I have been working with some amazing people lately and this blog post I want to […]
I have seen some absolutely brilliant, talented, intelligent and Good-Natured People fail in their Careers and […]
I met this complete “Douche Bag” at a Networking Event recently. Well, actually – they more […]
If you are like me and had the privilege of working with and knowing wealthy people (i.e. not people on […]
Buy this.  Discount valid for special members like yourself.  25% off for a limited time only. […]
I have a bit of an Inferiority Complex.  Yep – I said it.  In writing, so you have […]
Man I am a sad guy.  My first reason of sadness is that one of my […]
I did something very very silly.  I used to have the “Best Body” and I really […]
Our world is becoming more and more cluttered and all of us are just being bombarded […]
Throughout my many adventures in Corporate Australia, Tony Robbins Seminars, Small to Medium Enterprise, Prestigious Law […]