Why are Bullies SCUM and Weak Defenders?

Remember, they cannot be reasoned with!

Remember, they cannot be reasoned with!

Although my story is “Sad”, I know it’s unfortunately quite common – and there are plenty of people out there who had it worse than me.

When I was growing up, being the “Fat Kid”, Middle Eastern and also carrying my Birthmark – I was really the subject of ridicule to the extreme.  It really impacted me for many years.

I used to run around “Feeling Sorry for myself” and “Sulking” and all that – but in my early 20’s, I realized that I had nothing compared to what others faced.

The reality I have found is that regardless of age, creed, gender or religion – bullies exist everyone and are scum that really deserve to be punished.  They are the type of bottom feeders that have no ethics and enjoy watching innocent people suffer.

I have made it almost an artwork of counter-striking against bullies as I hate them scum bags with every fibre of my being.  What I find quite funny about all of them is that Bullies are almost always strong attackers but very weak defenders.

That is right – I remember one household I was living us when I was younger.  This old man by the name of Frank owned the house and had about 4 students living there (including me).  He used to terrorize us and this poor 19 year old girl that lived there.  I used to “Put Up with It” (which was my mistake) and one day he went too far yelling at this poor girl.

We had a shouting competition (which I won) and then he left us alone for good! He asked me to leave (which I was great with) – but for a man that was always in our faces, he didn’t even have the balls to look at me in the eyes anymore.

I got plenty examples of bullies like this – ranging from the School Yard to the workplace.

The reality is that bullies are naturally weak people.  They aren’t always evil, but usually they are.  And bullies deserve on thing, PUNISHMENT and PAIN.

So if someone is being bullied by someone, it’s our duty as victiums of bullying to gang up on them and stop them.

But one must be careful of becoming what we hate (as I almost did this).  Once a bully is taken care of and backs down, apologizes or surrenders – leave them alone.  Hurt them and hurt them hard ONLY IN DEFENSE!

Remembers, bullies are usually strong attackers but weak defenders.  So hit them back hard and watch them cry in front of you.  It’s fun! Nothing like carrying out God’s work of Punishing the wicked.  Go Jesus!