Being Fired and Told to be Positive: Employee Days!

You just need to be more Positive - Just accept you suck and the Company is awesome!

You just need to be more Positive – Just accept you suck and the Company is awesome!

It’s almost Christmas and I am enjoying a few days off.  It’s funny, I miss connecting with people I love and care for – but I don’t miss getting up at 5AM everyday.  Great sleeping in for a few days! It’s given me one great chance to think back and on my wins / losses and everything in between.

As you can tell by my sentiment lately – I have been thinking back to all the times I was nailed / abused in the workforce.  When I started writing these stories, I thought I was some “fruitcake” on a limb – only to realize, I am speaking the voice of the masses!

One fantastic woman I am working with (I won’t mention your name publicly but I think you are cool and you know it’s you) had a very parallel life to my own.  A great woman, worked very hard like me for years, but evidently “climbed the right ladder, against the wrong wall”.  For many years she worked in the corporate space, only to have all her overtime and personal achievements negated by an evil employer who was trying to cut her out of her deserved entitlements.

I have plenty of other stories and this blog and really brought out a good discussion of this issue! Besides what I have been through, I remember in one of first jobs (when I was a in my early 20’s) I learnt the true nature of the corporation.  I am all for the corporation, but the thing I have a big problem with is the “churn / burn” element of big companies.  Yes, I understand that at times people have to go, but I think you know where I am going – the extreme, viciousness, the over-paid CEO’s / managers over slaving innocent workers.

Anyway back to my story, in one job there was this lovely man I worked with when I was in Research & Development. Worked at the job for 20 years, made the company tons of money but “overseas” it was decided some had to go.  R&D usually suffers first (as it very rarely gives one profitability within the short-term) so he was fired along with a stack of other people. (Not my view – certainly devil’s advocate) – so what? Who cares? Just a few people losing their job? Money is more important right?

Well the funny bit was I was very naive then and us “surviving employees” were taken into a dark room and told why we are bad, we suck, the company is in trouble (yet the fat cat was getting his bonus) and then we were all handed “who moved my cheese” and told that we had to be “more positive”.

As I used to be one naive character and I was brainwashed into believing how “awesome being an employee is” I drank the cult juice only to waste another 2 years of my life with them (actually I got a great break from them and went onto a great job and employer).  They just churned and burned people and didn’t give a rats.

One thing I have fallen in love with lately is small businesses.  To me, the ethics, growth and opportunities is in Australian small businesses and the big companies have just screwed us workers for years. The irony of writing this post is that it’s getting worse and I thought I was some “hippie on a limb”, where I think I am speaking the voice of the people ironically enough.

I’d love to hear your stories – feel free to visit me at my website and drop me a line.  So there you go, I almost sound like a communist – better put a Soviet Flag on my car right now!

Poor People who Become Wealth Experts? What?

Come to my Workshop and learn the Millionaire Success Mindset!

Come to my Workshop and learn the Millionaire Success Mindset!

I seriously cannot take it anymore.  I am done, that’s it.  As Eric Cartman would say “Screw, you guys, I am going home!”

If you know a bit about me I studied a Life Coaching Course last year.  Even though I am a Business & Marketing Fellow – I really did enjoy it and got a lot out of it from a “Client Management” perspective more than anything else (i.e. as some of it claimed to be “Proper Psychology” but came miles short – that is another story).

When I finished I connected with a stack of people I did the course with.  Many of them were nice people who deep down you could tell wanted to make a difference in the world.  Really admire that, but then some you can tell were simply BS artists who are out to make a buck.

They just decided “Life Coaching” was the best way of stealing from people with out them being caught.

I just blocked some people on Facebook who I knew were broke when doing the course.  Why? Because they are claiming now to be “Wealth Experts” or “Millionaire Experts”.  What? This is like someone who is Fat & Overweight putting on a PT Shirt at Fitness First and claiming they know what they are doing.

This is very bad on a range of philosophical levels and really I think we can categorize people who are poor that pose as Wealth Experts into two slots:

– People who are purely evil and understand they hypocrisy and will do anything to take money.

– People who aren’t very intelligent and cannot spot the logical error about what they are doing.

What is sad is that I think about 5 – 10 years ago (pre-GFC) many of these people who have conned their way and made it.  The good news is, that most of these snakes now get found out as frauds very quickly and don’t make it!

So please keep an eye out for this one! If someone isn’t doing what they are preaching, then be careful! They are either stupid or pathological liars – either scenario won’t be good for you.

As for you lying sharks trying to rip off good honest people out there, I hope you either reform your wicked ways or someone rips you off even worse and teaches you a nice Karma lesson.

[Comment Left Ages Later by Edward Zia] – Man, I was in a cranky mood when I wrote this post.  To  your best Awesome Success!

The Fat Life Coach giving me Health Tips

You are Fat and U Suck.  Now pay me money (some people actually sell with this mindset - I am not kidding!).

You are Fat and U Suck. Now pay me money (some people actually sell with this mindset – I am not kidding!).

I don’t know what to say.  Seriously I don’t.  I have had it happen about 3 times over the past 2 – 3 months.  Overweight Life Coaches telling me how to lose weight and such.

I usually have something to say, but in these moments I am speechless.  Do I insult them? Do I state the obvious hypricosy? Do I stare at the wall? AWKWARD!

I don’t think I am Hugh Jackman and I need to lose a good 5kg – but I am pretty good, but many Life Coaches around are in bad shape.  Then, people wonder why that industry has a bad reputation.  I do know a few great Life Coaches around town, e.g. Sue Mitchell, Lorna Hollinger, Lisa Penson etc – but I can tell  you they are rare.

With these Fat Life Coaches, there are two likely possibilities:

– They are incredibly stupid and assume no one can pick the hypocrisy.

– They are just lying to rip you off.

This also implies that they don’t believe in the basic pillar of leadership, i.e. “Leading By Example”.  You can also conclude that they don’t believe in Credible Selling either.

Am I saying that every Life Coach has to be 45kg and starving? Of course not! Nothing wrong with being overweight – but if you are claiming to be a “Health Expert”, you better have the results yourself.

So regardless of what you do, only sell what you have credibility in and also – if someone can’t follow their own advice, don’t hire them!

In fact, if you see me doing the same thing at any point – punch me in the face and bring me back to reality.

Positive Thinking: And how it has robbed me of Money & Time!

"Positive Thinkers" - The Common Thief?

“Positive Thinkers” – The Common Thief?

I met this complete “Douche Bag” at a Networking Event recently. Well, actually – they more met me.  This person just was so “Positive” and really “Nice” to me.  In fact, this person kept following me around at the Networking Event!

I had this strange conversation with the person in that he was asking me a lot of questions, but when I asked him – I got vague answers such as:

– I help people make money.

– I build teams to help people make money.

– I am a Networker of Businesses.

I kept asking precise questions such as “What do you do?” and this Weasel kept ducking them again and again!

This conversation went on for a few minutes and I decided to move on.

On a funny note, this “Slime Ball” tried their stuff on others – and was actually alienated from other people in the room! (And left very early).

You know and I know, this person was one of those lovely people from some certain Pyramid / Multi-Level-Marketing Shonk that was obviously looking for new people to prey on.

Over the years, I have had very good friends get caught up in these “Shonky” schemes.

The true sad part of all this is that out of at least 10+ people I have seen caught up, NONE of them have actually remained in the schemes or have made money.  The sad truth is that “Positive Thinkers” have used this as a means to try and not only rip people off – but they end up selfishly wasting the time of others.  In my own life, I have encountered many of these “Bottom Feeders” who want nothing other than to rob me of both for their own Selfish Agendas.

Are Rip-Off Merchants New? Of course not – but what I find just fascinating how the are really “Con-Men/Women” and they use the whole “Positive Thinking” / “Abundance” / “Rivers of Cash Flowing” – to get us to overcome our natural intelligence so they can take our hard earned cash. Our Time and Money is precious (especially time as you can’t make it back) – watch out for not only the Rip-Offs, but also how “Positive Thinking” can make you inactive.

Remember, while the intelligent people are working hard, overcoming real issues and making money – while the “Positive Thinkers” are busy imagining stuff that won’t ever happen to them. Be careful out there and stay realistic! It’s a Jungle out there and watch out for lions disguised as “Positive Thinkers!”

Why Does Society Want us to Conform and Not Think?

Isn't it fun doing what we are told?

Hey you stupid and delusional “Positive Thinkers” out there!I have a new challenge for you – if the world is such an “Abundant” and “Nice” place, then why does it not accept us and want to change us all the time? “Society” “Brainwashing” and “Conditioning” us is nothing new, in fact – such ideas are often discussed and has really become an issue in modern Pop Culture today. Still however, if you think back to the days we are born to modern day adults, it’s almost at every turn “Society” and people in it are making us “Conform” to something.

In fact, don’t you feel that we are continually being:

– Told what to think? – Told what to wear? – Told what is appropriate? – Told what is inappropriate? – And Controlled in some way?

Don’t get me wrong, I really do believe in the rule of law and all that – otherwise, if there weren’t some kind of structure or laws – it would lead to a complete anarchy that is no good for anyone. Obviously you can’t run around “Shooting People” or going to Woolworth’s naked (all though it would be a very funny prank on the latter!

What I am more directing this at is more on a “Subtle” level. That is, when we are in the workplace, we have to be “Politically Correct” all the time, we can’t speak out against certain people who are protected by management (for whatever stupid / lame reason) or even when you have a circle of friends with certain “Political” or “Religious” beliefs – you say something the “Group” disagrees with, well don’t you wind up an outcast fast!

On a very odd note, when I became a “Born Again” Christian, I was warned non-stop that people will try and bring you down and all this stuff. Strangely enough that never happened! But when I became a Vegetarian and had a thing against killing animals, I was all of a sudden “Strange”, “Stupid” and “Against the System”.

It’s like WTF!! Why is everyone so trying to get us to fit in? Where did it become such a crime to do your own thing? Why can’t people accept differences? Not just me, but a lot of people I know have come down to this type of conclusion, that is: We are trained at a basic level by society that being “Different” is “Wrong”.

Schools, books and stuff all play “Lip-Service” to the concept that we are individuals, but come on – a few years in the playground or in the workplace would make one realise otherwise! So where am I going with all this?

If we spend our lives living into a “Shell” by what’s imposed on us and is not truly what we want, we can go on having incredibly average, mediocre (and often poorly paid) lives! So here is the problem, we get all “Positive” and start creating something “New” and then what happens? As we change, society (i.e. people we know, the workplace etc) all grabs us and tries to bring us back down again. Or in some other cases unfortunately, the “Positive Thinkers” trying to change us, may be doing it for sinister financial reasons.

My suggestion is for anyone (that like me) was leading a life that you didn’t pick – is to really stand back and think about what you want. This can be really hard if you have had years of being “Society’s Bitch” (as I did and still do to some extent).

When you find out what you want and you know its the right thing, be willing to make a stand for what you believe in – and go for it! Just watch out for those extremists, i.e. “Negative Thinkers” who want to keep you in your place and “Positive Thinkers” from Cults who are trying to extort your hard earned cash!

I wish I learn this stuff 20 years ago!!

Let’s Go and Beat Up “Positive Thinkers” that Lie to Us. Tonight. Come On?

Let’s Go Beat the Scum Bag Lying “Positive Thinkers” Silly!

I am sick and tired of stupid, dumb, “Lame Positive Thinkers” that barely understand a topic themselves and then go and sell seminars – or write a book on “How Great They Are” and how this book – will just change your life.

I had this very strange experience recently.  Although I am a Marketing Guy & a Business Coach – I have really built my expertise lately as a Social Media Marketer (i.e. YouTube, LinkedIn, this Blog etc). I don’t sell myself in Social Media, however in my own Peer Group – I have become the person to go to with Social Media.

Now, I am not “Yanking My Own” chain or telling you I am wonderful or anything – I know much better people at Social Media than me (but I’m pretty good, considering it’s not my Primary Business).

This one person I know walked up to me and said they want to be a “Social Media Consultant” and do “Seminars” and “Stuff”.  Wow – that is great, this person didn’t even know what LinkedIn was until several months ago.  I am no expert on Social Media, but this person would know 1/20 of what I know (and I would know 1/10 of some of the Social Media pro’s which I know).

What really disgusted me about this process, was that I suggested we should have a chat and you need to get some work done – but this person was still going ahead with it.

This really annoys me.  I was out of work about 4 years ago and I picked the wrong so-called “Business Coach” to help me.  They had no idea! In fact, in hindsight – they made so many mistakes and charged me a pretty penny!

So from all the tired, ripped of people out there to all the stupid, pathetic, lying “Positive Thinking” sods out there – as Stewie Griffin from Family Guy says “Go to Hell”.  Not just me, but many of us are sick and tired of these frauds that run around and take our money.  So, if you are one of these people – I really suggest you take a good hard look at yourself.  Be honest, develop some skills and sell a product of integrity.

If you are not – seriously, you will end up in hell.  Because the world (and me) are sick and tired of you shonks just ripping us off.  So to all the good people out there – Be very careful when you hear claims “Too Good to Be True” – they unfortunately usually are! Do your homework and if someone has some “Great Skill” which they are trying to sell you to you – make sure you know that they know what they are on about!

So, please go out and beat up some “Positive Thinking” scammers tonight.  They deserve nothing but justice (I am kidding of course! Don’t break any laws, but at least “Legally” give them a piece of your mind!).

If you find a way to “Legally” beat them up – then let me know, there are a lot of shonks out there that I would love to practically demonstrate “Pavement Justice” too.  Be careful out there! It’s a Jungle! I wish I learn this stuff 20 years ago!

Why do “Positive Thinkers” Lie To Us About Tough Times?

“Positive Thinkers” Lie to Us – It is really Tough at Times! No matter the Spin!

“Positive Thinkers” lie all the time about tough times.

These people are really unethical and are just trying to con you out of your hard-earned money.

Besides my Formal Studies, I have read lots of books from the so-called “Gurus” on how to “Be Rich”, “Live Your Life” and “Stay Positive”.

One Con, which I picked up is that in all the books you pick off the shelf, they always try and make out how easy it is to make $1,000,000 and achieve the life of your dreams (usually in a time-frame measured by months and not years!).

It’s just and me talking here now – let’s have a frank conversation.  No matter what front we put on, we always have tough times.

We can have problems with our Partners, Children, Money, Business, Work, Sickness and all that.  According to these “Positive Thinkers”:

– You can snap yourself out of it immediately.

– It’s just the “Story you are telling yourself”.

– You need to just “Be Positive”.

Oh great, so my wife has left me – my kids are sick, I am having trouble at work – so if I just tell myself to be happy, I just will be?

Well, that is what many so called “Positive Thinkers” have told me face to face and in their books.  Here is the funny con of it all, with some of these Positive Thinkers I have witnessed first hand and had reported to me second-hand – is that they get as “Negative” as we do, have “Problems” just like us and can’t just “Change” their emotions like they make out they do.

So it’s fair to say that in tough times, just “Being Positive” is a lie.  You have to do a lot more than that, i.e. be patient, be honest, make changes, give yourself time etc.

So why are these “Positive Thinkers” and Authors lying to us? Here are a few questions regarding them:

– Are they lying to us to sell more of their books?

– Are they trying to create a front they are “Larger than Life” so we get conned by them?

– Do they pretend what they know is so powerful, you will go to their seminars and fork out for them?

Come On! We aren’t stupid.  As much as they like to think we are stupid, we are actually not and can question what these people are doing.  “Positive Thinking” just makes them rich at our expense! You and I both know what is really going on here – “Positive Thinkers” lying to us so they can take your money and buy themselves nice cars, holidays and stuff.

Tough Times happen, and they suck! However that is life and it can be tough and can take time to get through things. When you are feeling down, please watch your wallet / purse! That is when these con artists are at their peak!

Money Making Schemes: Do I look like a Sucker?

If they make so much damn money, then why doesn’t everyone do it?

“Multi-Level  Marketing”, “Fantastic Money Making Opportunities”, “Income from Home”, “Make some dollars on the side” and even the good old “Pyramid-Schemes”.

I have had the unique pleasure of having pitched to me. Lots of people with the way of “Reaching their Dreams” really giving me the hard sell with that desire just to “Take my Money” and run. Now before you think “Oh No, Ed is now attacking MLM”, I am actually not.

I have had quite a few friends with very reputable MLM products such as Nutrimetics or Herbal-Life (which at least to me seem quite decent).  I am attacking the unethical practice of selling in which:

– They don’t tell you straight up what it is.

– They con you into a “Secretive” Meeting, suck you into the dream and then try and hit you up.

This really upsets me and I have been sucked into this several times.  In fact, I even got dragged along to a “Very American”, “Motivational Night” whereby they even told us:

– Never tell new people you are from our company. Tell them you have a great means of “Making a few bucks”. If they ask if you are from our company, just evade the question.

Very misleading and unethical! These companies have no respect for people’s time whatsoever and the whole approach is to sucker people into a meeting, use a bunch of fake techniques to “Build Rapport”, suck them into a dream of Financial Freedom / Fluffy Clouds, hit them with the signup and ask for their money.  “Positive Thinkers” using “Positive Thinking” to lie to you and manipulate you! Not Very nice!

I had a person recently try the same BS on me.  Late on a Friday afternoon (which totally thrilled me), they ring me up – and say “Hey are you interested in a great business opportunity?”.  I actually am not, as I am flat out right now – but I said “Oh Yeah?”.  I then just asked “What is this about?”.  The reply was “Well, I can’t really tell you over the phone”.  They then fed me a line about “Wanting to get to know me and such”.

What do you mean you can’t tell me over the phone? Are the Federal Police listening in? The CIA tracking you? ASIO got a shadow on you? The person then tried to tie me into a meeting and my intuition said “No Way” so I politely said I will get back to them. Then, I sent them an email asking the straight question – sure I am interested, but firstly “What is this about?”.  And you guessed it, no answer.

How does this make one feel or react? It’s a very sullen experience when someone tries to lure you to a meeting, but then acts in a secretive way as to what it is about.  Besides not being very nice, it really lowers my credibility and respect for this person.  Why don’t they just say:

– Hi, my name is Claire and I am from [X Company] and it’s really cool and I think you may like it. I would like to buy you a cup of coffee to present it to you?

Instead of this “Super Clever”, “Manipulative” approach, perhaps just an upfront question? I really think these days people are a lot smarter than they were 20 years ago and the fact some companies are still running like this tells me they are really out of touch! Man, I have been really sucked into these things a few times – you got to keep an eye on your wallet in this crazy world.  Everyone wants a piece of it!