This article I write late at night is dedicated to Brenda Stephens.  Brenda is one fine […]
One thing our Legal System is big on is clearly defining lying.  When one gives evidence, […]
If you are like me and had the privilege of working with and knowing wealthy people (i.e. not people on […]
If I had a Australian Dollar, Euro, or even a few Yen for every time I […]
This week, I have had some people really waste lots of my time for their own […]
I am soo busy.  Yet I am playing on Facebook.  I am soo busy. Yet, I […]
Ignoring negative emotions is like ignoring someone knocking on the door, a cat crying outside or […]
I am a very competitive person.  In a crazy way, I had this “Like / Dislike” […]
Man I ate over Christmas.  I mean really ate.  I think I ate about $45 worth […]
I have a bit of an Inferiority Complex.  Yep – I said it.  In writing, so you have […]
One thing I have really learnt lately is that “being normal” doesn’t always produce the best […]
I did something very very silly.  I used to have the “Best Body” and I really […]