I am Serious – And Don’t Call Me Shirley!

Man I am a sad guy.  My first reason of sadness is that one of my childhood heroes Leslie Nielsen has passed away.

Second is that I feel like I am getting old! It feels like only yesterday when I was watching good old Flying High or even watching the Naked Gun Movies at the Cinema (in fact I was quite young – I am lucky they let me in!). Leslie Nielsen passing on has got me thinking about what people have thought about for thousands of years. Not taxes, not divorce, but death. It has really got to me to think of what I have achieved / contributed in my life so far.

That is, if I was to die tomorrow – what have I achieved? How will I be remembered? Now I am not coming at this from a need to “Protect me ego” or anything, it’s more like:

– In this one life I have and so far, what have I contributed?

The scary thing for me, is that it doesn’t feel like much! If anything, my good old hero Leslie passing on has made me really sit up straight in my chair and think about areas of my life where I can lift my game.

Interesting! When I pass away, I certainly want to be remembered for more than what I am today.  If you feel the same way I do, I suggest you think long and hard (as I am) about how you can contribute more in the world.

I doubt people will remember you for having a “Nice Car or House”, but far more likely the people you helped!  After all, I think what makes Leslie Nielsen so powerful is that he has contributed to many lives – by simply making us laugh!  We aren’t remembering him for all the money he has or whatever the case.

One thing that I have stuffed up recently (but picked up again) was how I lost my focus.  That is, my purpose got a little bit lost in the “Events” around me and I put on weight and suffered in more ways than one. The big lesson for me was that you don’t have long on this planet, so you better now waste too much time!

After all, I’m Serious.  Life is no laughing matter.  And (here it comes) don’t call me Shirley!

* Many thanks to Alan Light from Flickr for the great Leslie Nielsen pic!

[Edward’s Reflections Years Later after writing this post: Leslie Nielsen was an amazing man who had a massive impact on my life.  His youthful energy and vitality was so touching and I miss him still.  Reminds me that I won’t be around forever, so I better take advantage of what I have and go hard for it!]