Rudeness is an Epidemic: The Angry Man lashing out at me

I really like my coffee.  In fact, despite the number of times I have tried to give it up – I just simply go back to it.  Be it that I am a full vegetarian, I don’t drink (and don’t smoke or do any drugs or anything like that) I figured that I still need a vice or two to keep me in balance.

I work in the Western Suburbs of Sydney in a large Industrial hub in Bankstown. Each morning when I arrive to work, I walk down the street (often dodging trucks coming in and out) to the local Sandwich & Chicken Shop. A really nice Lebanese Woman by the name of Rita makes fantastic coffee.  I mean really good coffee.  She could open up her own shop in the Melbourne CBD and easily go Toe to Toe with some local operators there.

One time I went there, I came in and there was this guy that was waiting quite a distance from the counters (i.e. as you do if you are waiting for your coffee or still deciding what you want to eat).

So anyway, I walk up the counter and then place my order with Rita.  Then this guy starts having a crack at me (in front of everyone) for pushing in – despite being back quite a large distance.  I was quite shocked (as this is the last thing I expected at 7.30AM Tuesday morning in my regular shop) and I just politely said I am only after a coffee.

Anyway, this man left – and I double checked my behaviour (to see if I was actually in the wrong).  Rita and a few of the familiar regulars made it clear that I didn’t push in or anything (i.e. I was in the right on this one).

Since then, it has been a common joke between myself in Rita – i.e. “Is he waiting for me in the car park?”, “Will the angry man abduct me?”, “Is the angry man sent by the government?” and so on.

If anything, I was not angry at this man at all – I just think of him as a fruitcake. One thing that really got me thinking is that you get some really unhappy around the traps.  That is, you get people who get so angry at others while driving, you get people that give people attitude in lines, you get people that treat waitresses badly, you get people who are generally rude etc.

Then, you get some people that despite what bad things happen to them, they are really polite, well-manners and treat strangers with respect. Sometimes I find myself just simply “Hating Rude People”but when I really think it through – I kind of think that these people must be really sad and miserable. I still find though, Rude people really do frustrate me.  In fact, I could only agree with the line of Hannibal Lecter from “Hannibal Rising” in that “Rudeness is an Epidemic” in our world.

We all can slip up every now and then, but people that behave this way consistently should really look at themselves and stop acting so selfishly. That is, if they lash out at people at random or are rude to others – it’s probably a safe bet that these people feel that way about themselves.    If anything I am starting to really feel sorry for these sort of people – in that, they probably are just acting on Auto-Pilot and don’t mean to harm / upset others in the way that they behave.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I really really don’t like rude people and I am not saying that you just take what they give you or excuse them from what they do.  Rude people need to be held accountable for their actions just like anyone else.

I am just simply saying that although we want to pour a Hot Cup of Coffee on their laps (well at least I do at times), we should take a step back and probably realize that very few of the “Rude People” actually indent to disrupt others. I have found that some people who have been quite “Rude” to me, are actually really “Nice” people who are just going through some tough times.

But still Rudeness is an Epidemic in our society today! What I think that “Rude” people fail to realize is, that you often get back what you give.

After all, what is more likely to get you beaten up by a stranger? A smile or the finger? * Many thanks to “istolethetv” for the Hannibal Pooch pic.