Why Does Society Want us to Conform and Not Think?

Isn't it fun doing what we are told?

Hey you stupid and delusional “Positive Thinkers” out there!I have a new challenge for you – if the world is such an “Abundant” and “Nice” place, then why does it not accept us and want to change us all the time? “Society” “Brainwashing” and “Conditioning” us is nothing new, in fact – such ideas are often discussed and has really become an issue in modern Pop Culture today. Still however, if you think back to the days we are born to modern day adults, it’s almost at every turn “Society” and people in it are making us “Conform” to something.

In fact, don’t you feel that we are continually being:

– Told what to think? – Told what to wear? – Told what is appropriate? – Told what is inappropriate? – And Controlled in some way?

Don’t get me wrong, I really do believe in the rule of law and all that – otherwise, if there weren’t some kind of structure or laws – it would lead to a complete anarchy that is no good for anyone. Obviously you can’t run around “Shooting People” or going to Woolworth’s naked (all though it would be a very funny prank on the latter!

What I am more directing this at is more on a “Subtle” level. That is, when we are in the workplace, we have to be “Politically Correct” all the time, we can’t speak out against certain people who are protected by management (for whatever stupid / lame reason) or even when you have a circle of friends with certain “Political” or “Religious” beliefs – you say something the “Group” disagrees with, well don’t you wind up an outcast fast!

On a very odd note, when I became a “Born Again” Christian, I was warned non-stop that people will try and bring you down and all this stuff. Strangely enough that never happened! But when I became a Vegetarian and had a thing against killing animals, I was all of a sudden “Strange”, “Stupid” and “Against the System”.

It’s like WTF!! Why is everyone so trying to get us to fit in? Where did it become such a crime to do your own thing? Why can’t people accept differences? Not just me, but a lot of people I know have come down to this type of conclusion, that is: We are trained at a basic level by society that being “Different” is “Wrong”.

Schools, books and stuff all play “Lip-Service” to the concept that we are individuals, but come on – a few years in the playground or in the workplace would make one realise otherwise! So where am I going with all this?

If we spend our lives living into a “Shell” by what’s imposed on us and is not truly what we want, we can go on having incredibly average, mediocre (and often poorly paid) lives! So here is the problem, we get all “Positive” and start creating something “New” and then what happens? As we change, society (i.e. people we know, the workplace etc) all grabs us and tries to bring us back down again. Or in some other cases unfortunately, the “Positive Thinkers” trying to change us, may be doing it for sinister financial reasons.

My suggestion is for anyone (that like me) was leading a life that you didn’t pick – is to really stand back and think about what you want. This can be really hard if you have had years of being “Society’s Bitch” (as I did and still do to some extent).

When you find out what you want and you know its the right thing, be willing to make a stand for what you believe in – and go for it! Just watch out for those extremists, i.e. “Negative Thinkers” who want to keep you in your place and “Positive Thinkers” from Cults who are trying to extort your hard earned cash!

I wish I learn this stuff 20 years ago!!

Do “Positive People” Completely Piss You Off?

Yes, I am so happy – now pay me $50 to join my program to be like me.

I don’t know about you, but when I go to Business Networking Meetings, Seminars or even when I was going to my Local Church, I always remember those “Highly Positive” people who would jump on you – much like an excited Puppy to a leg or a Chocolate Addict to the Confectionery Aisle in your local Woolworths (i.e. like the Chocolate Phase I went through mid June last year).

In fact, after working as a Business Coach and a Marketing Manager for years, I have been to more Seminars than I can remember and now am developing a disdain for these “Positive People” that jump all over me.

Now, before you think “Oh Ed, you are such a Negative Sod, You Suck and I want to see you Whipped in the town square for even talking this way” – I just want to be clear what I mean about “Positive People”.

I am not talking about genuinely optimistic people that work hard, focus, accept difficult situations but move forward in a logical and positive manner.

I am talking about those that:

– “Turn it On” when they see you.

– Genuinely don’t care for anyone but themselves – i.e. their “Positivity” is put on to either get your money or to feed their ego as they are convinced they are “Likable”.

– Are really putting on a front, either to manipulate you or because they are pretending to be happy when they are really not.

– Are so positive to the point, where their behavior is border-lining on dishonesty.

These people really drive me nuts and quite often – I have noticed with a lot of people who are selling or even organizations with “Cult-Like” elements, the “Positive Front” is really more of a tactic used to manipulate. After all:

– I am so happy because I am in this organization.

– It only costs $820 to join.

– You will be happy like me if you do so.

You and I both know, it’s just a tactic designed for someone else besides ourselves to profit.  “Positive Thinkers” using “Positive Thinking” designed to make you poor (and them rich obviously!).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting the other extreme whereby you have a bad day and just share your negative energy with everyone.  Like most things, going from one extreme to the other won’t result in any improvement.

I am just suggesting that if people were more genuine it would make relationship building much easier and remove a lot of the unnecessary pretenses in our society.

In addition, people who really make out how “Positive” their situation (when it’s really not) to sell a product, service or membership are acting in a way that not only their mother’s would disapprove of, but would arguably be considered unethical by any reasonable person.

One thing I have found is that “Truly Positive” people, don’t actually pounce on you or hit you up with “Put-On & Fake Positive Energy”.  The ones I know just sit there calmly, smile and really act in a genuine manner.  I can only hope to become “Truly Positive” like some of the great Mentors I have right now.  I would rather be “Negative & Honest” than BS someone that is for sure!