This article I write late at night is dedicated to Brenda Stephens.  Brenda is one fine […]
Even though I am only 34 at the time of writing this article, I have been […]
I had a fantastic meeting with one of my colleagues and we both come from a […]
If you know me or have read my blog in more detail, you have probably figured out I […]
This one happened to me a short while ago, as I am still relatively new in […]
I seriously cannot take it anymore.  I am done, that’s it.  As Eric Cartman would say […]
The world is an interesting place and I find the older I get the more I […]
You are going to have a good laugh at my expense – and why not? A […]
I had a funny, yet annoying phone conversation with some mean idiot the other day.  I […]
Before I pull out the violins and tell my sob story – I just wanted to […]
If you know me, this has been quite a “Corner Stone” / “War Story” of me […]
One of the fantastic people I work with (by the name of Ralph Rintoule – a […]