When I was much much younger I used to have this friend, that although wasn’t mean or anything – they really did “Love Themselves”. Now, I don’t mean this in a genuine respect for themselves or some “Spiritual Manner”, Oh no – I mean that their #1 Topic in conversation would be one of the following:

– How great they are.

– How much they know about the world.

– How their views are correct.

– How stupid others are.

– What problems they are facing.

Although I quite liked this person, whenever I introduced them to other friends I would usually get something like “Awww, do you have to bring X with you next time?”, “Does X ever talk about anything but themselves?”, “I just don’t like talking to X” (+ many more). I would sometimes think, “Man why am I around? They obviously like them selves more than me, so can’t they just talk to a mirror or something?”

As I grew a bit older, my tolerance and patience for this person decreased and decreased to the point where we had a big falling out. It was quite a relief! I was sick and tired from years of listening to this persons inflated ego and them dumping their problems on me. Now, I am not saying that you don’t tell people what you are up to or hold everything back.

I am just saying to the people in the world who talk about nothing but themselves:

– Come On?

There was a point in my life where I got very insecure, and in a pathetic attempt to “Make myself feel better”, I would talk about myself a lot of the time.  And guess what? It was probably the most loneliest and depressing time of my life.  No one simply liked me and I interestingly became what I disliked the most. I eventually got the message and understood that by “Being Interested, You Become Interesting!”

After all, we all have our own problems and when someone takes “Genuine” interest in us, it feels good!  In fact, we probably start associating positive feelings to that person and they become a pleasure to have around (hence a friendship may easily form). I like the good old saying “Misery Attracts Company”. Just make sure don’t become the “Company”. * Many thanks to Jurvetson from Flickr for the great pic of Al Gore.


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