Truth & Lies – Making Up Your Own Mind

“You can’t handle the Truth!” is one of my most favourite movie lines which I think really sums up how many of us (especially myself) can feel at times when confronted by “Reality” or “Truth” that is painful to accept.

I don’t know about you, but in the past I have been very guilty of either:

– “Being Positive” and just sticking my head in the sand and pretending the issue is not there.
– “Finding Distractions” or something to do, so I don’t have to deal with the problem (or issue) at hand.

Any logical thinker can easily say “Just Handle The Truth” – but it’s one of those things that are easier said than done.

I remember once I took up work with a very unscrupulous employer (i.e. it’s not just my opinion, if I reveal their name to someone, without any solicitation or bias I often hear a lot of negativity about them).

This was the toughest job of my life in that the job was easy; But the environment was extremely political and cruel. There were cut backs going on and because I chose to do my job properly and focus on the bottom line – I really put a few noses out of joint. In fact, I got some really good results that scared other people – which made them come for me even harder.

So that’s life – but here was my big mistake:

Instead of just saying my work environment sucks and doing something positive about it – I blamed myself for all the problems and took it on.
Because, I took this on and “Blamed Myself” it lowered my Self-Esteem, which then made the problem even worse for me.
What made it even worse, was that someone I was accepting career advice from, just “Blamed it all on Me” and just said things like “Enjoy Your Time There”, “Stop Complaining” and even the good old line of “Be Positive”.

This was my biggest mistake of it all – listening to the wrong person and substituting my common sense for another’s opinion (because I felt they were “Smarter Than Me”).

Now, I am not saying you should complain and blame the world for your problems – I am all for taking personal responsibility.

What this life experience taught me was the importance of:

Accepting the Truth for what it is. That is, you accept your responsibility and hold others responsible for their actions. Don’t blame yourself for Global Warming and at the same time, don’t complain that the cat scratched you after you bit it’s tail. Make up your own mind and be an independent thinker. That if, even if 100 people say you are “Wrong or Stupid” and you know you are not – you stick to your guns.

Be careful who you take advice from. There is nothing wrong with making up your own mind. Even if “You are Wrong” here and there – it doesn’t mean that others advice is anymore accurate than your own.
This was a very painful experience in my life – but that’s good. If you are going through some BS like this, believe me – I can relate to you! After all, you don’t become a tough cookie without being baked in the oven at 220 Degrees for at least 45 minutes?

** Many thanks to soundlessfall from Flickr for the great pic.