“Positive Thinkers” Lie to Us – It is really Tough at Times! No matter the Spin!

“Positive Thinkers” lie all the time about tough times.

These people are really unethical and are just trying to con you out of your hard-earned money.

Besides my Formal Studies, I have read lots of books from the so-called “Gurus” on how to “Be Rich”, “Live Your Life” and “Stay Positive”.

One Con, which I picked up is that in all the books you pick off the shelf, they always try and make out how easy it is to make $1,000,000 and achieve the life of your dreams (usually in a time-frame measured by months and not years!).

It’s just and me talking here now – let’s have a frank conversation.  No matter what front we put on, we always have tough times.

We can have problems with our Partners, Children, Money, Business, Work, Sickness and all that.  According to these “Positive Thinkers”:

– You can snap yourself out of it immediately.

– It’s just the “Story you are telling yourself”.

– You need to just “Be Positive”.

Oh great, so my wife has left me – my kids are sick, I am having trouble at work – so if I just tell myself to be happy, I just will be?

Well, that is what many so called “Positive Thinkers” have told me face to face and in their books.  Here is the funny con of it all, with some of these Positive Thinkers I have witnessed first hand and had reported to me second-hand – is that they get as “Negative” as we do, have “Problems” just like us and can’t just “Change” their emotions like they make out they do.

So it’s fair to say that in tough times, just “Being Positive” is a lie.  You have to do a lot more than that, i.e. be patient, be honest, make changes, give yourself time etc.

So why are these “Positive Thinkers” and Authors lying to us? Here are a few questions regarding them:

– Are they lying to us to sell more of their books?

– Are they trying to create a front they are “Larger than Life” so we get conned by them?

– Do they pretend what they know is so powerful, you will go to their seminars and fork out for them?

Come On! We aren’t stupid.  As much as they like to think we are stupid, we are actually not and can question what these people are doing.  “Positive Thinking” just makes them rich at our expense! You and I both know what is really going on here – “Positive Thinkers” lying to us so they can take your money and buy themselves nice cars, holidays and stuff.

Tough Times happen, and they suck! However that is life and it can be tough and can take time to get through things. When you are feeling down, please watch your wallet / purse! That is when these con artists are at their peak!

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  1. Very true Ed! If thinking positively within itself solved things, no one would be poor, or alone or without what they truly want in life. It takes courage, honesty and massive action to make changes in your life no matter how “at cause” you are.

  2. Hi Ed, nice to see you in HD, well done.

    Positive Thinking (PT) is definitely a proven concept that will improve people’s lives – for sure. My dad grew up tough and as a consequence lived a fairly negative life which reflected in my thinking. I have benefited from PT. However, there is a fine line between the meat and the bones. I do believe there is some magic in PT but probably not as much as a lot of the gurus promote. We do need to be positive, sometimes we even have to fake it to make (eg I can stand up in front of these people and do this, I will be fine) but we still need to do our homework and put the hard yards in. I’d recommend Brad Burton’s book – Get Off Your Arse and Do Something – it is a mix of Street Truths, Positive Thinking, encouragement and a good slap across the face – and its relatively cheap. You can download a couple of chapters at bradburton.biz. We don’t really need gurus, we need good positive people around us who we trust and respect, who can gee us up when we are down, sit with us in the hard times and rejoice in the good times. Life is full of seasons and we need to see the sun when it is out but not pretend it is always shining. I believe mature people recognise and deal with each season appropriately knowing there is always hope. Cheers mate.

    • Hi Grant,

      Thank you for the great feedback and will check it out.

      I love the point you made “We don’t really need gurus, we need good positive people around us who we trust and respect” – that is gold. I think these Shonky Self-Proclaimed “Guru’s” try and pretend to be your friend, where in reality they are friends with your Credit Card.

      Real Positive Friends are great to find and better to keep 🙂

      Thanks again Grant and have a great day!

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