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Why Trump will WIN the 2020 election

I thank SharpWriter (from Deviant Art's) artwork glorifying Trump says it all for his 2020 chances!

I thank SharpWriter (from Deviant Art’s) artwork glorifying Trump says it all for his 2020 chances!

A good 10 to 15 years ago I got into Donald Trump from an entrepreneurial viewpoint. I really liked some his books and as an Australian became a fan before he was known in our local pop culture so to speak.

I found his direct, no bull, results and reality driven style a massive break and refuge from lots of the so called ‘motivational speakers’ of the late 1990’s and over time I became a gradual fan. For decades now there has been talk of him going for President and once the announcement finally came out; I watched with anticipation.

I knew that IF he would win the Republican Primary he would make president. I documented this many times as proof of my foresight (check out my Twitter and Personal Facebook) and now I am sitting here saying that Trump will win the 2020 election.

When I say Trump, this is the part I am not sure about. I suspect it may be Ivanka who becomes the first female president for a range of reasons; however I know it will either her or Donald Senior.

To give some substance to what I am saying here, there are two sides of this we have room to explore. What the Trump Administration is doing and what the Left / Mass Media / Establishment are doing.

Firstly with the Trump Administration:

  • Delivering on promises.
  • Working with lightning reflexes.
  • Outcome driven (Trump hates the media and doesn’t care what they think).
  • Restoring jobs to the working class.
  • Fixing up education in poorer areas.
  • Making health care competitive and workable for people.
  • (I would say that improving life for the working class maybe even enough by itself. You have the physical numbers there.

Secondly with the Left / Mass Media / Establishment:

  • The anti-democratic complaints, perceived ‘sore losing’ isn’t winning them votes.
  • Doubling down on their anti-white racism isn’t winning ‘Whites’ over to voting for them.
  • The violence they are exhibiting is alienating multiples more people than attracting
  • They are having trouble getting a decent opposing candidate together that would even come close to matching Trump
  • I would say their anti-white racism is a catastrophic mistake, why would anyone vote for a political party that doesn’t like them based on their skin colour?)

This will be some interesting times and these are my predictions for the world to see. If I am correct again that will be fascinating, if I turn out to be wrong that will be fascinating.

Love your work, go Trump 2020 and thank you for the read!

P.S. Thank you to SharpWriter from Deviant Art for the epic Trump / Tank image. You rock.

Moving on from Bad Business Relationships and Seeking Awesome Positive People!

As I was busy enjoying my Saturday my Sydney Cats were having a massive turf war and fight for the cardboard box.  Got me thinking about situations such as these in my own life!

As I was busy enjoying my Saturday my Sydney Cats were having a massive turf war and fight for the cardboard box. Got me thinking about situations such as these in my own life!

Probably yourself reading this and anyone that has been in business for a short while will know exactly what the header to this article is getting too.  I have been in business now for about 3 – 4 years and I have had a few business relationships go sour on me like anyone has.

From people using me for Free Time then hiring someone else, taking my referrals and then stuffing it up, pretending to be my friend and using “Female Charm” to get referrals, to not paying my invoices but asking me to keep working “For Free” – I have had all sort of dirty tricks played on me.

I even had one which was upsetting at the time (but now purely funny) where they used me for tons of extra hours, said they were going to pay me, wouldn’t do it and then said they won’t do business with me anymore.  Then they tried to convince me why it was right for them to rip me off and then say many months later ask me to give them referrals. What? Are they on drugs or what?

Anyway, as I giggle after writing that last paragraph with some of the crazy stupidity of bad people out there and bringing it back to the main point most people are awesome but you have a few “Sharks in the Sea”. These days I am totally over it with people who have done the wrong thing by me or my friends.  I do remember though what it was first like however and I know many of my great clients and colleagues have gone through these negative experiences in their own way.

Firstly, if you are reading this article – you are more than likely an awesome normal person like myself.  You work hard, love helping people and of course want to be madly successful out of it (in whatever “Success” means to you).  When good people like you and me not only get taken advantage of, but then the predator then tries to say make you “Feel Guilty” for what they have done – it can make one question themselves.  It can create ongoing stress, fatigue, make you question yourself.  Outside of the odd misunderstandings (which do happen between good people), the conflict with the “Bad” people can leave lots of negative emotions and hurt behind. This happened to me and many of my friends.

I have had some also use me for my time, my connections and leave me quite embarrassed and red-faced. What I have learned is that when you get “Had”, “Ripped Off”, “Deceived” and the like – it’s important that you remember that you are the good person and someone committed a crime against you.  Of course you learn from it, reflect on it and the like – but you make sure you don’t let any of the negative emotions impact on your identity / business thinking. Then as I have done over the past few months, you forget about them and move on! If you say see them again, don’t do anything – just politely avoid them and any form of interaction.  There is no benefit in talking to them and after a case is closed there is just no point in any additional conflict.

My advice? Basically I am saying that at the start it will hurt you when someone does bad things to you, but defend yourself quickly and move on and get them out of your mind. There are so many wonderful people out there and every second of emotion you focus on the “Bad People” is one less second you get to focus on the awesome people. And what happens when you focus on awesome people? Your life and business improve – period!

Hope you enjoyed the read and thank you! Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who is over the people who did bad things to him (yay!)

Do “Positive People” Completely Piss You Off?

Yes, I am so happy – now pay me $50 to join my program to be like me.

I don’t know about you, but when I go to Business Networking Meetings, Seminars or even when I was going to my Local Church, I always remember those “Highly Positive” people who would jump on you – much like an excited Puppy to a leg or a Chocolate Addict to the Confectionery Aisle in your local Woolworths (i.e. like the Chocolate Phase I went through mid June last year).

In fact, after working as a Business Coach and a Marketing Manager for years, I have been to more Seminars than I can remember and now am developing a disdain for these “Positive People” that jump all over me.

Now, before you think “Oh Ed, you are such a Negative Sod, You Suck and I want to see you Whipped in the town square for even talking this way” – I just want to be clear what I mean about “Positive People”.

I am not talking about genuinely optimistic people that work hard, focus, accept difficult situations but move forward in a logical and positive manner.

I am talking about those that:

– “Turn it On” when they see you.

– Genuinely don’t care for anyone but themselves – i.e. their “Positivity” is put on to either get your money or to feed their ego as they are convinced they are “Likable”.

– Are really putting on a front, either to manipulate you or because they are pretending to be happy when they are really not.

– Are so positive to the point, where their behavior is border-lining on dishonesty.

These people really drive me nuts and quite often – I have noticed with a lot of people who are selling or even organizations with “Cult-Like” elements, the “Positive Front” is really more of a tactic used to manipulate. After all:

– I am so happy because I am in this organization.

– It only costs $820 to join.

– You will be happy like me if you do so.

You and I both know, it’s just a tactic designed for someone else besides ourselves to profit.  “Positive Thinkers” using “Positive Thinking” designed to make you poor (and them rich obviously!).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting the other extreme whereby you have a bad day and just share your negative energy with everyone.  Like most things, going from one extreme to the other won’t result in any improvement.

I am just suggesting that if people were more genuine it would make relationship building much easier and remove a lot of the unnecessary pretenses in our society.

In addition, people who really make out how “Positive” their situation (when it’s really not) to sell a product, service or membership are acting in a way that not only their mother’s would disapprove of, but would arguably be considered unethical by any reasonable person.

One thing I have found is that “Truly Positive” people, don’t actually pounce on you or hit you up with “Put-On & Fake Positive Energy”.  The ones I know just sit there calmly, smile and really act in a genuine manner.  I can only hope to become “Truly Positive” like some of the great Mentors I have right now.  I would rather be “Negative & Honest” than BS someone that is for sure!

Everyone is Out to Get Me: I have Proof!

“Everyone is out to get me” – used to be one of my key beliefs.  That is, deep in my subconscious (and conscious mind) I was totally convinced that people were out to get me.

In fact, I had lots of proof.  Bosses being mean to me.  Kids beating me up at school.  Girls using / leaving me.  Teachers marking me unfairly. The list goes on.

Also, if someone was nice to me I had all this “Proof & Evidence” that this was untrue.  Now, guess what I wasn’t collecting evidence on? The amount of people who were very kind – and not out to get me.   After all – come on? If someone was “Acting Nice” – surely it was some scheme to take advantage of me?

Do you pick up a pattern? Years later I had.  What I was doing was that because I “Just Knew” people were out to get me, I was:

– Only Focusing on the bad stuff that happened to me.

– Deleting / Ignoring the positive things that happened to me.

I have really started to get into Neuro Linguisitic Programming (NLP) which teaches one about the power of beliefs.  That is – it makes the old cliche true:

– If you are Right or Wrong you are right.

Regardless of what you believe, i.e. there is a god, there isn’t a god, white people are bad, white people are good, people hate you, people love you etc – your “Ego” & “Mind” will justify it for you by selectively focusing you only on the “Evidence” in the world that supports it.

This can be good and bad.  The beliefs I had above did to some degree keep me out of danger, however it had the unwanted side-affects of isolating me – and worse; making it hard for me to relate to other people. My new belief is that:

– There are good and bad people out there. Just be careful.

This new belief protects me from the “Sharks in the fishing tank” as well as allows me to really build quality relationships. Not bad huh? I wish I learnt this stuff 10 years ago. Now…What other crappy beliefs do I have to take care of?

* Many thanks to Cynthia Lou from Flickr for the Poor Teddy Pic.

Being Left Out & Excluded: How it’s worse than Being Insulted!

I had the strangest weekend – ever! My other half is Malaysian Chinese and we went on a holiday with a few of her friends to Port Stephens for a weekend getaway (if you don’t know, it’s about 45 minutes east of Newcastle, NSW).

The weekend seemed to get off to a smooth start, but during the weekend – about 8 / 10 conversations were in Mandarin Chinese.  So as you can imagine – languages are hardly my speciality so I didn’t get involved that much.

At the start, I thought “Well, it’s not their Primary Language” so Ok.  Let’s keep the peace and let’s “Just Work with It”.  As the weekend proceeded, be it anything from a conversation about a topic or dinner – they just kept leaving me out, after one conversation to another.

My other half though was fantastic! She worked really hard to include me in conversations (even kindly translating) but the others didn’t really care.

So the weekend proceeded and I “Kept the Peace” – but my blood pressure was rising! I kept putting up with it, but my “Good-Natured” points where being exhausted and exhausted. Then, at the end of the weekend (after I was already burnt-out) it was decided that I should cook dinner for everyone.  I played along and did it – and guess what happened at the dinner table?

You got it. Ignored me again and again!  I then left the conversation and did something else – but I at least kept my cool.  In fact, what made it worse was that I was doing all the cooking and cleaning – and these people just didn’t care! I was basically a waiter for them and that is how they treated me.

About 1 – 2 days afterwards, I simply burst like a balloon! These people were just excluding me and excluding me – and I found something interesting – being ignored / excluded is worse than being insulted!

At least when you get insulted, someone is acknowledging you – but when you get ignored for so long and left out – man it grinds on you!

Now, I know what you are thinking “Ed’s just complaining, after all English isn’t their first language”.  Well that’s fine, but their English is alright – and besides it’s the intent, they just excluded me as much as possible!

Besides learning that I shouldn’t go away with these people again (or probably even go near them), it really gave me some interesting insight into my behaviour.  I was so focused on “Keeping the Peace” and “Being Friendly” I really did myself a strong injustice on this weekend.   Instead of asking to be involved – I was too much of the pushover and let everyone have a good weekend at my expense (except for my poor other half of course who tried her best!).

Strangely enough, it took me a few days to get over this one – being insulted is much more fun! At least you can reply and people are paying you attention.  In fact, what I found fascinating was that in being ignored so long – it made me recall a great deal of child-hood experiences where I had a similar experience.  Interestingly, it was stuff that I had long consciously forgotten and in a strangely positive way – it got me to consciously interpret and understand these painful experiences.

I really paid a lot of attention to these painful experiences and realized, that I have a thing about “Being Ignored”.  It actually really bugs me based on some childhood experiences that I have carried through into Adult Life.  The good thing was that I could “Close these experiences” by understanding that some of the subconscious beliefs and views I am holding make no sense to my life these days.

One of the beliefs were that:

– People don’t care about me.

It’s obviously not true, but this experience really triggered this old repressed belief in me. When I dealt with it, man I felt better!  So in a strange way, I am glad these people were rude & mean to me. If they weren’t, then I wouldn’t have had this breakthrough in my own thinking!

Still, although I got a lot out of it – my advice to you if you are ever in this position, don’t sit there and take it like I did! Now, I am not saying you should be the centre of attention – but at the same time, if people are acting in a way against you to an extreme – Politely say something and protect your own rights! I wish I did at the time!

They won this one, but I can promise you, I am more than prepared for Round 2! * Many thanks to “Wayne Silver” from Flickr for the great pic.

Rudeness is an Epidemic: The Angry Man lashing out at me

I really like my coffee.  In fact, despite the number of times I have tried to give it up – I just simply go back to it.  Be it that I am a full vegetarian, I don’t drink (and don’t smoke or do any drugs or anything like that) I figured that I still need a vice or two to keep me in balance.

I work in the Western Suburbs of Sydney in a large Industrial hub in Bankstown. Each morning when I arrive to work, I walk down the street (often dodging trucks coming in and out) to the local Sandwich & Chicken Shop. A really nice Lebanese Woman by the name of Rita makes fantastic coffee.  I mean really good coffee.  She could open up her own shop in the Melbourne CBD and easily go Toe to Toe with some local operators there.

One time I went there, I came in and there was this guy that was waiting quite a distance from the counters (i.e. as you do if you are waiting for your coffee or still deciding what you want to eat).

So anyway, I walk up the counter and then place my order with Rita.  Then this guy starts having a crack at me (in front of everyone) for pushing in – despite being back quite a large distance.  I was quite shocked (as this is the last thing I expected at 7.30AM Tuesday morning in my regular shop) and I just politely said I am only after a coffee.

Anyway, this man left – and I double checked my behaviour (to see if I was actually in the wrong).  Rita and a few of the familiar regulars made it clear that I didn’t push in or anything (i.e. I was in the right on this one).

Since then, it has been a common joke between myself in Rita – i.e. “Is he waiting for me in the car park?”, “Will the angry man abduct me?”, “Is the angry man sent by the government?” and so on.

If anything, I was not angry at this man at all – I just think of him as a fruitcake. One thing that really got me thinking is that you get some really unhappy around the traps.  That is, you get people who get so angry at others while driving, you get people that give people attitude in lines, you get people that treat waitresses badly, you get people who are generally rude etc.

Then, you get some people that despite what bad things happen to them, they are really polite, well-manners and treat strangers with respect. Sometimes I find myself just simply “Hating Rude People”but when I really think it through – I kind of think that these people must be really sad and miserable. I still find though, Rude people really do frustrate me.  In fact, I could only agree with the line of Hannibal Lecter from “Hannibal Rising” in that “Rudeness is an Epidemic” in our world.

We all can slip up every now and then, but people that behave this way consistently should really look at themselves and stop acting so selfishly. That is, if they lash out at people at random or are rude to others – it’s probably a safe bet that these people feel that way about themselves.    If anything I am starting to really feel sorry for these sort of people – in that, they probably are just acting on Auto-Pilot and don’t mean to harm / upset others in the way that they behave.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I really really don’t like rude people and I am not saying that you just take what they give you or excuse them from what they do.  Rude people need to be held accountable for their actions just like anyone else.

I am just simply saying that although we want to pour a Hot Cup of Coffee on their laps (well at least I do at times), we should take a step back and probably realize that very few of the “Rude People” actually indent to disrupt others. I have found that some people who have been quite “Rude” to me, are actually really “Nice” people who are just going through some tough times.

But still Rudeness is an Epidemic in our society today! What I think that “Rude” people fail to realize is, that you often get back what you give.

After all, what is more likely to get you beaten up by a stranger? A smile or the finger? * Many thanks to “istolethetv” for the Hannibal Pooch pic.

“Me, Me, Me”: Some should just Marry themselves!

When I was much much younger I used to have this friend, that although wasn’t mean or anything – they really did “Love Themselves”. Now, I don’t mean this in a genuine respect for themselves or some “Spiritual Manner”, Oh no – I mean that their #1 Topic in conversation would be one of the following:

– How great they are.

– How much they know about the world.

– How their views are correct.

– How stupid others are.

– What problems they are facing.

Although I quite liked this person, whenever I introduced them to other friends I would usually get something like “Awww, do you have to bring X with you next time?”, “Does X ever talk about anything but themselves?”, “I just don’t like talking to X” (+ many more). I would sometimes think, “Man why am I around? They obviously like them selves more than me, so can’t they just talk to a mirror or something?”

As I grew a bit older, my tolerance and patience for this person decreased and decreased to the point where we had a big falling out. It was quite a relief! I was sick and tired from years of listening to this persons inflated ego and them dumping their problems on me. Now, I am not saying that you don’t tell people what you are up to or hold everything back.

I am just saying to the people in the world who talk about nothing but themselves:

– Come On?

There was a point in my life where I got very insecure, and in a pathetic attempt to “Make myself feel better”, I would talk about myself a lot of the time.  And guess what? It was probably the most loneliest and depressing time of my life.  No one simply liked me and I interestingly became what I disliked the most. I eventually got the message and understood that by “Being Interested, You Become Interesting!”

After all, we all have our own problems and when someone takes “Genuine” interest in us, it feels good!  In fact, we probably start associating positive feelings to that person and they become a pleasure to have around (hence a friendship may easily form). I like the good old saying “Misery Attracts Company”. Just make sure don’t become the “Company”. * Many thanks to Jurvetson from Flickr for the great pic of Al Gore.