Yes, I am so happy – now pay me $50 to join my program to be like me.

I don’t know about you, but when I go to Business Networking Meetings, Seminars or even when I was going to my Local Church, I always remember those “Highly Positive” people who would jump on you – much like an excited Puppy to a leg or a Chocolate Addict to the Confectionery Aisle in your local Woolworths (i.e. like the Chocolate Phase I went through mid June last year).

In fact, after working as a Business Coach and a Marketing Manager for years, I have been to more Seminars than I can remember and now am developing a disdain for these “Positive People” that jump all over me.

Now, before you think “Oh Ed, you are such a Negative Sod, You Suck and I want to see you Whipped in the town square for even talking this way” – I just want to be clear what I mean about “Positive People”.

I am not talking about genuinely optimistic people that work hard, focus, accept difficult situations but move forward in a logical and positive manner.

I am talking about those that:

– “Turn it On” when they see you.

– Genuinely don’t care for anyone but themselves – i.e. their “Positivity” is put on to either get your money or to feed their ego as they are convinced they are “Likable”.

– Are really putting on a front, either to manipulate you or because they are pretending to be happy when they are really not.

– Are so positive to the point, where their behavior is border-lining on dishonesty.

These people really drive me nuts and quite often – I have noticed with a lot of people who are selling or even organizations with “Cult-Like” elements, the “Positive Front” is really more of a tactic used to manipulate. After all:

– I am so happy because I am in this organization.

– It only costs $820 to join.

– You will be happy like me if you do so.

You and I both know, it’s just a tactic designed for someone else besides ourselves to profit.  “Positive Thinkers” using “Positive Thinking” designed to make you poor (and them rich obviously!).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting the other extreme whereby you have a bad day and just share your negative energy with everyone.  Like most things, going from one extreme to the other won’t result in any improvement.

I am just suggesting that if people were more genuine it would make relationship building much easier and remove a lot of the unnecessary pretenses in our society.

In addition, people who really make out how “Positive” their situation (when it’s really not) to sell a product, service or membership are acting in a way that not only their mother’s would disapprove of, but would arguably be considered unethical by any reasonable person.

One thing I have found is that “Truly Positive” people, don’t actually pounce on you or hit you up with “Put-On & Fake Positive Energy”.  The ones I know just sit there calmly, smile and really act in a genuine manner.  I can only hope to become “Truly Positive” like some of the great Mentors I have right now.  I would rather be “Negative & Honest” than BS someone that is for sure!

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