The Sharp Business Consultant Brenda Stephens - Our Dedication for this article!

The Sharp Business Consultant Brenda Stephens – Our Dedication for this article!

This article I write late at night is dedicated to Brenda Stephens.  Brenda is one fine Business Process Consultant from Sydney that I work with and she has “Eyes Like a Hawk” and has that amazing and rare Process type of skill out there.

One funny topic we were discussing today was as she coined in, the “Perpetual Student”. I must say, that for a brief period I succumbed to this type of high spending / low return behavior in that you go from one Seminar / Course to another.  You are having a “Good Time” (like being drunk, may be fun but when you lose all your money, your life sucks) but you are not advancing nor applying anything that one learns.

This makes me think of this one experience.  In doing the “Seminar Circuit” myself and doing an easy $30K here, when I started my business I met this nasty woman who tried to suck me right back in.  No body knows her and I doubt she will ever read my blog and when I started my business (like anyone else), I was very insecure and vulnerable!

And you guessed it boys and girls, she played on that to try and manipulate me into signing up to her stupid Multi-Level-Marketing “Get Rick Quick” Scheme.  In those days, I wasn’t very direct and she kept inviting me to some stupid “Wealth Program” that she thought was wonderful.  I told her “No it’s too General” and I was stupid enough to access it.

It was a bunch of wishy washy retards telling me our “Abundance and Spirituality” and stuff and they had no idea as to how business really works.  It was pure “SCAMway” in action and this evil woman was trying to take what little money I had.

I wasn’t too impressed and told her very directly over email that she wasted my time and was misleading.  She then made out she is all as sweet as Apple Pie and I never heard from her again.

The big thing I have learnt over time and in reflecting on Brenda’s Very intelligent insight today is that:

– Some people just keep learning and never implement.
– AND some people profit from them and keep the evil cycle going.

Yes you heard me! Like that nasty lady trying to take all my money, you get SCUMBAGS who make their living from keeping people in the “Learning Trap”.  Am I bagging Seminars? Of course not! Some are fantastic, but if you are just going for ideas and not doing anything – then yes I do bag them! Only go if you implement what you learn! So the big insight, by all means pay for knowledge, but do something about it and convert it to $$$ in YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

Thank you for your time to enjoy my rant and have a great one out there.  Be careful it’s a jungle at times!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Cautious Man!


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