This post I would like to dedicate to the fine Sales & Customer Service Mentor Amanda […]
After an amazing day working with some amazing Business Women I would like to dedicate this […]
This one happened to me a short while ago, as I am still relatively new in […]
From my previous posts, you have no doubt picked up I emotionally knocked around a bit […]
As if I would be Negative? Come on.  Attacking One certain MLM organization? Critising Fat like […]
As you can probably tell – this well know particular MLM has scammed me for the […]
I love telling this story.  Some time ago, I met this “Very Nice” Girl at Networking […]
Regardless of which side of Politics you sit on, if you are from Australia you will […]
Lately I have heard this expression come up more and more in that “You Should Never […]
Now, before you ready this – please don’t think I am a “Cowboy” or some fruit […]
At a recent Networking Group I was at, a friend of mine who ran the group […]
I have seen some absolutely brilliant, talented, intelligent and Good-Natured People fail in their Careers and […]