Christian, Muslim, Jewish – all faiths), charitable etc – all had some things which although weren’t illegal (expect in some cases) companies did some horrible things to them.

It wasn’t always intentional however, yes – some of the people who do the firing are pure sociopaths, but some as well are good people who are put into a position where they have to be the grim reaper for their company.  I remember I was at Ansett Airlines (if you are not from Australia it was a premium airline from years ago that crashed within days after the downturn from September 11) – they were a company with some great staff, but they financially weren’t stable.  They had employees I think with 40+ years experience who had never worked anywhere else.  I knew this one guy on the line at the Tullamarine Melbourne Base – it was so shocking, he committed suicide (hanging at his house) to deal with the pain.

This is one example of where it’s no ones fault, bad stuff happens to all of us.  What I am more concerned about / appalled by – is that when good people are screwed over by bad people, i.e. it’s someone who has clearly taken advantage of another party.  One top solicitor I know in Sydney – she is extremely intelligent, hard-working at had a great job at a small law firm.

One of the bigger public firms that you would ironically think are “more ethical” and all that hired her on a 6 month probation. When she went on, they asked to bring her clients (which she did and is common practice) and they spent lots of time telling her how wonderful she was.  This included public praise, dinners and everything.  Once they secured her last client (1 week before her probation), they fired her!

It turned out it was all a rouse designed to get her clients.  They knew what they were doing right before they hired her and guess what – 100% legal!

I remember one ironic one – I was worked for a “community”, “Not-for-profit” and it was one of the most evil organizations I worked for.  I worked for the casino in Hobart and they  ironically were fantastic and very ethical and this was the other extreme.  petty, abusive and it had a reputation for that.  I remember going for the job, not wanting it – and they kept chasing me. I even said no originally and they did the sell job on me.  My brief was to get someone in, train them up, build processes and guess what happened when I did that – they sacked me! So the trick was to use me for my knowledge, set things up then get rid of me.

Obviously no ethics and this has been thing thing I have been debating quite a bit with myself:

– Are they just purely evil scum-bags? Akin to rapists lurking on innocent women at train-stations or bandits from the early days? Do they get satisfaction out of other people suffering?

– Are they just self-centered? That is – they only care about themselves and what they can gain.  If being nice to their grand mother or selling someone into slavery makes them money then all good? That is, they will only cause suffering if it benefits them in some way?

– Are they truly messed up? That is – they think they are wonderful through performing a range of mental gymnastics, while everyone thinks they are messed up?

I think there are combinations of these of course, and I can think of people who fit into many categories.  I had this line supervisor that was certainly evil in nature.  They were bullying (and I have had people bully me who were not “evil” in nature) but what separated this person over the rest was that you could tell the enjoyed it.  That is, in the case of this person – whenever they dominated someone, proved themselves “right” (or at least to themselves), or yelled at people – an evil smile could come through.

Whereas, in one job (this was a few years ago, the worst job of my career) a “good” person did something bad to me.  That is, they just wanted to get rid of me right before probation (this was the place that sold me the job and told me 1 week prior how great and valuable I was) and the CEO made up some lies about me.  The HR Manager who was actually a “good” person backed those lies – and then told me one-on-one he was sorry.  I could tell deep down that he hurt himself doing that, and I know that he did it out of fear – not out of getting a thrill.

One that ripped me off on some of my employee entitlements, I wouldn’t think they are evil – but in the category of just purely self centered.  If being nice to me would make them money, then great – if killing me would make them money then great.

On a positive note, when I started my career I had this fantastic line supervisor by the name of John Voudouris.  He was this really kind and good-natured family guy.  He had a very strong code of ethics and I remember that I was moved side-ways into another division.  I then had this really mean manager who blamed for a whole lot of stuff that was hit fault, and John was there to help me out! It worked politically against him in the company to support me – but he did it.

On another funny note, years ago one of my employers was trying to get me to misrepresent one of their properties (i.e. basically make illegal claims about it’s quality and claim it confirmed to a certain scheme where it didn’t).  Really bad stuff and the owner and HR manager at the time were busy “telling me to do it” – I didn’t do it, they threatened to fire me and I stuck to my guns (as the legal penalties were far worse than anything they could do to me).

My story isn’t that unique though! I know plenty of people that have had way worse things happen to them and even though one can accuse me of “thinking too much” or “being overly sensitive” it’s a common problem these days.  I am all for capitalism – but one trend I have noticed (especially in Sydney) is a real “dog eat, dog world”.  I meet lots of people who have been fired, kicked out, lost contracts with funding held, been sexually harrased by bosses – only to be countered by a defamation suit and the lists goes on.

Interesting enough when I was working as a marketing manager in the pre-GFC world – I could do an easy $120K + / year.  These days, getting $90K + / year as a corporate is a challenge.  Before I got my business brains together, it was very demoralizing thinking that “all my skills had gone to waste”.  Although I had grown up being a happy little corporate with my self-esteem tied to my bosses opinion of me, my biggest mistake was being too slow in realizing that my skills in this space weren’t viewed or held with the esteem they once were.

I always did what my bosses said for years and in many cases – I got punished for it.  In fact, when I started undoing this thinking and actually doing something for myself (i.e. my own business), the financial and mental rewards have been there! This is the bit that has been frying my brain:

My Old Teaching – Be all positive, live for your boss, and be frustrated poor and unemployed.

My New Paradigm – Work hard for your job, but live your own life and build your own equity.

In that previous job where the “not evil”, but very “gutless” HR manager supported lies to feed me to the dogs, in the space of 1 week I went from thinking I am great and valued – to not having professional employment for 6 months!

This was the first (of many) big cracks in my thinking – I was taught to always love your boss and do what they say and this time my family and I got punished for it.  So an interesting concept – when I was younger I used to look around and think “This is all isn’t right” and then I would use tons of “positive thinking” and pretend everything was fine.

Being broke and 30 changed lots of my thinking! So that is my part I for now on “the requiem of positive thinking” my mini-blog within a blog.  I am not sure what is going to come next, but if you can relate to any of this – you are welcome to drop me a line at my wesbite or comment below!

Hope you enjoyed this one – took me a while to get the words out, so hope it made sense.  Thank you from Edward Zia for the read!

Poor People who Become Wealth Experts? What?

Come to my Workshop and learn the Millionaire Success Mindset!

Come to my Workshop and learn the Millionaire Success Mindset!

I seriously cannot take it anymore.  I am done, that’s it.  As Eric Cartman would say “Screw, you guys, I am going home!”

If you know a bit about me I studied a Life Coaching Course last year.  Even though I am a Business & Marketing Fellow – I really did enjoy it and got a lot out of it from a “Client Management” perspective more than anything else (i.e. as some of it claimed to be “Proper Psychology” but came miles short – that is another story).

When I finished I connected with a stack of people I did the course with.  Many of them were nice people who deep down you could tell wanted to make a difference in the world.  Really admire that, but then some you can tell were simply BS artists who are out to make a buck.

They just decided “Life Coaching” was the best way of stealing from people with out them being caught.

I just blocked some people on Facebook who I knew were broke when doing the course.  Why? Because they are claiming now to be “Wealth Experts” or “Millionaire Experts”.  What? This is like someone who is Fat & Overweight putting on a PT Shirt at Fitness First and claiming they know what they are doing.

This is very bad on a range of philosophical levels and really I think we can categorize people who are poor that pose as Wealth Experts into two slots:

– People who are purely evil and understand they hypocrisy and will do anything to take money.

– People who aren’t very intelligent and cannot spot the logical error about what they are doing.

What is sad is that I think about 5 – 10 years ago (pre-GFC) many of these people who have conned their way and made it.  The good news is, that most of these snakes now get found out as frauds very quickly and don’t make it!

So please keep an eye out for this one! If someone isn’t doing what they are preaching, then be careful! They are either stupid or pathological liars – either scenario won’t be good for you.

As for you lying sharks trying to rip off good honest people out there, I hope you either reform your wicked ways or someone rips you off even worse and teaches you a nice Karma lesson.

[Comment Left Ages Later by Edward Zia] – Man, I was in a cranky mood when I wrote this post.  To  your best Awesome Success!

The MEAN Bully who Played Victim

I heard that Bullies love being hit by bats.

I heard that Bullies love being hit by bats.

At a Networking Group some time ago, a few of this had this very strange experience with this individual.  Firstly, the person came to our Networking Group and appeared to have a great time.

The person appeared to integrate well, was well accepted and I even thought they may want to join us.  We joked around a bit and they were happy.

Then the next day, I got this very strange email from them saying “I made fun of them and they were so upset”.  I made this funny remark to them and they were all upset and offended.  Even though I thought they were not being very reasonable, I then apologized.

I then heard from this person about 1 month later and they were my best friend.

I moved and forgot about it, and then one of my friends at the same time had an almost identical experience with this mean individual.  That is – for no “Common Sense” reason, the person blew up at them, demanding an apology.  Once given, the person backed down.

Strange pattern and I knew it – this person has some type of selfish problem and is just projecting it onto everyone.  I then bumped into this person, said hello and they “Snobbed” me off.

On a funny note, this person probably weights about 50kg and is actually quite a non-intimidating figure, but loves to hit people from a distance with mean emails.  So I thought this one through and picked up on an interesting pattern.

This person is a MEAN bully! They enjoy the power kick they get from pushing people around.  They were quite sophisicated actually, they turn on the “Waterworks” and get all “Upset” and play Victim.

Years ago, I worked in this one role and there was this mean bully who was protected by Management.  They did what they wanted and when they got into trouble, they turned on the “Waterworks” to get off the hook.

So clever strategy! These MEAN people play victim so people back off and then manipulate and bully people.  When they get found out, the “Waterworks” go on.

Well MEAN person.  If you are reading this blog, you know who you are.  I am up for a rematch if you are! So be careful out there! If someone is playing victim too much, I bet they are trying to work you over. I heard that bullies liked to be whacked with sticks.  They really do – so you should try it!

Positive Thinking News: The End of the Lazy & Stupid Con Artist!

Dodgy Con Artists.  Us Positive Thinkers will get you!

Dodgy Con Artists. Us Positive Thinkers will get you!

Some totally Positive Thinking and Fantastic News to present.  In about the past 2 – 3 months, I have seen at least 3 Con Artists get what they deserve.

That is, I am talking about these 3 x Truly Negative people who disguise themselves as “Positive Thinkers” who just want to help everyone out.  But really they suck ass.  Why do they suck? Because they are Untrained Morons who don’t appreciate ethics or hard work.

One person in particular was doing Social Media.  They were totally incompetent and what suprised me was that they were charging THOUSANDS of dollars for what would been hours of work.  We spotted this person quite quickly, but it makes me wonder – how many of them have they sucked in before?

But I have an even better one.  I met this idiot at a Networking Event who was really negative and made many people feel uncomfortable.  They helped someone in the room setup a Domain Name.

Now if you haven’t set up a Domain name before, it costs about $12 (from memory) and can be done within minutes say at Crazy Domains or something like that.  So this pillock set up domains and charged one of my friends $50 each!

Yes, $50 each to setup a domain! They did this in minutes.  What a bastard don’t you think? My poor friend got burnt, but the good news was we told everyone about this shonky person.  They won’t be welcome in our Networking Group again!

So how does this relate to Positive Thinking? Well instead of doing what seems to be the preached “Norm” of just thinking “Positive Thoughts” we are converting that into action and actively removing “Negative People”.

This brings me back to an old lesson that my mother used to teach me as well:

– “Edward, be careful who you hang with!”

So true! We hang with dodgy rats (like this person who charged $50 and ripped of my friend) their habits may rub off on us.  But, if we hang with cool honest people – they will hold us accountable!

So if you are the man who charged my friends $50 for a Domain Name, you can suck my fat one.

Please leave a comment below with your home address and the location of your spare key 🙂

The Arrogant & Fat Business Coach who said I suck.

I can't wait till I see this Fat Meanie Again :)

I can’t wait till I see this Fat Meanie Again!

One of the fantastic people I work with (by the name of Ralph Rintoule – a high end Property Investor) has been a fantastic reverse client.  That is – although he has hired me for Marketing Help, his years of experience has “Reverse Mentored” me in many ways.

He said something quite interesting the other day in that:

– When we start out, we secrete a “Pheromone” which causes every leech to try and take advantage of us.

That is so true – now I am well beyond “Start Up” stage and have an established business – the people that pushed me around at the start, I am actually now competing with and winning. This is not because I am “Brilliant”, but because I am not a stupid, arrogant or an  unqualified liar like some people I am talking about.

This one fat guy I am talking about in particular, I met when I started my business.  He is this “Awesome Business Coach” and when I had Vista Print Business Cards, no money and was very insecure – he used it as an opportunity to try and intimidate me in front of other people. He questioned what I did, my credentials, my training and I feel very bad for a few days.  2 years later, I am an Sponsor of one of the events he now visits infrequently and he must be making no money.

One time I saw him at an event, my blood boiled and I said to my friend next to me “Hey you see that fat dickhead? Yes, he is the guy who pushed me around when I started”.  The fat dickhead heard me and awesome – he got really intimated and now won’t even come near me. Besides fulfilling my no doubt “Immature” need for retribution, when I speak to many “Zeros to Heroes” I work with – they all have similar stories.  They started, had no money, no network – odds were against them and horrible scum bags like this fellow put them down.

And they found it distressing, but what was very funny – was each of these people often within 12 months grew and overtook the capacity of the people attacking them. It’s not very nice and these people totally suck.  I am glad that this dickhead who put me down, is a fat loser – and is making no money from the networking group. Competitor or not, we must all remember how hard it is starting something new – and just because evil people were mean to us, doesn’t give us any right to be mean to others.

People starting out need support and care! In fact, I have been making this a point of in my business – and people who may have Vista Print business cards need a helping hand – not abuse like this evil idiot dished out. Perhaps next time I see him, I may *Accidentally* bump into him.  Hopefully into oncoming traffic.  People who start out in business needs support – so next time you are at a Networking Event, remember yourself in that position!

And if you happen to be the Fat Business Coach reading this article who bullied me when I started out – I hope you change your wicked ways!

Positive Thinking Wackos: Business is Easy? Right.

I Awesome and So Positive.  And Sane.

I Awesome and So Positive. And Sane.

I remember meeting a few of the Positive Thinking morons out there that think everything “Is Easy”.

I think some genuinely are feeding themselves a line as part of the their “Positive Thinking Delusion”, however the majority I have found are trying to Scam You, Put you down or Take Advantage of you in some way.

If I consider the wealthiest people I directly work with – they are all very similar in their outlooks.  They are all realists and openly say things to the effect of:

– Life is Hard, Get used to it, Deal with It.

The (general poor & unsuccessful) Positive Thinkers I know run around despite the disasters around them saying junk like:

– I am Awesome. Life is great.  It’s just so super.

What is sad about this is that their own dishonesty to themselves is putting them into a position where they can’t help themselves.  That is – if things aren’t good, you have to admit that – so you can do something about it.

Not distort reality so it’s all shitty and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

In quite a few of the “Positive Thinking Cults” that have really harmed some top people I know.  They are always pushing this type of thing.  For example, one you know in particular work;s hard to make out “Every Business is so hard”, but our system is just “So Easy”.

If this was the case, then why in Sydney there are so many people who have lost out to to this company.  I know, it’s because “They didn’t follow the system”, “They are bad”, “They are Stupid”.  I have actually heard people from that company say that by the way – and in the same breathe they say how fantastic their lives and businesses are.

Then of course, they are driving cars less than $2,000, overweight, working full time jobs and going to rally’s week after week.

If you are one of those Positive Thinking liars trying to con people – either stop it, or go and kill yourself.  The world doesn’t need people like you corrupting it.

If you are however (like I was and many of my friends), one of those poor people caught up in this web deceit – please take a deep breathe and protect yourself from these people.  Go and talk to someone you trust, and if you don’t go and walk into a Church, Synagogue, Mosque or whatever you are into and talk to the Spiritual figure there.

Make sure you don’t end up manipulated and canon fodder for these wackos!

Evil MLM’s: Forcing innocents to buy Motivational Rubbish?

A good way to redeem yourself? :)

A good way to redeem yourself?

I have seen this on blogs for sometime, but I have met someone who was previously “High Up” in this dodgy MLM you all know about.  Whey the reached a certain level, they were told to start “Forcing” people beneath them to purchase Motivational Goods by their own upline.

If you don’t know much about this system, it’s quite a monolitihic organization that works by you building “Your Team” beneath you.  It’s your job to get them to sign up as many people as possible and as your empire get’s bigger, you get a cut of what they do.

What has been discussed a lot though, is that many people in this system make more out of peddling their own “Motivational Goods” than from the actual system itself.  I know people that are reporting this now – which combined with the wealth of information on the internet, makes me think it’s true.

This is very sad.  If this is really occuring, then this dodgy MLM besides being deceptive is truly Evil in that respect.  I do suspect this is quite true in that expect for say 1 or 2 – almost everyone I have met from this organization have used Deceptive Tactics to lure me to events.  Combined with that person that tried to bully me – it all fits! The story comes together nicely.

And what’s better is that they use the charade of “Positive Thinking” to make out they are visionary and “Loving” people of course.

Ha ha – I think you are getting busted dodgy people from this MLM! Even better, in the Networking Events I am going too – people trying to rip people off using this system are become alienated and don’t even finish the events (i.e. they leave early).

If you are one of these bad people, refer to the nice image for “Spiritual Guidance”.

Dodgy MLMs: Turning great people into LOSERS!

Want to come to a Meeting?

Want to come to a Meeting?

Some of these dodgy MLM’s are amazing.  You have to admit that.  Despite the Court Actions and the evils committed – they are still going.  And what brings me incredible sadness is what I have seen them do first hand to some fantastic people.

About 2 great people I know – true, honest characters, with great ethics and a sense of honour to do the right thing – were at a desperate point at their lives.  With the carefully (and almost criminal genius level) constructed sales pitch – they were conned into joining one of these rip-off organizations in Sydney.

I originally told them to leave – they said I was “Wrong” and “Dis-empowering”.   Now, these poor characters have nothing – save to say upset friends and family, a ruined reputation and lost opportunity.  Even worse, their financial set backs hurt their family.

One of my great buddies Lorna Hollinger (who is a pro in NLP) grilled me today and asked “Why am I so uptight about [insert evil company name]?”.

It got me thinking and seeing great people lose out so some fat cats get rich greatly upsets me.  I supposedly am a Christian, so if I am really a Christian I better do some good by protecting those who are being harmed.  To me, deep down – seeing my friends being effectively turned into “Losers” has made me thing – this is wrong and it must be stopped!

One thing that Lorna did get me thinking about and I wanted to make clear is that not everyone is evil in these systems.  Don’t get me wrong, a good chunk of them obviously are by their actions – but some great people have been fooled into what is becoming well known as a dangerous scheme around Sydney.

So please, if you have good friend get caught up with these schemes – by all means, they are responsible for their actions – but try and give them some compassion.  It’s the only way to best show them the light to win them back! As for you evil MLM people – leave my friends alone! You have taken out two of them.  You have enough – stop hurting them!

If you are an evil MLM person, feel free to leave your Home Address and details of where you keep your spare house key. Come on, you know you want too – it will help you become “Financially Free”.

The Synergy between Automatic Weapons and Dodgy MLM’s

Me on the weekend fighting Amway :)

Me on the weekend the evil MLM’s on the weekend! (I wish – Awesome Fun here!)

As you can probably tell – this well know particular MLM has scammed me for the last time.  Whenever I hit the City Speed Networking Events (which I really like BTW), there is always some evil person peddling their dodgy pyramid schemes.

I am attacking the dozens of people I met who break the law everyday when it comes to the Trade Practices Act.  That is – they go to events and use their “Charm” to lure people to Coffee Chats for other reasons.

Then, while they have you – they start scamming you with a pre-planned questionnaire designed to get to your wallet.But there is some good news! Besides me strongly suspecting that Automatic Weaponry and dodgy MLM’s mix well (Boy I would love to see that!) – many of these scum-bags don’t even make the event.

That is, they come in – try and screw everyone and very quickly they start getting ignored.    And you hear people bantering, “Watch out for him / her – she is trying to scam us with this X scheme”.

So let’s get together and shoot some evil MLM people tonight who have no respect for good honest business people, trying to make a living the “Right” way.

The Fat Life Coach giving me Health Tips

You are Fat and U Suck.  Now pay me money (some people actually sell with this mindset - I am not kidding!).

You are Fat and U Suck. Now pay me money (some people actually sell with this mindset – I am not kidding!).

I don’t know what to say.  Seriously I don’t.  I have had it happen about 3 times over the past 2 – 3 months.  Overweight Life Coaches telling me how to lose weight and such.

I usually have something to say, but in these moments I am speechless.  Do I insult them? Do I state the obvious hypricosy? Do I stare at the wall? AWKWARD!

I don’t think I am Hugh Jackman and I need to lose a good 5kg – but I am pretty good, but many Life Coaches around are in bad shape.  Then, people wonder why that industry has a bad reputation.  I do know a few great Life Coaches around town, e.g. Sue Mitchell, Lorna Hollinger, Lisa Penson etc – but I can tell  you they are rare.

With these Fat Life Coaches, there are two likely possibilities:

– They are incredibly stupid and assume no one can pick the hypocrisy.

– They are just lying to rip you off.

This also implies that they don’t believe in the basic pillar of leadership, i.e. “Leading By Example”.  You can also conclude that they don’t believe in Credible Selling either.

Am I saying that every Life Coach has to be 45kg and starving? Of course not! Nothing wrong with being overweight – but if you are claiming to be a “Health Expert”, you better have the results yourself.

So regardless of what you do, only sell what you have credibility in and also – if someone can’t follow their own advice, don’t hire them!

In fact, if you see me doing the same thing at any point – punch me in the face and bring me back to reality.

Evil People: They love Screwing Us!

Much better to talk to than Amway People!

Much better to talk to than dodgy MLM People!

I love telling this story.  Some time ago, I met this “Very Nice” Girl at Networking Event.  She was almost too nice to me and I thought she must be a multi-level Marketer of some form.  At the time, I was just starting out my business. If you have started your own business before, you know the “Insecure” feeling I am talking about.  If you haven’t, but say are working – then imagine the first day of your new job – repeating itself “Groundhog Day” style for a year straight (i.e. you are insecure).

Anyway, this lovely girl invited me to a meeting of “Like-Minded Individuals”.  So one night, out I drive out to lovely Parramatta RSL and there are people everywhere. I mean in the hundreds I am talking.  So they are all my “Instant Friends” and then they take us into a big room pressure cooker style.

They do us this big pitch about Financial Freedom and then they pull out the whole MLM thing.  At the time, the same girl dragged this other woman along by the name of Lara.  She  is this cool mum who was lied too as well – she even hired a baby sitter so she could come along.

At the end, all of the minions were trying hard to sign me up.  “Come on, it’s only $80”, “Aren’t you serious about business?”, “Don’t you want to be part of us?”. What was funny was that as one would fail, they would send another one to try and bully me into joining.

After the 5th Cycle the gave up.  What was very sad about the whole experience is that I know weaker-willed individuals would get sucked in and poor Lara – she lost her whole evening.  The girl lied to all of us! Very shonky and very bad – and it’s actually illegal to mispresent solicitations like that.

So are these people evil? Well – some are.  I don’t think all of them are – but if you commit enough evil deeds, when do you become evil yourself? If any of you dodgy people read this blog and know I am talking about you – please leave a comment.  I would love to expose your lies to the world!  So be careful out there boys and girls! These bastards are out searching the forest to feed on the naive!