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Doing it the Right Honourable Way like Amanda Says!

Amanda Levy - One Nice Sales Mentor who believes in doing it the right way.  Nice! Need more people like her around!

Amanda Levy – One Nice Sales Mentor who believes in doing it the right way. Nice! Need more people like her around!

This post I would like to dedicate to the fine Sales & Customer Service Mentor Amanda Levy who I have been very lucky to work with today. She is one dynamic woman who has her head “Screwed on Right”.

We had a great meeting of the minds in Manly today (which is a fine Suburb of the Northern Beaches of Sydney) in which we spoke Marketing and in particular talked about all the charlatans and dodgy people that unfortunately dominate our industry.

I have heard non-stop about people promising “Millions of Dollars” and dodgy Mentors out there which you know have no money, are usually overweight (some don’t even shave the day they go out) and to make it even better – the just promise unrealistic results that they can’t even achieve themselves. And I am not just talking some nut job, I am talking many upon many operating at this level of shonk.

To me, if someone is flogging some pathetic service and not getting their own results, it leads to two possibilities:

– They are complete idiots and don’t see the hypocrisy.
– They are manipulative liars who full know well their deception.

If anything, 2 of these people come to mind and I think they are a bit of both. They are dishonest idiots who are old to bend and destroy honest hard working people.

Bringing it back to Amanda Levy from today and why I think she is awesome is that we were talking about not “Hype” and “Millions of Dollars” and rubbish like that but proper services, using proper techniques, doing things with quality – the right way! This seems to be almost rare these days with loser after loser trying to abuse and manipulate.

Amanda was quite astute in putting her view forward and I just loved it, my big thing for today is:

– Do it properly, or don’t!

Simple, Germans make wonderful cars or they don’t. That is because they do things properly or don’t.  From Edward Zia, thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day out there!

The Reasons the world’s needs more Awesome Business Women!

The dedication to some top business women! (From Left to Right), Jenny Kuo, Drina Ng and Martha Arifin.

The dedication to some top business women! (From Left to Right), Jenny Kuo, Drina Ng and Martha Arifin.

After an amazing day working with some amazing Business Women I would like to dedicate this article to three Savvy Operators in particular, Jenny Kuo, Drina Ng and Martha Arifin.

One big trend in society which I am a massive fan of these days are the fact that the ruling majority of new businesses are started by women! After working for years in the Corporate Environment and watching women first hand get harassed, overlooked for promotions (even when they were more competent than their “Male” co-workers), are treated as “Objects of Desire” and just not present at the Senior Management levels – it got me thinking about the general nature of many workplaces.  I even knew of one situation where an Assistant was expected to provide various “Services” to retain her position by one evil boss.

And in speaking to many fantastic successful business women, I hear this one all the time:

– Men just got promoted over me regardless of the money I made or how hard I worked.

Being raised by a strong mother who was a Police Inspector looking after the household, watching her almost die from “Terminal Cancer” (she is still around thank god) and seeing the hardships she put up with because “She was a chick” has got me really reflecting on the problems in our modern workplace.

Don’t get me wrong, some workplaces are great and some women do great ahead – but I am referring to the general treatment they get.  What really brings a smile to my dial is that you get women like Jenny, Drina and Martha who rebel – go off and do their own thing and BEAT HEAPS OF MEN they once worked with!

Even if they have rocky starts like I did and go through tough times, the process of becoming and succeeding as a business owner is nothing short of rewarding and liberating – once we are free of the Corrupt and Soul Eating corporate machine for good!

I can completely understand the reasoning why women are going out into their own businesses in droves – quite simply because they believe they can provide better for their families on their own than “Trusting” the corporate machine.

For that reason and the fact that women are cool and relationship focused is all the justification to me why the world needs more of them!

Keep up the fine work Jenny Kuo, Drina Ng and Martha Arifin – fine examples to us all!

The Mean Positive Thinker using me and Spitting Me Out!

We will get you, Evil Positive Thinkers! You can't push us around forever :)

We will get you, Evil Positive Thinkers! You can’t push us around forever!

This one happened to me a short while ago, as I am still relatively new in business (only about 2 years) it was quite upsetting at the time – now I find it funny, amusing and a great battle scar / war story to share with my clients and friends alike.

I had a great one of this “Positive Thinking” lady who just knew everything and lead me on to scam me for a few free hours of consulting.  She would sit me down, tell me everything is wonderful and even during the meeting tried to ask me to “Do it for Free” or do a “Profit Share” if things work out for her.

After spending a good hour or more there – I knew she certainly wasn’t a nice person, let along anyone I would want to work with as a client.  I left her office thinking “No Way”.  They then took all my ideas, spoke to another Consultant and signed them up.  What hurt even more, was I knew this other person that even knew what was going on – and encouraged that mean woman to screw me over.

I didn’t want to work with them at all, but the pain was more about how they just screwed me over without any regard and with complete malice.

What was funny now about this whole process was the whole “Positive Thinking”.  This woman gave me a lecture on how great positive thinking was, how awesome she is – and unless anyone thinks the way she does – they are total losers.

What was funny was that she was in poor physical health, I bet lacked friends and wasn’t doing well financially at all (despite working hard to convince me otherwise).

So what is this trend? Why do all these people who use Positive Thinking as their religion usually come across as self-centered like this?

After thinking this through and see dozens (if not over 100 examples) of this play out over and over again, I think “Positive Thinking” leads to selfish actions.  For example, if you say do something bad to someone – and you “Feel Guilty” let’s say, that guilt is great as it motivates you to look at yourself, correct that behaviour and improve your giving capacity.

Know this is where great Positive Thinking comes in – instead of using the guilt to serve you, you can make yourself feel good with tons of Positive Thinking.  Then you are done – no more guilt feeling, you feel great – so now it’s time to screw over some other person and take their hard earned cash of them.

Even though part of me wants to publicly name this person, it’s not how I roll.  But you bad person, if you ever read this blog – I hope you change your wicked ways! Or you rip off the wrong person who will change your wicked ways for you!  Don’t let Positive Thinking twist your ethics!

Positive Thinking: Lowering Confidence and Questioning Yourself?

Positive Thinking sent me insane! And it probably will you too!

Positive Thinking sent me insane! And it probably will you too!

From my previous posts, you have no doubt picked up I emotionally knocked around a bit the previous week.  Nothing serious – but it was an event which hit on a nerve of mine since childhood.

Strangely enough, the event is no longer the issue -it’s been my emotional response to it that has been! After “Coaching Myself” and thinking it all through – I actually tried a bit of “Positive Thinking”.  Ha ha and while you are reading this and laughing at me for the obvious contradiction / hypocrisy I have engaged it, it really has reinforced my view here.

Emotionally I was going crazy, i.e. reliving the event, churning myself about it and all that type of thing.  Whenever I used “Positive Thinking” to wish myself better and focus on the “Good Stuff” it actually made me feel worse.

That is, until I confronted the issues in my own thinking and dealt with them in a Realistic way, it kept driving me crazy.

That is the big issue of positive thinking and why many highly regarded and trained Psychologists speak out against it.  It causes you not to deal with your issues, but to let them fester and create more of a problem.

I confronted some of my own childhood experiences (and early Corporate Days) in which I used to feel bad and always thinking “I was loser” and nicely empowering things like that.  Well as I write this post, I am doing exactly that – looking at myself “Objectively” and taking out all the negativity from the past this experience brought up in me. So here is my big advice / lesson from this one, don’t be a positive thinking nutjob! Identify the issues in your life and deal with them! Head on – deal with it.

Then you will be “Truly Positive” and not projecting your issues onto everyone else!

Die Already: The Positive Wimp who said I was Negative.

I would love to whisper profanity into that Whackers Ear!

I would love to whisper profanity into that Whackers Ear!

As if I would be Negative? Come on.  Attacking One certain MLM organization? Critising Fat like Coaches telling me how to lose weight? Exposing Rip off Merchants for who they really are?

This is the irony of me writing all these articles and is the justification of me doing all this work – people who are really negative (who pretend they are positive) are the ones who will attack me.

Some people’s feathers have really been ruffled by my blog and it confirmed my original thinking.  That is, truly positive and ethical people who have nothing to hide have really liked my blog and found it a good laugh.

However (except for a few), most of the criticism has come from people which I know aren’t considered positive at all.  I had a very funny experience with my recent post attacking the “Fat Life Coach” who was giving me dietary advice.  Someone on a LinkedIn forum was saying that I am “Truly Negative” and such.

The person who said they were positive attacked me for being negative.  Doesn’t that mean they are negative? I showed the post of the person trolling me to some friends and they had a snigger.

This has been a powerful lesson for me.  The “Lame Positive Thinkers” out there aren’t positive at all.  They merely use Positive Thinking as a way of hiding their true negativity or worse – use it as a means of bullying / ripping people off.

So keep an eye out for the amusing irony.  The people who accuse you of being negative, are actually the negative ones! 🙂

The Synergy between Automatic Weapons and Dodgy MLM’s

Me on the weekend fighting Amway :)

Me on the weekend the evil MLM’s on the weekend! (I wish – Awesome Fun here!)

As you can probably tell – this well know particular MLM has scammed me for the last time.  Whenever I hit the City Speed Networking Events (which I really like BTW), there is always some evil person peddling their dodgy pyramid schemes.

I am attacking the dozens of people I met who break the law everyday when it comes to the Trade Practices Act.  That is – they go to events and use their “Charm” to lure people to Coffee Chats for other reasons.

Then, while they have you – they start scamming you with a pre-planned questionnaire designed to get to your wallet.But there is some good news! Besides me strongly suspecting that Automatic Weaponry and dodgy MLM’s mix well (Boy I would love to see that!) – many of these scum-bags don’t even make the event.

That is, they come in – try and screw everyone and very quickly they start getting ignored.    And you hear people bantering, “Watch out for him / her – she is trying to scam us with this X scheme”.

So let’s get together and shoot some evil MLM people tonight who have no respect for good honest business people, trying to make a living the “Right” way.

Evil People: They love Screwing Us!

Much better to talk to than Amway People!

Much better to talk to than dodgy MLM People!

I love telling this story.  Some time ago, I met this “Very Nice” Girl at Networking Event.  She was almost too nice to me and I thought she must be a multi-level Marketer of some form.  At the time, I was just starting out my business. If you have started your own business before, you know the “Insecure” feeling I am talking about.  If you haven’t, but say are working – then imagine the first day of your new job – repeating itself “Groundhog Day” style for a year straight (i.e. you are insecure).

Anyway, this lovely girl invited me to a meeting of “Like-Minded Individuals”.  So one night, out I drive out to lovely Parramatta RSL and there are people everywhere. I mean in the hundreds I am talking.  So they are all my “Instant Friends” and then they take us into a big room pressure cooker style.

They do us this big pitch about Financial Freedom and then they pull out the whole MLM thing.  At the time, the same girl dragged this other woman along by the name of Lara.  She  is this cool mum who was lied too as well – she even hired a baby sitter so she could come along.

At the end, all of the minions were trying hard to sign me up.  “Come on, it’s only $80”, “Aren’t you serious about business?”, “Don’t you want to be part of us?”. What was funny was that as one would fail, they would send another one to try and bully me into joining.

After the 5th Cycle the gave up.  What was very sad about the whole experience is that I know weaker-willed individuals would get sucked in and poor Lara – she lost her whole evening.  The girl lied to all of us! Very shonky and very bad – and it’s actually illegal to mispresent solicitations like that.

So are these people evil? Well – some are.  I don’t think all of them are – but if you commit enough evil deeds, when do you become evil yourself? If any of you dodgy people read this blog and know I am talking about you – please leave a comment.  I would love to expose your lies to the world!  So be careful out there boys and girls! These bastards are out searching the forest to feed on the naive!

Whackers Being Addicted to Lying and Deception?

What Card?

What Card?

Regardless of which side of Politics you sit on, if you are from Australia you will know what I mean.  If you are from the US or England, I bet you know what I mean more than what I do!

The poorly run Labor Government in Australia has been caught out again and again lying and trying to do “Snow Jobs” on the Australian public.  What is so stupid about them, is that they can’t stop! It’s almost like:

– They have been Shonky for so long, they forgot how to operate with some level of integrity.

This really got me thinking in lots of powerful ways and has reminded me about some of the dodgy operators I have seen around the Sydney Scene lately.  From Overweight Life Coaches, to Poor Wealth Mentors, to Real Estate Investors which don’t own any property – it has made me reflect on how some people work.

You can tell that many people out there are just addicted to Lying & Deception.  Like being Brave, working out at the gym or just getting used to Coffee – some people are so used to telling porkies they don’t know anything else!

From the Government to dodgy people around town – there are lots of them!  It’s important to keep an eye open today and watch out for people trying to scam you.  They are out there and there are more of them than you!

The good news? They are being caught up.  Besides our Prisons becoming fuller of Evil Con Men, our silly Labor Government is being voted out.  One state at a time.

Good things do come to those who wait, huh?

Evil Nutjobs and their Quest into your Bank Account!

They Shonks would if they could!

The Shonks would if they could!

Lately I have heard this expression come up more and more in that “You Should Never Leave Money on the Table?”.  I only heard this expression maybe a year ago – and like all things, I really learn both sides of the coin before taking a side.

I understand conceptually the point of “Not Leaving Money on the Table”.  That is – my ethical / noble take of it is lets say you meet with someone, it’s really good to establish some way you can help each other before you leave.  Be it buy their services, sell, refer or just support each other.

However, I have seen it’s dark underbelly show up yet again in that when you meet with some people, they really really try hard to take your money by any means possible.  That is, I have heard war stories of people:

– Trying to oversell.  That is – their services are not appropriate for the other and they keep going without any ethics.

– They make out they want to meet for innocent means and then hit you up at the table to join some type of scheme (i.e. a big issue around Sydney right now).

– They try and get you to do something to serve only their agenda and pay little to no attention to yours.

The Top Earners I personally know and work with – about 9 /10 of them are team players, contributors, and only enter sustainable “Win-Win” agreements.  I know the odd rich toad, but in my experience over the last few years – most rich are quite noble type of characters (i.e. the sustainable / long term wealthy).

I have noticed that the poorest people I know are the ones that try to suck you into schemes and usually have a poor reputation around town.

I once met a guy at a Networking Event that did almost all of the above.  They dominated me in the conversation, tried to sell me some crap that they knew wasn’t useful to me.  And then afterwords he “Accidentally” sent me some material on a dodgy scheme.  When I pointed this out, he was all like “Oh Sorry, it was by accident”.

I then said “No thank you, this type of scheme isn’t for me”.

And guess what he did, he kept going! I then stopped replying to his emails and that got rid of him.  Also of interest, you can tell that he certainly didn’t want to leave any money on the table! Provided of course it was all in his wallet!

So please be careful out there boys and girls! I have noticed shonks on the rise in the Sydney Scene and I really hate them all big time.

Happy Easter too! 🙂

Shallow Graves and Evil Unethical Scammers

To All the People Who Scammed Me – Suck on this.  How’s that for Positive Thinking you whackers?

Now, before you ready this – please don’t think I am a “Cowboy” or some fruit cake that just does things based on how I “Feel” in that moment.  “Gut Feel” or more precisely “Intuition” isn’t always 100% Accurate, but in my own experience – it’s 80%+ accurate.

I have gone against my Gut Feel at times very successfully, but I have learnt the hard way – if my “Gut Feel Alarm” is going off, I better pay some attention to it.

Recently I had a very strange request from a Referral from a Referral to help out on a Project they were working on.  It was very odd and the person who needed my help was just “Acting” like my best friend (even though I have known them for about 10 minutes).

As you know I have had cultists and all those lovely people have shots at me – so I am very wary about “Instant Friends”.  So I was careful, went against my gut feel and helped this person.

Cutting a long story short, I worked hard for this person – delivered everything they wanted and then they didn’t want to pay me.  That is – they made up this lie justifying why they can weasel out of it.

I then went and told a few people who met this person and they laughed at me.   In fact, one of my friends picked up that this Rat-Bag was trying the same sort of thing on them.  It did knock me around a bit, but now I look back and almost snigger at the event.

The reality is that there are Evil Rat-Bags in this world.  The Positive Thinking Wankers / Dickheads out there make out “The World is such a Nice Place” – but seem to forget that over 50% of the world’s population lives in poverty.  Whenever I point these facts out, the wacko’s just put me down or say I am “Out of Sync with the Universal Energy”.

Well to you Positive Thinking idiots (who usually have no money) – I know some very powerful people that think you are completely out of touch.  The most successful people I have met are “Positive Realists”.  That is, they want the best out of a situation, but accept at the same time there is alot of negativity in the world one must navigate through.

So my advice from this painful experience? Your Gut Feel isn’t always right, but a good indicator! And if someone screws you in business like I got nailed a few weeks ago – move on! Not worth it.

If anything, hopefully those Negative Evil Scammers will one day cross the wrong person – and wind up pushing up daises somewhere in the middle of a park.  Boy I wish I learnt this 20 years ago!

Hot Girls, Pyramid Schemes and Old Tricks

You are just interested in "Me" right?

At a recent Networking Group I was at, a friend of mine who ran the group got into a lot of trouble!

The Networking Group was basically subverted by a group of people from a “Pyramid Selling” type of organization that primarily uses “Deception” as a way of luring you to Seminar or a Coffee Chat.

Quite a few Multi-Level-Marketing Companies are quite good and very noble (e.g. Send Out Cards, Neways, Herbal Life etc) in my experience – but some of them really like to screw you into a meeting.

I had a very funny one.  Well several, but I had this very tall and attractive “Asian” girl show a lot of interest in me at a Networking Event.  I didn’t pay much attention to it, but then about 8:30PM the next night, she was on the phone to me inviting me to an “Event of Like-Minded” individuals.

Hmm interesting, I instantly asked so what is this about and she replied “It’s not Dodgy”.  After more questioning, I eventually found out it’s “That Scheme” which we all have had lots of trouble with!

On another funny note – at a more recent workshop, this girl I met wanted to meet for an innocent coffee chat.  She strangely wanted me to bring my wife & meet with her husband as well to talk about business goals and such.

Hmm, when I asked she kept dodging, and yep! It turned out to be the “Scheme” we all know about!

So please be really careful out there – although lots of time has passed, you get lots of people using old tricks to try and trick you into seminars and stuff.

Your time is your gold and don’t let any suckers like this push you around!

Boy, I wish I learnt this 20 years ago! 🙂

Action: Feels Bad, But is Good For Us?

We always have to earn the good things in life!

I have seen some absolutely brilliant, talented, intelligent and Good-Natured People fail in their Careers and Business.  I have then seen “Average” people really succeed beyond their wildest dreams and achieve amazing things in their businesses!

There are often quite a few reasons, but what it often comes down too is how much people can handle doing things “They Don’t want to Do”.  I know this sounds obvious – but let’s face it, if we want to achieve something in our lives – then quite often we have to do things that may “Hurt” but is good for us!

One time I was unemployed for a while (before I had a Business).  Any logical person would know that the solution to being unemployed would be to get a job.  However, if any of you have had trouble finding a job – it can take a lot of work and be a very painful process!


The trick is that the Rejection and Pain is part of the process and it can really hurt, but it is good for us! Even in our own businesses as well – dealing with rejection is a key part of it (be it from banks, to clients to suppliers) and the NO, NO, NO, YES process is very common!

Also as well, even though the “NO’s” may hurt at the start, as we get better – the NO’s lose their intensity and become part of the process.

The other common example is running 10km, it can be completely inconceivable at the start, but after lots of training – it can become fairly standard and even quite enjoyable!

Where extreme Positive Thinking goes wrong is that it tries to get us to “Distort” what reality means so that we don’t actually accept that stuff hurts and we pretend it’s all easy when it’s really not.

The trick is to accept that when we embark on something new, it is going to be unfamiliar and many of the actions will “Feel Bad, But be Good For us”.

However, if we stick to it – it will start to “Feel Good” and hence we get the results we want in a fun manner!

So if you are doing lots of things right now that “Feel Bad”, but are “Good for you” well done! Make sure you avoid those dangerous “Feel Good, but are Bad for You” items! (Awful Vices and Addictions!).

Boy I wish I learnt this 20 years ago!