I did something very very silly.  I used to have the “Best Body” and I really lost the plot over a 12 month periods. I just lost all my old standards and my eating every day just kept “Slipping and Slipping”. Then all of a sudden, “12 months” later, I ended up putting on an extra 15kg!  I have already lost about 7kg of them (and the rest isn’t too far off) – but I keep thinking:

– “Why the hell did I do that? Why did I let things slip like this so now I have to work extra hard to fix it?”

When I look back on what I did, I just really lost my focus and sight of my goals.  That is, instead of having a clear vision to work towards (be it my own career, business and physical goals)  I got into a bit of an “Auto-Pilot” mentality. That is, as I wasn’t paying too much attention to my weight (but more importantly all the bad food I was eating) I got bigger, bigger and bigger!

I can honestly tell you now, my biggest mistake was just “Going with the Flow”.  If I paid more active attention and really monitored myself much better, I wouldn’t have lost it and now am forced to do all this extra work to catch up! I feel good in the respect that the weight has been coming off – but damn! I wasted lots of time and effort! My strong advice to any of you (not just weight) which have a problem somewhere in your life.  Don’t do what I did and pretend it’s not there!

It just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

Unfortunately like my belly did! * Thanks to “Tripp” from Flickr for the great pic of me 6 months ago.


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