Wasting time is way more fun than working right?

I am soo busy.  Yet I am playing on Facebook.  I am soo busy. Yet, I am playing games.  I am soo busy.  Yet, I have time to talk rubbish at the office.  I am soo busy.  I am so just important. And the list goes on.

Lately, I have started to realize some of the lies I am indulging in.  As I am getting much busier, I realize that I must find a way of getting more done.

Now, I don’t mean that egotistically or being impatient with people, I more mean where “I myself” just waste time for no other reason.  I have been really looking over in “What I actually do” each day and working out what needs to be cut out so I can get more done of “What I actually want”.

So far, I have found that my biggest time wasters are:

– Worrying about things outside of my control.

– Eating junk foods that slow me down (albeit I rarely do that these days).

– Thinking “too much” about things, instead of just doing them.

– Over checking my emails.

– Talking “Too much” to other people at the office (although it’s much less than I used too).

There are probably more of these, but what I can tell you is just by fixing most of the above – it would give me much more time that I would believe.

Now I am asking myself, “Why on earth?” and I addicted to wasting time? Now, I am getting on the right track – I have these “Strange Urges” to go back into these old patterns.

In not just myself (but almost everyone I know) is that we all “Develop” these strange time wasting patterns, that don’t actually work in our better interests but give us a “Secondary Payoff” such as:

– The excitement of Drama (over-watching General Hospital or Dynasty).

– The ego inflation of importance (we are “So Busy” and “So Damn Important”).

– The fun of avoiding work (if I am talking to a work colleague, I don’t have to face my work problems).

– The pleasure of indulgence (getting drunk with friends is so much fun and because I am hung-over I don’t have to work as hard today).

It’s quite odd, even when I list these out “Logically” I know that myself and most people I know have been guilty of such “Time Suckers”.

Like many addictions, we all get a short-term payoff from them, but often face much larger (and not always instant) consequences. I am actually finding, just by cutting back on these “Time Suckers” I have more and more time available! Strangely enough, the time was always there but as I didn’t have the pressure – I never felt compelled to really look at what I do and access it.  But, old habits die hard (but they do die!).

I have to say though, Wasting Time is very addictive! I am glad I am finally “Getting over myself” and really starting to act in my own best interests.

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