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The Perpetual Student and Seminar Junkie that Stays a Junkie!

The Sharp Business Consultant Brenda Stephens - Our Dedication for this article!

The Sharp Business Consultant Brenda Stephens – Our Dedication for this article!

This article I write late at night is dedicated to Brenda Stephens.  Brenda is one fine Business Process Consultant from Sydney that I work with and she has “Eyes Like a Hawk” and has that amazing and rare Process type of skill out there.

One funny topic we were discussing today was as she coined in, the “Perpetual Student”. I must say, that for a brief period I succumbed to this type of high spending / low return behavior in that you go from one Seminar / Course to another.  You are having a “Good Time” (like being drunk, may be fun but when you lose all your money, your life sucks) but you are not advancing nor applying anything that one learns.

This makes me think of this one experience.  In doing the “Seminar Circuit” myself and doing an easy $30K here, when I started my business I met this nasty woman who tried to suck me right back in.  No body knows her and I doubt she will ever read my blog and when I started my business (like anyone else), I was very insecure and vulnerable!

And you guessed it boys and girls, she played on that to try and manipulate me into signing up to her stupid Multi-Level-Marketing “Get Rick Quick” Scheme.  In those days, I wasn’t very direct and she kept inviting me to some stupid “Wealth Program” that she thought was wonderful.  I told her “No it’s too General” and I was stupid enough to access it.

It was a bunch of wishy washy retards telling me our “Abundance and Spirituality” and stuff and they had no idea as to how business really works.  It was pure “SCAMway” in action and this evil woman was trying to take what little money I had.

I wasn’t too impressed and told her very directly over email that she wasted my time and was misleading.  She then made out she is all as sweet as Apple Pie and I never heard from her again.

The big thing I have learnt over time and in reflecting on Brenda’s Very intelligent insight today is that:

– Some people just keep learning and never implement.
– AND some people profit from them and keep the evil cycle going.

Yes you heard me! Like that nasty lady trying to take all my money, you get SCUMBAGS who make their living from keeping people in the “Learning Trap”.  Am I bagging Seminars? Of course not! Some are fantastic, but if you are just going for ideas and not doing anything – then yes I do bag them! Only go if you implement what you learn! So the big insight, by all means pay for knowledge, but do something about it and convert it to $$$ in YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

Thank you for your time to enjoy my rant and have a great one out there.  Be careful it’s a jungle at times!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Cautious Man!

The Requiem of Positive Thinking: Part 3 – The Master

I can relate to this one! Nothing worse than being stuck and trapped with little options!

I can relate to this one! Nothing worse than being stuck and trapped with little options!

Even though I am only 34 at the time of writing this article, I have been along in the workforce and business space long enough to see a few cycles.

I grew up in the “milk and honey” days of the 90’s, had a great career in the early 2000’s and like many of us – got totally shafted during the GFC with the ongoing recession from there. I was unemployed for 6 months, lost all my life savings and interesting got “punished” badly for doing exactly what I was told too as a child would make me successful.  That is, good grades, working hard, loving your boss, being dedicated to your company.

Only to get evicted out on the street and go from living a life style you are used too, to counting your pennies at a supermarket, trying to figure out how to have enough food, pay your rent and have some form of existence.

Now I am in my own business and have been for a while, I find myself looking back on what I endured and meeting great people just like me who are still trapped in situations which aren’t helping them or their families.

One large shift I have observed is how the rules of the workplace has changed great in the last few years (especially post-GFC).  In my 20’s, it was more a “partnership” so to speak. Sure, you have a boss, you have to follow the rules and all that – but there was a lot more “give” allocated against the “take”.

As the world has changed, the workforce has become much more of a darker place and things are much more “master / slave” rather than “employee / worker” these days.

That is salaries aren’t what they used to be (relative to inflation and cost of living), there are just not enough jobs so employers know that people can get replaced easily and if someone is “taken out” or eliminated these days – human cost is just irrelevant.  Perhaps I am seeing things more from a “Sydney, Australia” perspective – but at least my take on things.

Then you get some companies that defy the trend. I have met a few people from Google and it’s the best company on earth to work at and because of it’s reputation the running joke I hear (obviously founded in truth) is that it’s easier to become a cop or a solider than getting into Google.  And last time I checked they weren’t doing too badly.  During the “milk & honey” times where things weren’t as dark, positive thinking was rampant and I was on of those idiots following that cycle.  The reality is that in today’s world, it’s all out the window and “realistic / negative” thinking seems to be the mode of choice by most of the successful people I know (i.e. not just talking money, health, relationships, morale etc).

I am not the first person obviously to say “don’t rely on your job” for income and please for a second don’t think I am about to launch into a “armway” pitch or anything like that.  I am more coming from the point of view of the requiem of positive thinking for myself and many of us.

The world is tighter these days, so one must be more clever and astute to work and prosper in these times.  To me, one must be wary of the dynamics of the “new Workplace” and ensure you don’t pretend everything is “wonderful”.  That is, you understand what you are getting into, your benefits and penalties so when they day comes you get thown out, you are all prepared and ready to take action. Even better if you have a business on the side if you were like me trying to escape the modern slavery of the post-GFC workforce.

Don’t start me on hours too, I know great people who are earning about $50K / year and if they leave anytime before 7PM at night (after starting at 7AM) they get negative looks.

Am I saying become hippies and do 36 hour weeks? Of course not, but end of the stick is getting that much sharper and pointed.  So if you are about to into the workforce, please take heed of my own failures and if you are stuck in the workforce please take notice of my own successes! There is way out, so keep at it in style!

Hope you enjoy this one, I love hearing stories about what other good people face, so feel free to drop me a line anytime!

The Requiem of Positive Thinking: Part 2 – The Recession

Just be more Positive? I don't think so - a fate suffered by me twice and many good honest people that deserve better!

Just be more Positive? I don’t think so – a fate suffered by me twice and many good honest people that deserve better!

I had a fantastic meeting with one of my colleagues and we both come from a “corporate employee” background and become business owners.  We were comparing notes and take out a few differences in circumstances, we basically have a very similar story:

– Brought up with the “employee” mindset, work hard, get a good job, good grades and do whatever your boss wants.

– Keep doing that over and over again.  Don’t work on businesses as they are risky.

– Get noticed at work and get that promotion.

Well, I know I am speaking a pretty solid message these days and this old mindset is obviously kaput in this modern, “Post-GFC” world.  One point we really clicked was employment conditions prior / post the GFC and the start of the world-wide recession.

The reality is that whatever power was in the hands of the employee has drastically swung to that of the employer. Pre-GFC things I think were much more balanced and as an employee one had some rights and quite a few options, but these days the job boards suggest it’s the other way around.  That is, for every job – there is an endless line of recruits available and employers know it! I find small businesses are much better at looking after their workers, and this is more aimed at the corporates – i.e. they are pure economic machines and they churn and burn innocent workers as need be.

When we compared notes about our histories, we found some great commonalities of experiences – one point that really resonated was the line you may have heard:

“The world is tough and we are going through cut-backs.  You are very lucky to be here, wages won’t go up like they used too and you need to work harder.  But consider it a privilege that you have a job and you should be happy.”

Wow.  This is quite profound.  Before you think I am on a communist style rant where we are all entitled to jobs, no I am not a communist and believe in capitalism and free enterprise.  But we have both heard this line almost exact word for word and to be it has some scary connotations that tells us where the employment world has gone.   It’s a disturbing trend whereby we are working harder, for less money and only getting poorer as time passes.

There is an obvious shift in our economy which has been trending like this for a while and is  even more dramatic – the workplace isn’t the safe haven it once was and it’s going from the “two-way employment” type scenario to an obvious “master / slave” relationship.

After one of my worst employers ever personally screwed me over – they served our relationship with this basic line “well, you chose to work here, you have options and I can do whatever I like to you”. To me, many are hearing this more and more and where I went wrong in my life was indulging myself in “positive thinking” – that is, instead of reading the signs and understanding the degradation of the corporate workplace (except for a few employers which I think are great!) I went all happy clappy positive like the positive thinkers tell you to do. I wasted a good 5 – 8 years of my life doing this and they are some years I am not getting back.

In my own personal death of positive thinking my lovely colleague is in the similar boat – i.e. having many of their own “One held truths” being killed off one by one in a sad, but completely objective and factual manner.

Hence the requiem of positive thinking for many of us – I think it can be a great means of escapism but like any drug – it’ short term effects are overtaken by dramatic consequences that are not only painful to ourselves, but our families.

So, I have been obviously “very negative” here, but tell me – do you think I am wrong? I would doubt it big time, to me this reinforces my thinking – by admitting that things are screwed, it puts us in a position where we can do something and get some powerful results.

It could be working hard for another job, starting a business, moving departments, studying – anything, i.e. playing the hand we are dealt and creatively working through it.

The big trick to this is that the “wrong” companies will basically beat you up, keep your self-esteem love and get you believing why you should hand over your dreams to them and not take any action to improve your situation that is against their own selfish (and at times) purely evil agendas.

So my big lesson after surviving this and meeting other people is hang in there, ignore everyone and “listen to yourself” – biased advice from the wrong people is certainly not there for your benefit!

Hope you enjoy this one! My thoughts are coming together as I write these articles so feel free to leave a comment or visit me at my business website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this – Edward Zia thinks you are awesome!

The Positively Negative Gym: Ripping me off no more!

OMG - She is not in makeup, be mean to her quick! Then pretend to be Positive so we look better than her!

OMG – She is not in makeup, be mean to her quick! Then pretend to be Positive so we look better than her!

If you know me or have read my blog in more detail, you have probably figured out I am actually quite a positive thinker.  I don’t mean in a “visualize $2000 and my mortgage pays itself” in 30 seconds type of delusional thinker, but in a more:

– “Bad stuff happens, What do we do with it?” type of mentality.

Most of the fantastic people I work with agree with me and we all don’t like negative people! Does me attacking me make me negative? Probably! 🙂

I had a very interesting one today and recently.  I was (well still am until my notice clears out) a member of a very large gym which has outlets all across Australia.  When I first joined them, they were always “slightly snooty / snobby” but there was some nice staff that made the difference.

Over my 4 years of being with them – they seem to get worse and worse (talking all outlets across Sydney).  They would have “less time” for me, treat me poorly, never say goodbye to me when I left (even when I would initiate), charge me like a wounded-bull and then they closed my local gym! (Surprise, Surprise they were going broke).

Compared to some other gyms around town, I have noticed the morale of their gym’s to be down.  The staff were not happy (in defense of the staff, I read online they are treated like crap – so can you blame them?), the people there don’t seem happy at all – and no one is talking or interacting.  It’s actually quite a lonely place.

In a strict contrast, I have visited JB Hi-Fi stores or even Telstra stores which are happier environments that I feel good when I leave (whether I purchase or not).

In the context of this blog, what really got me about them was their amount of advertising and it’s all “so happy”.  That is, everyone is walking around miserable (including yours truly), they have mean messages on the walls saying things like “you must do this”, “you must do that”- and the personal trainers there at times were mean and wouldn’t even say hello back to me after saying hello first (expect for a couple which were really nice).

This got me thinking about the whole purpose behind me writing this blog, my fatigue of people who are really negative and in it for themselves (quite often money) pretending to be positive and it not working!

As of this morning I cancelled my membership at their location and I feel great.  Even though they have probably tens of thousands of paying members, they at least don’t have my $22 a week anymore! I would rather donate it to the Salvation Army and do push up’s at home than know it’s going to mean people like them.

My advice to you! It’s not always possible, but only do business with people who you love and love you back.  Life is too short to waste in mean people, especially those who are negative but pose as “positive thinkers!”

The Mean Positive Thinker using me and Spitting Me Out!

We will get you, Evil Positive Thinkers! You can't push us around forever :)

We will get you, Evil Positive Thinkers! You can’t push us around forever!

This one happened to me a short while ago, as I am still relatively new in business (only about 2 years) it was quite upsetting at the time – now I find it funny, amusing and a great battle scar / war story to share with my clients and friends alike.

I had a great one of this “Positive Thinking” lady who just knew everything and lead me on to scam me for a few free hours of consulting.  She would sit me down, tell me everything is wonderful and even during the meeting tried to ask me to “Do it for Free” or do a “Profit Share” if things work out for her.

After spending a good hour or more there – I knew she certainly wasn’t a nice person, let along anyone I would want to work with as a client.  I left her office thinking “No Way”.  They then took all my ideas, spoke to another Consultant and signed them up.  What hurt even more, was I knew this other person that even knew what was going on – and encouraged that mean woman to screw me over.

I didn’t want to work with them at all, but the pain was more about how they just screwed me over without any regard and with complete malice.

What was funny now about this whole process was the whole “Positive Thinking”.  This woman gave me a lecture on how great positive thinking was, how awesome she is – and unless anyone thinks the way she does – they are total losers.

What was funny was that she was in poor physical health, I bet lacked friends and wasn’t doing well financially at all (despite working hard to convince me otherwise).

So what is this trend? Why do all these people who use Positive Thinking as their religion usually come across as self-centered like this?

After thinking this through and see dozens (if not over 100 examples) of this play out over and over again, I think “Positive Thinking” leads to selfish actions.  For example, if you say do something bad to someone – and you “Feel Guilty” let’s say, that guilt is great as it motivates you to look at yourself, correct that behaviour and improve your giving capacity.

Know this is where great Positive Thinking comes in – instead of using the guilt to serve you, you can make yourself feel good with tons of Positive Thinking.  Then you are done – no more guilt feeling, you feel great – so now it’s time to screw over some other person and take their hard earned cash of them.

Even though part of me wants to publicly name this person, it’s not how I roll.  But you bad person, if you ever read this blog – I hope you change your wicked ways! Or you rip off the wrong person who will change your wicked ways for you!  Don’t let Positive Thinking twist your ethics!

Poor People who Become Wealth Experts? What?

Come to my Workshop and learn the Millionaire Success Mindset!

Come to my Workshop and learn the Millionaire Success Mindset!

I seriously cannot take it anymore.  I am done, that’s it.  As Eric Cartman would say “Screw, you guys, I am going home!”

If you know a bit about me I studied a Life Coaching Course last year.  Even though I am a Business & Marketing Fellow – I really did enjoy it and got a lot out of it from a “Client Management” perspective more than anything else (i.e. as some of it claimed to be “Proper Psychology” but came miles short – that is another story).

When I finished I connected with a stack of people I did the course with.  Many of them were nice people who deep down you could tell wanted to make a difference in the world.  Really admire that, but then some you can tell were simply BS artists who are out to make a buck.

They just decided “Life Coaching” was the best way of stealing from people with out them being caught.

I just blocked some people on Facebook who I knew were broke when doing the course.  Why? Because they are claiming now to be “Wealth Experts” or “Millionaire Experts”.  What? This is like someone who is Fat & Overweight putting on a PT Shirt at Fitness First and claiming they know what they are doing.

This is very bad on a range of philosophical levels and really I think we can categorize people who are poor that pose as Wealth Experts into two slots:

– People who are purely evil and understand they hypocrisy and will do anything to take money.

– People who aren’t very intelligent and cannot spot the logical error about what they are doing.

What is sad is that I think about 5 – 10 years ago (pre-GFC) many of these people who have conned their way and made it.  The good news is, that most of these snakes now get found out as frauds very quickly and don’t make it!

So please keep an eye out for this one! If someone isn’t doing what they are preaching, then be careful! They are either stupid or pathological liars – either scenario won’t be good for you.

As for you lying sharks trying to rip off good honest people out there, I hope you either reform your wicked ways or someone rips you off even worse and teaches you a nice Karma lesson.

[Comment Left Ages Later by Edward Zia] – Man, I was in a cranky mood when I wrote this post.  To  your best Awesome Success!

Positive Thinkers who Screw you Over – then expect you to like it?

I am up for a rematch anytime you Positive Thinkers that shonked me!

I am up for a rematch anytime you Positive Thinkers that shonked me!

The world is an interesting place and I find the older I get the more I reflect about it.  As you can probably tell by now – I have a thing against “Positive Thinkers” and the whole industry of corruption that is based on conning people to part with their hard earned cash to purchase “Positive Thinking Products”.

These positive thinking people prey on quite often I find intelligent people who are having a rough time in their lives and want to achieve more.  The instant quick fix of “Just think positively and visualize” even tempts me at times.

Many organizations that use Positive Thinking to control it’s members (and have a “Cult” like view in the broader community) I find can be quite powerful in screwing people over, but then convincing people they should like it.

The negative experience I had last week really got me thinking.  I placed my trust in a few people (but I was suspicious at the start) and they used and abused me.  So what? People get screwed over all the time, but what I find fascinating is that they can live with themselves.

This is where Positive Thinking can become quite dangerous in that people like the ones that did me over can do very questionable stuff, but then “Positively Justify” it to make themselves out to be okay with.   This is obviously not a new concept, we hear of people doing some pretty dark things out there and then having justifications that to them seem quite reasonable but bizarre to the wider community.

My own view that I have formed over the last few years is that if your “Gut Instinct” alarm goes off (as mine did with these characters) keep that in mind.  It turned out it was greatly correct in this situation.

If someone screws you over, but all means – don’t let it eat you out or knock around your own self-esteem (as it certainly can a bit), but then don’t be naive as well.   Make sure you protect yourself against them and be aware! If you turn your back on them – they will come and get you!

The Positive Thinker who just shafted me – I attracted it?

You Won this time Dodgy Positive Thinkers! But there are many more rounds to go!

You Won this time Dodgy Positive Thinkers! But there are many more rounds to go!

You are going to have a good laugh at my expense – and why not? A Positive Thinker just did.

Even though I am still regenerating my poor (and probably oversensitive ego), I am starting to find the humour and laugh at myself over what happened.  If you are in a Sales Profession like myself or run your own business – dealing with Rejection is part of every day of your job.

When I first started, Rejection was almost “Soul Destroying” whereas these days, I am entering the “Oh, well – part of the game” type of mindset.  The truly brilliant business people actually feel no pain with rejection which I think is great (and what I am aspiring towards in my own psychology).

Without boring you with the detail, I met this character who became my best friend and was keen on hiring my services.  I was a little suspicious of them (as people who are too friendly always get me asking questions) and donated quite a bit of time to help them get going and assess the services I provide.

They decided to select another Consultant – fair enough, all part of the game.

The bit that ruffled my feathers though and added more proof to my view of “Positive Thinkers” is their blantant disregard and devaulation for the work I did for them.  I do see this person and they didn’t even thank me for it.  They just told me and moved on!

Not very nice and what I find funny about it all – is that they are a “Positive Thinker”.  Yes, they told me how great positive thinking was and you just have to be “Positive” and then they “Positively” shafted me”.

The next level of humor I find on this is another Positive Thinker I know.  They said that everything that bad happens to you, is because you “Attracted it”.

Yes you guessed it boys and girls – because I entertain a negative thought here and there I deserve what is happening to me.  What, so sitting there and visualizing millions of dollars each day, starting at a Tony Robbins Poster while watching the Secret is meant to turn things around?

So here is up yours to two people, 1) The person who shafted me last week – hope you learn your lesson and repent and 2) To Positive Thinkers.

Most of these extreme Positive Thinkers have a consistent trait:

– Doesn’t matter what I do, or whoever I do over – as long as I am Positive all will be great.

Hmmm.  Not very nice isn’t it?  If you are a Positive Thinker reading this blog, I bet you are bashing on the keyboard hard right away! Well, I look forward to your responses Positive Thinkers – Game on! And as for you dodgy person who shafted me and mislead me into proving you a big chunk of my time – I hope you either repent or get what’s coming to you!

The Shonk Conning me into a Pyramid Scheme! Nice.

Love to lock up this evil Moron!

Love to lock up this evil Moron!

I had a funny, yet annoying phone conversation with some mean idiot the other day.  I have known this fellow for a while and in the last 6 months – I think he has gone through about 4 Dodgy Multi-Level Marketing Schemes.

Now, I don’t hate all MLM’s (some are quite good) – but I have a problem with the evil & unethical high pressure / misleading sales tactics used.

I was busy working away seeing clients and I got a call from this fellow.  He started to ask me quite a few private questions about my business (i.e which put me on edge) and then said:

– Do I have just 1 hour to see a presentation on Saturday?

I was like – no thank you, I am too busy.  I kept giving hints and this guy just couldn’t stop trying to push me to an event.  I started getting angry and was that close to screaming at him and then he got the message.

He then had the audacity to try and make out I was “Close Minded” because I didn’t want to go.

What was sad about this is that his “Bully / Shonk” approach would have worked on some people.  Then because bullying worked, it would justify and drive his own behaviour.

I really hate this guy and everything he stands for and I hope he calls me again! At the very least, I can tell every one around town to watch out for him.

So if you are caught up in those Pyramid Schemes, please be careful – make sure you don’t use their dirty trick on your friends and family!

The Evil Boss: Fired me just before end of Probation.

Tom & Rob + Evil Bosses.  From all of us working people, you suck and I hope you get what you deserve! :)

To All Evil Bosses – From all of us working people, you suck and I hope you get what you deserve!

Before I pull out the violins and tell my sob story – I just wanted to point out how common my story is. I know quite a few people around town who have started new jobs (i.e. including ones when they were poached) and they worked their hardest to make the best first impression and succeed in their roles.  Their bosses would “Make them feel good” and then at the last minute, with no warning – would fire them say 1 – 3 days before the end of their probation.

I once had this type of experience.  Some time ago, I had a Marketing Manager role for a Large Corporate.  I originally didn’t want the job, but this evil manipulative man by the name of “Richard”, backed up by his sinister HR person “Norbert” – lured me into this job.

It was a tough job, I worked my butt off – did some crazy hours and at about 10 weeks I checked in how things were going.  They told me I was great and nothing to worry about (where my probation ended on week 12 – i.e. 3 months).

Then what happened, about 2 days from the end – they got rid of me.  The reality was that conditions changed in the business and they couldn’t keep me – but instead of saying that, they just made up fictional stuff that couldn’t be substantiated.

Is this just me not being able to take feedback? Not at all.  If they hated me great or if there are issues – tell me so I can fix it.  But NO – they just got rid of me, tried to pin it on me so they could duck responsibility.

Both “Richard” and “Norbert” were evil little cowards and I would certainly enjoy finding them in a dark alley at some point.  They were just greedy little politians who enjoyed hurting others to make themselves look good.

As you can tell, there is a bit of venom in me on this one – but what makes me quite sad, is that my story is nothing compared to what I have heard others go through out there.  So what is my lesson and thoughts on this one? If you don’t have a business, the reality is that you need your job and you just can’t punch people in the head.

But what I would say is that if you are getting a raw deal, make sure you don’t make my mistake and sit there unhappy and blame everyone.  By all means, defend yourself against evil bullies, BUT make sure you are looking for a better deal.

This may be within the organization or outside of there! I learnt that the most “Loyal” people in Corporates earn’t the lowest level of pays and gained the least respect.  The most valued were the ones that continually moved and had amazing CV’s.

Interesting no? Anyway – “Richard” & “Norbert” – if you read this one day, I hope you have changed your wicked ways.  If not, hopefully someone will trash your car in the next few days. Protect yourself everyone and stay strong! The world is too small for evil bosses these days!

The Evil Networking Director who Bullied Us. What?

If I only gave the Jerk more Cold Shoulder at the Time! Rats :) If you are out there Richard, I am up for Round #2!

If I only gave the Jerk more Cold Shoulder at the Time! If you are out there “Brian”, I am up for Round #2!

If you know me, this has been quite a “Corner Stone” / “War Story” of me starting up my business.  Even though I wished too, I didn’t want to publicly name the Networking Group that did this to us.  I know some good people in it – and if I was to publicly name the group, it would make it just harder for them – but believe me, I would like too!

However, in light of protecting my buddies – I still wanted to present this story as a warning to everyone else out there.  When I first started my business, it was tough.  I was under-confident, not too happy, had Vista-Print business cards and no money.  So going out to a Networking Group for the first time was hard as!

I then found a local Networking Referral Group.  If you aren’t familiar with this wording – it’s not so much a Networking Group where you meet people (e.g. say 4Networking) – it’s more of “Closed Network” where  you purchase a seat.  That is – you have one of each profession and YOU MUST refer to each of them.

The Group measures you by the number of visitors and referrals you give and if you don’t deliver – you will get shunned and eventually kicked out.

There was a start-up chapter of this group nearby in Inner West Sydney.  It was about $1100 to join and besides the odd person I didn’t get along with – it was a great group of people.  Then about the 4th meeting, we have this “Director” by the name of “Brian” come along.

The man was mean and abusive and sat there and told us all that we have to “Bring Visitors” along.  If we didn’t, we would be asked to leave.

That day, quite a few members left the group and had quite a horrible reaction to being treated this way (i.e. it wasn’t just my view, it was a common view of this being handled poorly).  It put an incredible amount of stress on me and it was some very tough times for me.

I found another Networking Group which was fantastic (i.e. 4Networking which I love), and then about 3 months later the Chapter collapsed.  So I bet on the right horse and did well getting out of there!

I think I grew up 5 years in 2 months over this experience and it taught me of some of the lack of ethics some people have.  When people start out in business, they are already going up against the odds – and some evil characters exploit this.  I always said to myself, if I see this “Brian” fellow in the street – I would give him a piece of my mind.

He is the type of character I bet that would often be rude to waitresses and probably have beaten up smaller children than him when he was at Primary School.

My lesson is one big time – if you are starting out, make sure you are mixing with a positive and supportive crowd that have your interests at heart! If you get caught up in the wrong circles like I did – don’t take it, don’t get upset, just move on! I was very lucky to meet the likes of Grant Dempsey from 4Networking to help me back on my feet!  As for you “Brian”, if you ever read this blog – be thankful I didn’t use your last name.  I probably should have you meanie!

So if you know who I am talking about, make sure you try and steal his wallet if you see him in the street!

Here’s to looking after and protecting the underdog!

The Arrogant & Fat Business Coach who said I suck.

I can't wait till I see this Fat Meanie Again :)

I can’t wait till I see this Fat Meanie Again!

One of the fantastic people I work with (by the name of Ralph Rintoule – a high end Property Investor) has been a fantastic reverse client.  That is – although he has hired me for Marketing Help, his years of experience has “Reverse Mentored” me in many ways.

He said something quite interesting the other day in that:

– When we start out, we secrete a “Pheromone” which causes every leech to try and take advantage of us.

That is so true – now I am well beyond “Start Up” stage and have an established business – the people that pushed me around at the start, I am actually now competing with and winning. This is not because I am “Brilliant”, but because I am not a stupid, arrogant or an  unqualified liar like some people I am talking about.

This one fat guy I am talking about in particular, I met when I started my business.  He is this “Awesome Business Coach” and when I had Vista Print Business Cards, no money and was very insecure – he used it as an opportunity to try and intimidate me in front of other people. He questioned what I did, my credentials, my training and I feel very bad for a few days.  2 years later, I am an Sponsor of one of the events he now visits infrequently and he must be making no money.

One time I saw him at an event, my blood boiled and I said to my friend next to me “Hey you see that fat dickhead? Yes, he is the guy who pushed me around when I started”.  The fat dickhead heard me and awesome – he got really intimated and now won’t even come near me. Besides fulfilling my no doubt “Immature” need for retribution, when I speak to many “Zeros to Heroes” I work with – they all have similar stories.  They started, had no money, no network – odds were against them and horrible scum bags like this fellow put them down.

And they found it distressing, but what was very funny – was each of these people often within 12 months grew and overtook the capacity of the people attacking them. It’s not very nice and these people totally suck.  I am glad that this dickhead who put me down, is a fat loser – and is making no money from the networking group. Competitor or not, we must all remember how hard it is starting something new – and just because evil people were mean to us, doesn’t give us any right to be mean to others.

People starting out need support and care! In fact, I have been making this a point of in my business – and people who may have Vista Print business cards need a helping hand – not abuse like this evil idiot dished out. Perhaps next time I see him, I may *Accidentally* bump into him.  Hopefully into oncoming traffic.  People who start out in business needs support – so next time you are at a Networking Event, remember yourself in that position!

And if you happen to be the Fat Business Coach reading this article who bullied me when I started out – I hope you change your wicked ways!