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The Perpetual Student and Seminar Junkie that Stays a Junkie!

The Sharp Business Consultant Brenda Stephens - Our Dedication for this article!

The Sharp Business Consultant Brenda Stephens – Our Dedication for this article!

This article I write late at night is dedicated to Brenda Stephens.  Brenda is one fine Business Process Consultant from Sydney that I work with and she has “Eyes Like a Hawk” and has that amazing and rare Process type of skill out there.

One funny topic we were discussing today was as she coined in, the “Perpetual Student”. I must say, that for a brief period I succumbed to this type of high spending / low return behavior in that you go from one Seminar / Course to another.  You are having a “Good Time” (like being drunk, may be fun but when you lose all your money, your life sucks) but you are not advancing nor applying anything that one learns.

This makes me think of this one experience.  In doing the “Seminar Circuit” myself and doing an easy $30K here, when I started my business I met this nasty woman who tried to suck me right back in.  No body knows her and I doubt she will ever read my blog and when I started my business (like anyone else), I was very insecure and vulnerable!

And you guessed it boys and girls, she played on that to try and manipulate me into signing up to her stupid Multi-Level-Marketing “Get Rick Quick” Scheme.  In those days, I wasn’t very direct and she kept inviting me to some stupid “Wealth Program” that she thought was wonderful.  I told her “No it’s too General” and I was stupid enough to access it.

It was a bunch of wishy washy retards telling me our “Abundance and Spirituality” and stuff and they had no idea as to how business really works.  It was pure “SCAMway” in action and this evil woman was trying to take what little money I had.

I wasn’t too impressed and told her very directly over email that she wasted my time and was misleading.  She then made out she is all as sweet as Apple Pie and I never heard from her again.

The big thing I have learnt over time and in reflecting on Brenda’s Very intelligent insight today is that:

– Some people just keep learning and never implement.
– AND some people profit from them and keep the evil cycle going.

Yes you heard me! Like that nasty lady trying to take all my money, you get SCUMBAGS who make their living from keeping people in the “Learning Trap”.  Am I bagging Seminars? Of course not! Some are fantastic, but if you are just going for ideas and not doing anything – then yes I do bag them! Only go if you implement what you learn! So the big insight, by all means pay for knowledge, but do something about it and convert it to $$$ in YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

Thank you for your time to enjoy my rant and have a great one out there.  Be careful it’s a jungle at times!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor and Cautious Man!

Dodgy Organizations: Ripping you off by Holding Stuff Back!

Evil People Love it!

Evil People Love it!

One thing our Legal System is big on is clearly defining lying.  When one gives evidence, they have to “Tell the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth”.  That is – if one selectively tell’s part of a story with intent to twist it’s meaning – that is actually considered being deceptive.

An obvious example – I say such and such hit me and I want to charge them for Assault.  If I hold back of the fact that I stole his wifes handbag and pulled a knife on them – it obviously changes the whole meaning.

In more subtle, but still insidious example – I have done some training over the years with organizations that do exactly this.  That is – when they structure their training, they are quite clearly with-holding WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW with the whole purpose of trying to sell you more courses.

Don’t get me wrong – I am all for up-selling and such, but when the dodgy suckers start with-holding what you need to know, this is borderline theft.

Years ago (in a very different life) – I actually hired this “Coach” to help me out.  They would charge big dollars per session and kick me out right on 60 Minutes.  And it took me a few years to realize what they did – but they would never tell me what I needed to know.

Just enough to get me by, but always not enough to scam me back.  Years later I went into business for myself and yes – found this person still kicking around with no money and doing poorly.  Why? Everyone knows they are a shark!

So here is the thing – unless you have no choice (i.e. they are say a Airline or a  Teleco) – if someone is holding stuff back and not doing what they should – get rid of them! Dodgy sharks only get by – from people buying their services.

Although I know *almost everyone* reading this blog is honest and doing a great job, if you ARE NOT I invite you to change your thinking right now.  Most people I know who are dodgy never make it – and for the ones that do, please note:

– If you don’t change right now after reading this, you are an evil morally corrupt cockroach who isn’t advancing the human race.

As for you cool honest people – keep it up! Love your work.

Positive Thinkers: Why do they Feel more Pain and Earn Less?

To All "Positive Thinkers" who rip off poor people - I can't wait till you are taken out with the Trash!

To All “Positive Thinkers” who rip off poor people – I can’t wait till you are taken out with the Trash!

If you are like me and had the privilege of working with and knowing wealthy people (i.e. not people on $50K / Year Pretending, but people of say at least $5M+) – you would already know that “Extreme Positive Thinking” really only has a place for scammers, people who don’t like to face facts or those who really use it as their “Religion” to help them sleep well at night.

Now my own Business is healthy and things are actually playing out well for me (Finally Thank God!) – I have really been working with two types of people when you boil it all down.

– Those that are having tough times – but pushing through and making it.

– Those that are having tough times – but are spinning around in circles and failing.

The alarming trend which I have confirmed (yet again) is that the people who are making it – are very similar to the people I know who are worth at least $5M.  Now, I know you may be thinking “Jesus Christ Ed, you stupid Capitalist, is it just about money?”.

My response to that is – of course it isn’t just about money, but come on and work with me here – Money is one of the top drivers of our satisfaction in our society (if you have ever been unemployed like I was for a while and you pay your rent with your Growing Credit Card Debt – trust me! You learn how powerful money is!).

The reality is that when someone is over-engaged in “Positive Thinking” and are saying things like “Oh it’s easy”, “Money flows to me in rivers of abundance”, “Money Grows on Trees like Apples”, “If i just visualize happy things Natalie Portman or Sam Worthington will visit me in my bedroom at 2AM etc” – they really aren’t grasping reality.

Where it get’s worse for these poor people, is that instead of just accepting reality in that “Well it’s tough – but things are going to get easier” and solving them problems and going for it – it encourages one to become inactive.

And here is the big thing, everyone who I know that has an unhealthy obsession with “Positive Thinking” – they aren’t the ones making the big bucks.  They are usually quite Good-Natured, Loving and Kind – but very poor, pressured and frustrated people.

If you were like me once and got sucked into this “Positive Thinking Fad” – it’s okay and don’t panic! Just start undoing the brain-washing all the Positive Thinking Cults have forced on you.  And if you are paying some “Guru” tons of money to help you -please stop it!

Just go down to your local Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Buddist Temple or Liberal Party office and ask for some free advice.  As for you stupid, pathetic worms who are using “Positive Thinking” to rip poor honest people off with your schemes and cults – I sincerely hope you twist your ankle going down the stairs today! You people are Garbage! And I hope you get taken out to the curb!

Why do “Positive Thinkers” think Suffering is Wonderful?

The World isn’t always a Nice Place – Positive Thinkers need to “Wake Up & Smell The Coffee”

If I had a Australian Dollar, Euro, or even a few Yen for every time I have heard a “Positive Thinker” talk about how beautiful the world is – I would have more than enough to fly to the moon and back. A few people and books have talked about “Abundance Thinking” and how just through “Visualization” you can get whatever you want.

Hmmm.  That is an interesting concept. Why haven’t all the poor people in the world though about this before?

Wow this is so profound. I wish I got told this years ago. So are you saying that:

– If I am a poor Starving person in Africa, India or North Korea – all I have to do is visualize food and be positive and I will get a nice Fat Fried Chicken on my plate?

Well, yes – that is exactly what they are saying.  However, when I have this debate with people – there seems to be all these “Interesting Clauses & Exceptions” to protect their thinking in the case that any “Negative Person who doesn’t think Abundantly” attacks it.

For example, when I brought up this argument with someone who thought that money is “Just so easy to make”, their answer (after a 10 second Tony Abbott like pause) was to the effect of:

– You just have to be positive.

This is where the whole concept of the extreme of positive thinking completely breaks down and one must rational and realistic about things.  Positive Thinking is the type of logic that says that no matter what happens, just ignore reality and focus on “What you want it to be”.

I think examples such as World War II, Colonel Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein all back up the contrary quote of:

– “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” -Edmund Burke.

Besides extreme examples such as above, dangerous extremes of “Positive Thinking” can become incredibly hazardous when we have problems in our lives – and choose not to deal with them and just focus on “Positive Thoughts”.

Now, I know what some people who are reading this blog is saying.  Ed, you are “So Negative”, “You don’t think Abundantly”, you think in terms of “Scarcity”.  I know that, because I have heard people accuse me of this before.  When I turn around and ask them what they think of the world, I usually get some fake answer to the effect of:

– It’s a great and wonderful place.

That’s nice – so you think all the people suffering in the world and our society is “Wonderful?”.  That is what you are telling me? Would you care to re-phrase that? This is the key problem with “Positive Thinking” – it can put us into a state where we don’t take action to fix problems.  Like stopping evil people as above, fixing problems, solving issues in advance – you only pick that up by being “Critical’.

You can’t wish a broken arm away, just as much wishing you had $1,000 in your wallet doesn’t make it suddenly appear.  So I challenge the “Positive Thinkers” out there to come forward and prove me wrong! Show me how thinking of $1,000 put’s it into your wallet. I have unfortunately been sucked into extremes of “Positive Thinking” – usually as a means of people trying to (and unfortunately) successfully getting into my hip pocket.  Balance is king! Nothing beats Rationalism.

Time Wasters: Are they Worse than Slimy Pick Pockets?

They are at least at a similar level?

This week, I have had some people really waste lots of my time for their own personal agenda.  Some of these people have been quite rude and selfish and focused simply on their own needs.

Since I have been visiting Networking Sessions and working ahead, I have found them to contain a great mix of people – including some people from Multi-Level-Marketers and rude people just using me for “Free Advice”.

Now don’t get me wrong, please don’t think I am being precious or anything like that – or rude just trying to take people’s money.  I really enjoy meeting new people, sharing what I know and socializing with other like-minded people.

What I am referring to are people who:

– Are rude, aggressive time wasters, that are either after what’s in your wallet or want to pump you for information and aren’t nice about it.

Last week or so, I met this “Very Nice Guy” who then called me on a late Friday asking to meet up in relation to a great “Cash Flow Business Opportunity”.  If you read my last blog, this person wouldn’t say exactly where they are from (although it looks like a very common MLM scheme that I bet you have heard about).

When I replied to this person, I simply asked them to explain what it’s about, so I can decide whether it’s me worth visiting so we don’t waste each others time.  When I did this, check out or emails below:

Ed’s Email to Clarify:

Hi [Disrespectful Time Waster],

Many thanks for that.  I can make 6PM Thursday, however I was thinking things through and I just wanted to find out a bit more about what you are talking about.

I am actually quite flat out with my own business and you mentioned this was another business opportunity? I am a bit wary of going there to waste your time, could you just let me know a bit more of what it is about? It would be great to catch up, however I don’t want you to waste your time in the case I am not a suitable target for what you are after.

Let me know & thanks.

Ed Zia

Disrespectful Time Wasters Reply:

Hey Edward,

Apologies it has taken a while to get back to you. It been pretty busy this week as I am sure your week has been too! I completely understand that you are busy with your business, in fact most of the people I work with either are flatout running their own business or have demanding corporate jobs.

I know that that was one of my concerns when I first saw this. What I found however is that what we are working on is very leveraged in terms of time so that ended up not really an issue for me anymore. All we do is help people create annuity style income, outside of their job or business so they have another income source. You can use that for what you like, some use it to bank role their existing business, some as a plan B income should their industry decline, whatever takes your fancy. Similar to someone who invests in property or shares to create an annuity income however we do it much faster through business. Most people, no matter how busy they are in their job or business usually have time to invest in property or shares. As I mentioned when I was on the phone, we are not looking for people with a lot of time, just looking for people with the right attitude. Its only going to be a quick coffee so we can get to know each other a bit better, we can both ask questions of each other and after that, if suitable I’ll step into some detail about the different partners we have on board and how that fits into the picture.

At the end of that, you can tell me whether you think you have an interest as to whether or not to pursue it any further, either way, it will be time well invested. I can see that there is a Gloria Jeans in the Ashfield Mall which would be easy to get to. Unless you have another suggestion, why don’t we meet there at 6pm for 30 min or so?

[Signed – Someone who has no respect for other people]

What really baked my Korean Noodles about this was that, over the phone I tried to ask, then over email I tried asking and this is the treatment I got.  In fact, I am fairly confident which Multi-Level-Marketing company this person comes from, as over 12 years ago – I got sucked into one of their seminars.

They actually train you to mislead people and not tell you the name of their company – so you can con them into a meeting, give them the fully cloud treatment and take their money!  “Positive Thinking” used by “Positive Thinkers” designed to get into your hip pocket! (and obviously empty it out).

Well, after thinking this through – I think it’s an extremely bad way of disrespecting someone.  There are only so many hours in the day, we have businesses, jobs and families to look after (let alone ourselves) and you get people going around town doing this to other people.

There are some really great people in this world, however there are some real “Slime-Balls” as well that just don’t care about other people at all. In fact, if someone steals 4 hours of your life by dragging you to a seminar unwittingly – you are not getting those 4 hours back.  How is that different to someone stealing $20 from your pocket? I have learnt when one get’s busy, every minute counts – so make sure these “Time Muggers” don’t get you!

I wish I learnt this one 20 years ago!

Wasting Time: It’s just so Addictive and Fun – Why Stop?

Wasting time is way more fun than working right?

I am soo busy.  Yet I am playing on Facebook.  I am soo busy. Yet, I am playing games.  I am soo busy.  Yet, I have time to talk rubbish at the office.  I am soo busy.  I am so just important. And the list goes on.

Lately, I have started to realize some of the lies I am indulging in.  As I am getting much busier, I realize that I must find a way of getting more done.

Now, I don’t mean that egotistically or being impatient with people, I more mean where “I myself” just waste time for no other reason.  I have been really looking over in “What I actually do” each day and working out what needs to be cut out so I can get more done of “What I actually want”.

So far, I have found that my biggest time wasters are:

– Worrying about things outside of my control.

– Eating junk foods that slow me down (albeit I rarely do that these days).

– Thinking “too much” about things, instead of just doing them.

– Over checking my emails.

– Talking “Too much” to other people at the office (although it’s much less than I used too).

There are probably more of these, but what I can tell you is just by fixing most of the above – it would give me much more time that I would believe.

Now I am asking myself, “Why on earth?” and I addicted to wasting time? Now, I am getting on the right track – I have these “Strange Urges” to go back into these old patterns.

In not just myself (but almost everyone I know) is that we all “Develop” these strange time wasting patterns, that don’t actually work in our better interests but give us a “Secondary Payoff” such as:

– The excitement of Drama (over-watching General Hospital or Dynasty).

– The ego inflation of importance (we are “So Busy” and “So Damn Important”).

– The fun of avoiding work (if I am talking to a work colleague, I don’t have to face my work problems).

– The pleasure of indulgence (getting drunk with friends is so much fun and because I am hung-over I don’t have to work as hard today).

It’s quite odd, even when I list these out “Logically” I know that myself and most people I know have been guilty of such “Time Suckers”.

Like many addictions, we all get a short-term payoff from them, but often face much larger (and not always instant) consequences. I am actually finding, just by cutting back on these “Time Suckers” I have more and more time available! Strangely enough, the time was always there but as I didn’t have the pressure – I never felt compelled to really look at what I do and access it.  But, old habits die hard (but they do die!).

I have to say though, Wasting Time is very addictive! I am glad I am finally “Getting over myself” and really starting to act in my own best interests.

Does Being “Positive” all the time drive you Nuts?

Respect My Authora-Tah!

Ignoring negative emotions is like ignoring someone knocking on the door, a cat crying outside or a 4 year old tugging at your Shirt to take them to McDonald’s.

The more you ignore what you are feeling (negatively), to me and many people I know – the louder it becomes.

It’s a bit like, when say you are busy studying in a quiet library and someone taps a pen on the desk, or say busy in your office – and someone plays some song that drives you nuts (Brittany Spears does it for me).  In fact, when I hear her going off – my “Positive Thinking” goes out the window for sure! No amount of “Positivity” can get me over the pain!

You ignore it, ignore it, then eventually you start to go nuts! In fact, the more you “Try” to ignore it, it almost seems the more powerful it becomes.  Then eventually you end up moving, turning down the radio or asking them *nicely* to turn it down.

One thing I have realized in my own life, is that I have been a real “Bottler” of emotions.  If something let’s say not quite fairly is being done to me, I have a real tendency to “Ignore It” because:

– I need to be “More Flexible”.

– I need to be “Nicer”.

– I need to be “More Accommodating”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we run around like “Control Freaks” and dictate to everyone what we want.  That is the other extreme of what I am saying which isn’t any better.  In fact, “Control Freaks” can often be the type of people that contribute to the problems that this blog post is attempting to resolve!  What I am suggesting as I have found (not only for myself but many others), if you are the type of person that tends to “Take Stuff” to the extreme – it isn’t very good for you.  Quite often, the stress you end up taking on can really show it’s ugly face in a wide range of ways including:

– Passive Aggression,

– Fatigue & General Loss of Energy,

– Bottling up & Exploding,

– And in extreme circumstances – can lead to serious physical issues (i.e. Anxiety, Depression, Heart Attacks etc).

One thing that has really come clear to me in my life lately, is that my own act of “Ignoring” bad stuff around me is actually causing me harm.  That is, besides not “Feeling Right” it can really leave you on edge and run you down over a period of time.  What I have learnt is that it’s really critical to acknowledge your so called “Negative Emotions” and take action on them.  It may be changing something in your outside world or even changing the way you look at things.

This is where too much Positive Thinking can get you into trouble.  If you are “too Positive” it can cause you to ignore all the “Negative Stuff” which leads to the above problems.  Like many things in life – a healthy balance of things are required.

Being Competitive Makes The World a Miserable Place?

I am a very competitive person.  In a crazy way, I had this “Like / Dislike” relationship with it and I was always never sure of whether it is really good for me or not.

I “Liked” being competitive in that it always seemed to get more out of me, but at the same time I didn’t like it.

After all? If you’re competitive by nature, what happens in an area where someone blows you out of the water?

You get very unhappy real fast.  And if you think about it, regardless of almost any area in our lives – let’s face it, there is a good chance that there is someone better than you.

Let’s say you get really buff at the gym, you still aren’t Mr. Universe? What about you earn $200K+ one year, well there are a lot of millionaires in the world which you aren’t? What if your business grows at 20%+ year on year – well, you still aren’t as big as Facebook or Google?

One of the biggest problems in my own psychology was that I had been too competitive with other people. That is, I think being “Competitive” is excellent, however in the way Michael Jordon applies it in being:

– Competitive with your own personal best.

To me this is a very strange, but liberating concept in the sense that if you are simply competing “With Yourself” it makes life a lot more fun and easier.  In addition as well, when you choose to stop “Competiting” with every man and his dog – you can actually really focus on your own Goals / Outcomes in a way that makes sense to you.

What painfully taught me this lesson was in learning how to Trade the Forex Markets (i.e. Currency Markets).  Because I just had to be “Better than everyone else” it really caused me to ignore the basics and not learn the fundamentals.  This basically meant I wasted lots of time “Changing what I was doing” so I could “Beat” other people in my reference group.

Instead of just taking it slowly at my own pace, ignoring everyone else – I kept getting sucked into what everyone else was doing.  In addition, if someone is just a “Brilliant Trader” leagues beyond me, I would instantly be put off in that I would instantly think “I am a failure or doing something wrong”.  No – it’s just that in this area, someone is getting a better result than me – so what?

I then felt very bad about it and found out – it’s a common trading mistake.

It’s also not a trading mistake – as I have found that in many areas in society this type of thinking is a big problem for a lot of people.  “Keeping up the Joneses” thinking can lead to excessive levels of debt, poor young girls (who are convinced they are “Fat” by some photo-shopped model on a fashion magazine) feel bad all the time and in extreme cases can even die from eating disorders, people use unethical workplace political tricks to undermine others who are “Beating Them” and the list goes on.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting in anyway that we “Stop Trying” or use this as an excuse.  I have just learnt (and also observed from a lot of top players) that when you start playing your own game, is when the results really come in. That is, if you are really competitive with other people – you are actually saying to the world “I don’t believe in my own journey, goals or outcomes”.

Think about it – if you were on what you know is the “True Path” for your life – who cares if someone can run faster than you or has a better car?  If you feel the need to “Compete” with others as I did, then I can bet you that you either don’t know what you are after or have lost sight of what you were once after.

Why is it Okay to get Fat Over Christmas?

Man I ate over Christmas.  I mean really ate.  I think I ate about $45 worth of Chocolate myself and at least $20 worth of Potato Chips on top of it.  Even though I “Lemon Fasted” the weight off so I am now break-even (with Pre-Christmas) – I really justified to myself that it is “Okay” to overeat.  Normally, I don’t overeat to this extreme – however, psychologically I made up a great “Story” to tell myself to justify my behaviour.  That is, I said to myself:

– Well, it’s my parents so it’s okay.

– It’s only 1 time a year.

– It’s Christmas and you are meant to over eat.

– I will lose it after Christmas.

The thing that I learned is that many people who put on weight over Christmas, don’t end up losing it.  That is, even though one may come up with a “Story” giving them “Permission” to overeat, they often don’t lose it. And unfortunately, life then gets in the way.  That is, I have made up great “Stories” such as:

– [Wifes Birthday] – It’s a celebration so I will lose it tomorrow.

– [Easter] – It’s Easter and you are meant to eat lots of Easter Eggs.

– [Weekends] – Well, I worked all week – so I deserve a break.

– [Ed’s Birthday] – Well, come on?

And So On.

These are some of the stories I have told myself previously and after speaking to lots of people – I have seen very similar “Stories” come up.

Another word for these “Stories” is actually “Excuses” or put more elegantly – “Reasons”.

This Christmas, I actually did much better than previously.  Still – not happy with my performance, but it’s okay.  When I brought “Conscious” attention to the “Subconscious” reasons I was giving myself to indulge – I really had a close think as to why I am coming up with these reasons to begin with.


It relaxed me and calmed me.  But, addictions always have some type of “Short Term Payoff”. I totally understand why people with addictions can say:

– I can quit anytime I want.

It’s a great “Excuse” “Reason” to justify a something that delivers a “Short-Term” payoff, with heavy consequences.

Is Being Too Competitive Making Me a Loser?

I have a bit of an Inferiority Complex.  Yep – I said it.  In writing, so you have proof that I said it.  One thing that I have realized in myself is that if I am working in an area and someone is way better than me – I tend to “Shut Down” and think along the lines:

– If I am not the best, it means I am pathetic and worthless.

Really positive stuff! I really deserve a Tony Robbins Positive Thinking Medal for this one! As part of my Business Coaching Course I have been working through these exercises that are designed to uncover “Unconscious Junk” such as this in our thinking.  That is, 90%+ of our actions are controlled subconsciously we have a great deal of “Hidden Beliefs and Views” of the world that shapes our thinking and our actions. By bringing them to the conscious level, it really gives you a change to change them – so you don’t act or think like this anymore!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a friendly guy and I don’t put people down or anything like that – but if someone beats me too much it just bums me out.  It got me thinking, no matter what area we have in our lives there is always people better and people worse! In fact, one of my good Trading Mentors Vic Noble advised me on how to correct this thinking.  That is, you:

– Need to focus on your own personal best. That way you will always be improving.

Will you have the body of Hugh Jackman in Fitness? Will you own as much property as Donald Trump? Will you trade like George Soros? Will you have the connection to God as like Mother Theresa or Saladin? (An ancient Arab Leader known for his chivalry, against people that deserved the sword).

Maybe, maybe not.  The thing that I am learning is that no matter what area we work in – chances are there are people on both sides of your success level! It taught me a good lesson, in that if you are “In competition with people” around you, you will always be a “Loser!” Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am not advocating a hippie view, suggesting you start a commune, get high on marijuana or L.S.D or listen to Peace Songs – in fact I am suggesting quite the opposite.

That is, some of the top performers I know actually don’t care about people around them and having to beat them.  Their focus is lifting their own personal best each day.  In a day it may only lift say 0.5% – but after 100 days – that’s a 50% improvement! It’s time I stop “Keeping up with the Jones” and straining myself unnecessarily!

* Thanks to DVIDSHUB from Flickr for the image of the poor guy!

Successful People Are Completely Nuts and or Fruitcakes

One thing I have really learnt lately is that “being normal” doesn’t always produce the best results.  A lot of my successful friends I would not say are “Normal” by any stretch.  In fact, some of them are completely nuts – but it’s their “Nuttiness” that seems to aid their success.

As a few examples, I know several top Currency Traders and also a few property investors that have been down this track:

– They start a business with warped expectations.

– The find out how difficult it is.

– They fail a lot.

– In fact, they screw up heaps.

This is where I noticed that “You have to be nuts” kicks in. Most normal people, would accept common sense and reasoning and:

– Give it up and move on.

– Because it just doesn’t work.

The completely nutty people would ignore common wisdom and stick at it far longer than “Normal People” would.  As a result, they really learn from their mistakes, master it and go forward (as I noticed some of my successful friends had). Ironically (at least I did), many people go through times of their lives desperate to fit in.

But then, you strangely get people who don’t who really nail it and rubbish this approach. Although I am a strict Vegetarian, have a big thing against Cage Farming practices (and hate their Coleslaw even more) – I am a big fan of Colonel Sanders. In fact, I have heard that story many times of how he failed hundreds of times to get Kentucky Fried Chicken going.  Any normal person would have given up, but this fruitcake just kept at it!

I say thumbs up to being a fruitcake!

Getting Really Really Fat: And Not Loving It!

I did something very very silly.  I used to have the “Best Body” and I really lost the plot over a 12 month periods. I just lost all my old standards and my eating every day just kept “Slipping and Slipping”. Then all of a sudden, “12 months” later, I ended up putting on an extra 15kg!  I have already lost about 7kg of them (and the rest isn’t too far off) – but I keep thinking:

– “Why the hell did I do that? Why did I let things slip like this so now I have to work extra hard to fix it?”

When I look back on what I did, I just really lost my focus and sight of my goals.  That is, instead of having a clear vision to work towards (be it my own career, business and physical goals)  I got into a bit of an “Auto-Pilot” mentality. That is, as I wasn’t paying too much attention to my weight (but more importantly all the bad food I was eating) I got bigger, bigger and bigger!

I can honestly tell you now, my biggest mistake was just “Going with the Flow”.  If I paid more active attention and really monitored myself much better, I wouldn’t have lost it and now am forced to do all this extra work to catch up! I feel good in the respect that the weight has been coming off – but damn! I wasted lots of time and effort! My strong advice to any of you (not just weight) which have a problem somewhere in your life.  Don’t do what I did and pretend it’s not there!

It just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

Unfortunately like my belly did! * Thanks to “Tripp” from Flickr for the great pic of me 6 months ago.