What Card?

What Card?

Regardless of which side of Politics you sit on, if you are from Australia you will know what I mean.  If you are from the US or England, I bet you know what I mean more than what I do!

The poorly run Labor Government in Australia has been caught out again and again lying and trying to do “Snow Jobs” on the Australian public.  What is so stupid about them, is that they can’t stop! It’s almost like:

– They have been Shonky for so long, they forgot how to operate with some level of integrity.

This really got me thinking in lots of powerful ways and has reminded me about some of the dodgy operators I have seen around the Sydney Scene lately.  From Overweight Life Coaches, to Poor Wealth Mentors, to Real Estate Investors which don’t own any property – it has made me reflect on how some people work.

You can tell that many people out there are just addicted to Lying & Deception.  Like being Brave, working out at the gym or just getting used to Coffee – some people are so used to telling porkies they don’t know anything else!

From the Government to dodgy people around town – there are lots of them!  It’s important to keep an eye open today and watch out for people trying to scam you.  They are out there and there are more of them than you!

The good news? They are being caught up.  Besides our Prisons becoming fuller of Evil Con Men, our silly Labor Government is being voted out.  One state at a time.

Good things do come to those who wait, huh?


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