Our world is becoming more and more cluttered and all of us are just being bombarded by thousands of messages a day!

We all try and ignore many of these messages, but there are many savvy advertisers out there that are experts in subconsciously “Getting Into Your Mind” to often force certain commercial outcomes (be it buying their products or behaving in a way that is at least beneficial to them).

In fact, there is just so much information in our world today and there are many parties out there which have a clear agenda to “Control You”.  We are getting it all the time, Corporations telling you how to think, Bosses telling you how to think, Advertising Campaigns telling you what the “Best” products are, Friends telling you what to think, Media telling you what to think, Celebrities telling you what to think, Politicians etc etc.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I go on “Autopilot” I find it’s easy to really get into a “Rut” and just go along “with the flow”.  That is, if you don’t consciously think about your own life and set your own purpose and goals, there are lots of people which are only to happy to set goals for you.

Unfortunately, the goals are usually for their own interests!

So let’s think about it, if you don’t set your own personal goals (that are designed too “Benefit Yourself”) who else is going to do it?

Picking your own goals and figuring out one’s purpose is an ongoing journey and one that I think few are able to really “Come Up With” overnight.  But – if you can come up with something and a goal that really compels you and that also “Gets You Out of Bed” in the morning -You are probably miles ahead than most of the Australian Population!

Now, I am not saying it’s easy – but then living someone else’s life and feeling empty isn’t either!


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