Come to my Workshop and learn the Millionaire Success Mindset!

Come to my Workshop and learn the Millionaire Success Mindset!

I seriously cannot take it anymore.  I am done, that’s it.  As Eric Cartman would say “Screw, you guys, I am going home!”

If you know a bit about me I studied a Life Coaching Course last year.  Even though I am a Business & Marketing Fellow – I really did enjoy it and got a lot out of it from a “Client Management” perspective more than anything else (i.e. as some of it claimed to be “Proper Psychology” but came miles short – that is another story).

When I finished I connected with a stack of people I did the course with.  Many of them were nice people who deep down you could tell wanted to make a difference in the world.  Really admire that, but then some you can tell were simply BS artists who are out to make a buck.

They just decided “Life Coaching” was the best way of stealing from people with out them being caught.

I just blocked some people on Facebook who I knew were broke when doing the course.  Why? Because they are claiming now to be “Wealth Experts” or “Millionaire Experts”.  What? This is like someone who is Fat & Overweight putting on a PT Shirt at Fitness First and claiming they know what they are doing.

This is very bad on a range of philosophical levels and really I think we can categorize people who are poor that pose as Wealth Experts into two slots:

– People who are purely evil and understand they hypocrisy and will do anything to take money.

– People who aren’t very intelligent and cannot spot the logical error about what they are doing.

What is sad is that I think about 5 – 10 years ago (pre-GFC) many of these people who have conned their way and made it.  The good news is, that most of these snakes now get found out as frauds very quickly and don’t make it!

So please keep an eye out for this one! If someone isn’t doing what they are preaching, then be careful! They are either stupid or pathological liars – either scenario won’t be good for you.

As for you lying sharks trying to rip off good honest people out there, I hope you either reform your wicked ways or someone rips you off even worse and teaches you a nice Karma lesson.

[Comment Left Ages Later by Edward Zia] – Man, I was in a cranky mood when I wrote this post.  To  your best Awesome Success!

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