Starting Your Second Life? Awesome 4Networking Members that Inspire Me!

4Networking has been a massive new start to my life and I have loved it beyond money big time.  I was lucky to launch Chatswood today with some brilliant people shown here!

4Networking has been a massive new start to my life and I have loved it beyond money big time. I was lucky to launch Chatswood today with some brilliant people shown here!

Considering the fact I don’t even own 1% of 4Networking Australia, you can probably tell my high level of commitment to the cause.  I am quite a critical character if you know me in the “Real World” and for me to be that focused on anything means it must be good.

In very direct terms 4Networking gave me the Community and Platform to help me turn my life around after “Losing the Farm” when I was turning 30.  Even though my 20’s were marked by some sweet impressive successes, bad decisions, “Low Self-Worth” and some big mistakes on my end led to me losing the lot and starting out again in life.

As I started my business, 4Networking sure gave me the referrals to build a 6-Figure Consulting business – it also gave me the new friends and power group to help me thrive again in life.  These days I am quite happy and while things still aren’t perfect, my challenges each day are of higher quality.

Over time and reflection that comes with age one would say, I kind of realized that I have started my “Second Life”.  That is, rightly or wrongly – I screwed things up, “My old life was taken from me” and after dealing with key issues such as Unemployment, Homelessness, Losing my Social Support Network and the like – I made a massive comeback.

WHAT I FOUND AMAZING was that when I visited 4Networking United Kingdom there were so many people there with my story or worse.  There are people joining 4Networking Australia today with stories even worse than mine.  People who once had massive homes, businesses and families – to have nothing and start again from scratch.  Some are like me and made mistakes and some are great people who got sick.  I know one amazing woman (who knows who she is) that fought for her life over Christmas spending all her money on life saving treatments. There are countless stories I have heard that go from sad to just purely inspiring.

Extreme challenges that when I explain in this format make me even sit back in my seat.  Even though there are so many good people here that had many bad things happen to them, what I find is that the challenges turned them from “Normal” into “Extraordinary” people.

My advice and lessons here? Rightly or Wrong, Your Fault or Someone Elses – Something can happen and your life just gets turned inside out and upside down.  Great Causes and Communities such as 4Networking with the RIGHT PEOPLE can sometimes be all you need to get back on track in life.

The other thing I have learned is that you can be stronger and better than you ever were.  I earn more today than I ever had, with people I care for and live on my terms.  How good is that? (Of course, don’t ask on how painful it was getting here.  But it was worth it x x).

I hope you enjoyed this read and love your work! Thanks from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who loves his “Second Life!”

The Dangers of “Faking it Till You Make It”

You don't think you will get exposed?

You don’t think you will get exposed?

In quite a few courses I have done they have all given similar advice of “Faking it Till You Make it”.

Conceptually I get it and agree with it partly – i.e. you may not be brilliant yet, you feel insecure, but “Pretend” you are to help you get there.

That makes some level of sense in that when we start something new, we may be totally brilliant at it – but at some emotional level we feel bad.  We then “Lie” to ourselves, saying we are great and eventually we believe it.

Hmm makes sense, but I have seen the dark Under-Belly of this used (often to the charlatans demise around the Sydney scene recently.  Consider these examples of unethical deception at work which I have witnessed personally:

LIE #1 – People pay me $500 for my services

REALITY #1 – The liar exchanged money (i.e. $500 for $500 so it’s NIL) with others so they could make this exagerrated claim.

LIE # 2 – I just did over $200K+ worth of sales.

REALITY # 2 – This person has no money.  I know that – they told me so and when you meet them you know!

LIE # 3 – I have consulted to Microsoft, Dell & HP

REALITY # 3 – The person just solicited them and failed – now they call themselves consultants to them.

I don’t doubt that some people are fooled by this, but the reality is that most people with some level of Street Smarts see right through this.  I have plenty more examples of this very unethical marketing too.

What I find very odd is that for the people that are doing this – they aren’t getting results.  That is, honest hard-working people are doing better – but you get these shonks coming to market thinking they can do better.

So I am all for puffing yourself up to make yourself feel better – but be really careful about when your “Spin” turns into “Lying”.  It’s actually against the Trade Practices Act and you won’t want to wind up on TV! Substance, Facts and Substance! By all means a bit of Spin is good – but watch yourself out there. As for you liars I am talking about above – I hope you get what is coming to you soon.

And you honest people are totally awesome and rock!

Positive Thinking: And how it has robbed me of Money & Time!

"Positive Thinkers" - The Common Thief?

“Positive Thinkers” – The Common Thief?

I met this complete “Douche Bag” at a Networking Event recently. Well, actually – they more met me.  This person just was so “Positive” and really “Nice” to me.  In fact, this person kept following me around at the Networking Event!

I had this strange conversation with the person in that he was asking me a lot of questions, but when I asked him – I got vague answers such as:

– I help people make money.

– I build teams to help people make money.

– I am a Networker of Businesses.

I kept asking precise questions such as “What do you do?” and this Weasel kept ducking them again and again!

This conversation went on for a few minutes and I decided to move on.

On a funny note, this “Slime Ball” tried their stuff on others – and was actually alienated from other people in the room! (And left very early).

You know and I know, this person was one of those lovely people from some certain Pyramid / Multi-Level-Marketing Shonk that was obviously looking for new people to prey on.

Over the years, I have had very good friends get caught up in these “Shonky” schemes.

The true sad part of all this is that out of at least 10+ people I have seen caught up, NONE of them have actually remained in the schemes or have made money.  The sad truth is that “Positive Thinkers” have used this as a means to try and not only rip people off – but they end up selfishly wasting the time of others.  In my own life, I have encountered many of these “Bottom Feeders” who want nothing other than to rob me of both for their own Selfish Agendas.

Are Rip-Off Merchants New? Of course not – but what I find just fascinating how the are really “Con-Men/Women” and they use the whole “Positive Thinking” / “Abundance” / “Rivers of Cash Flowing” – to get us to overcome our natural intelligence so they can take our hard earned cash. Our Time and Money is precious (especially time as you can’t make it back) – watch out for not only the Rip-Offs, but also how “Positive Thinking” can make you inactive.

Remember, while the intelligent people are working hard, overcoming real issues and making money – while the “Positive Thinkers” are busy imagining stuff that won’t ever happen to them. Be careful out there and stay realistic! It’s a Jungle out there and watch out for lions disguised as “Positive Thinkers!”

“Positive Thinkers”: Sucking you dry One Carbon Tax at a Time!

"Positive Thinkers": They love emptying your accounts to buy their Mansions!

“Positive Thinkers”: They love emptying your accounts to buy their Mansions!

Have you noticed that whenever there is something out there that, shall we say – “Has a big problem with it”, “Isn’t based on Reality” or even if is “Very Dodgy”, they always try and avoid the substance and do the whole “Positive Thinking” Hype thing?

The Carbox Tax lately is a real nice take on Positive Thinking.  Agree with it or not, it obviously will hit everyone’s hip pockets and make life even tougher in Australia (with the supposed gain of reducing our emmissions).

Obviously it’s a really hard sell (support it or not), so this is where the “Positive Thinking” tool-bag is pulled off the shelf.  Let’s get in Cate Blanchett, some other Australian actors and forget about all the “Day to Day Obvious” problems and focus on a nice big sunny future.

Interesting? Also with that lovely Pyramid Selling Scheme (from that certain MLM company where they always try and trick you into coming to their “Rha – Rha” meetings) – it is exactly the same tactic.

There is no “Substance” or reality and the Policies / Pyramid Scheme / Scam isn’t sold on credible results, analysis or relastic outcomes – but “Fluffy Clouds”, “Lying on a Beach making millions” or the Carbox Tax “Stopping worldwide C02 emissions”.

This is what you got to really watch out for – especially more these days.  Not just the Labor-Greens Government, or Cate Blanchett trying to look cool with her Hollywood Peers or even the annoying guy trying to con you into a dodgy pyramid scheme to go and fleece your mother, father, brother and sister – people are doing it very hard these days in Australia.

Desperation brings out the best and worst in people.  Desperation makes some people work harder and come up with great ideas to help the poor and their families, but then some come up with new “Con-Schemes” designed to make you suffer and buy them nice mansions or send their own kids to Private Schools (while you deal with the Credit Card debt they helped you create).

So remember boys and girls! Be careful out there! Keep a critical mind, think independently and don’t be suckered into stuff!

Am I saying be sceptical? Absoultely! Remember – the only people who don’t want you to be sceptical are trying to often sell you overpriced rubbish – or new taxes which will send jobs to China.  I wish I learnt this 20 years ago!

Up Yours Society: Stop Trying to Control Me!

"Society" Just loves to keep a Tight Grip on Us?

"Society" Just loves to keep a Tight Grip on Us?

Without sounding like a “Conspiracy Theorist” crackpot – Society really does a great job of making us Conform and Brainwashing Us.

This happens for not only sinister intent, but for very very good reasons as well! Right from when we are a child and our parents (who are doing their best) are telling us what we are good at and what we aren’t good at, to the School Yard Evil Bully who is trying to hurt us, right through to Peer Group Pressure and then having to “Conform” in the Corporate Space – Society really doesn’t like us?

No that isn’t true. It is not that society doesn’t “Like Us”, it wants us to behave a certain way.

Now, there nothing wrong with following the Crowd! Seriously – I do mean that!

Where following the Crowd becomes a “Big Issue / Problem” is that if the Market Rewards you for being unique and you are trained to “Fit In” – then you are complete toast. All too many people I have worked with start out really “Shy & Sheepish” and until they really get through all the Conditioning / Brainwashing from Society, they really don’t get results and attract the Clients they deserve!

But if you are in your Own Business or in a Leadership Position where you have to really “Be Unique” and “Market Yourself” – following the crowd is a big problem!

So here is the big, big problem – after 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110+ years you have been around, how do we all of a sudden “Undo” all that Brainwashing and get over it fast?

The truth is that you can’t. Think about it. You have all these stupid “Positive Thinking” extremists out there who always make out how change is soooo easy (especially when you “Buy” their Products – which they really don’t need you too, because their millionaires right?)

However, through being aware of it and making the gradual transition you can really breakthrough all the boundaries and limitations that society has placed on you and start acting uniquely, getting it across to the market – and benefiting from Higher Priced Services / Offerings as well as an increase in your Client / Customer Base.

In myself, my colleagues and my clients – I have seen a range of key “Self-Limiting” beliefs, which you can really thank “Society” for.

Remember always, 50% of the Journey is awareness. The top 10 dis-empowering lies I have seen include:

1. There is Something Wrong with me.

2. I don’t have what it takes.

3. I am not Pretty / Attractive enough.

4. People just don’t like me.

5. I don’t deserve this because God / Jesus / Allah / Moses / “The Universe” don’t want me too.

6. If I gain something, I will lose something somewhere else.

7. My Husband / Wife / Boy Friend / Girl Friend / Gay Lover / Mistress won’t let me.

8. Because my life sucks because of someone else.

9. Because I am “Happy where I am” (Liar!).

10. I am not intelligent enough to get it done.

And you know what? These are all lies. Depending on how “Conditioned” we are, some of our “Lies” can be very easy to identify – but some can really sit in our subconscious mind and totally FIRE TRUCK up our lives.

So my advice? Let’s start by telling all those people that pushed us around to FIRE TRUCK themselves, and go and get FIRE TRUCKED.

If you were anything like me or many people I know and work with – one day (if not already), you will get sick of this and say “I’m done”.

In fact, what did it for me was being in a relationship with a Woman for many years that who wasn’t inherently evil or anything – but really had a sullen view of themselves and their world. She used to always kill my dreams, put me down – and because of some of the reasons in Part 1) – I really didn’t like myself and therefore convinced myself I deserve her. Was it all her fault? Probably 50 / 50 – but in a way I am grateful for that experience. It pushed me beyond and made me sick of trying to “Fit In”.

So that is my story and what is yours? How does it relate? What have people down to you? What have you done to yourself? I don’t know your own personal circumstances or problems; however I have got some general tips developed from the hundreds of people I have worked with over the years:

1. Cut the Lies – Stop telling yourself all the negative stuff. By all means if you do something wrong tell yourself negative stuff, but if you are doing your best and you are just being “Negative” to yourself for no reason – stop it now. It’s Society talking!

2. Respect Yourself – This is not about “Being Arrogant” or putting others down. It’s about having a realistic and “Good-Natured” appreciation of you. After all, don’t appreciate or have any respect for yourself – you reckon anyone else will?

3. Fight the Good Fight – Don’t let those Positive Thinking Extremists lie to you! The minute you plan your “Flag” and say this is me; people are going to attack you! This is called anything from “Tall-Poppy Syndrome” right through to “Conformism”. It’s all good to say “Be Your Own Person”, but there are many out there that don’t want that. Watch out – they will come for you so be prepared!

4. Balance “Positive & Negative” Thinking – Don’t do what I did and “Pretend” the world is a safe, happy place where everything is full of rainbows, sunshine and wheelbarrows of money arriving at your door step. The world is full of great people as well as thieves, murderers, liars and people who use Apple Mac’s (PC is better!).

5. Protect Others – Doing your own thing is a tough journey and in the process, people will like what you are doing and you will inspire them to do the same thing (in fact, a lot come and join you!). It is hard starting out, so make sure you help your fellow man!

6. Treat Yourself Well – This doesn’t mean buying an Expensive Car with your Credit Card or eating 1.2kg of Cadbury Chocolate. This means “Appropriately” looking after you with Healthy Food, Relationships and “Non-Destructive” activities.

7. Cut the Addictions – Food, Drugs, Sex, Pornography, Drama, TV, Internet, Smoking etc. Addictions are easy to pick up, so if you have some addictions start working on them. Going “Cold Turkey” is easy for some, hard for others. Remember, you may have to quit something 10 times, until the 11th you really knock it for good!

8. Develop a Plan – Just “Being Yourself” is vague. Make sure you really think through why you want it and what you big goal is. Lose some weight? Look after your family? Make some more bucks?

9. Be “Intelligent” – God & Jesus Christ gave you a brain. Don’t be a “Positive Thinking” wacko and stuff things up. Use your brain and make intelligent moves.

10. Start – Talking about it never works. Start the process. Tell you stupid Boyfriend / Girlfriend to go away, put down the fork – start taking vitamins, work harder – just do something to get you going the right way!

This process isn’t easy – but the sooner you start the better. I wasted at least 15 years of my life being sucked into “Societal Brainwashing”. It’s hard getting out of it – but once you start too, you will never look back!

I wish I learnt this one 20 years ago! 🙂

Success: Turning Up 1 Time More after Everyone Quits!

Learning to Overcome Rejection - Oww, it hurt's about here?

Learning to Overcome Rejection – Oww, it hurt’s about here?

To me this is a very profound concept. In not just my own Small Business, but when I used to Job Hunt – I really learnt how hard the “Real World” can actually be.  My great Mother (God Bless Her) is an amazing woman and Ex-Inspector in the Police Force. She was beaten up for years by an Abusive Father (alcoholic you name it!), fought with the UN (in Peace Keeping Operators and had fought in real gun battles) and seen lots of people die in front of her.

This realism gave her a great grounding in the respect that she used to tell me “The World is a Tough Place”, “It’s Hard” and Success if often turning up 1 time more after everyone else quits.

If anything, I have learnt that I should have listened to my mother more often! But oh no, her comes all the “Positive Thinkers” out of the woodwork. They come along, hype you up and make out with their tools or a “Simple, Dog-Easy to Follow Strategy” you can make $1,000,000 / Min without leaving the house.

You and I are intelligent people. You and I know that they are probably one of two things:

– Lying to rip you off, show off, or take advantage of you.
– Have had Mummy & Daddy pay for everything and have had a sheltered life.

In my experience, it’s usually about 60% / 40% – or a combination of both. The reality is that the “Pain / Avoidance of Rejection” kills many Small Businesses and prevents many of us getting the Promotions in our Careers that we deserve.

My mum always said you got to take the pain. You got to stick at it. You got to survive the longest. It’s such a true lesson, the people who often succeed aren’t the “Smarter” ones or the “Better Looking” ones, it’s the ones that stick at it beyond everyone else that quits.

So why do we ignore mums advice? Because it’s painful! In our own business, we get so much rejection. And it’s tough! But once you get over the fact that it’s “Tough” and enjoy the process, the “Law of Averages” kick in.

If you only meet 1 person a day and get rejected – it’s soul crushing! If you meet 10 people a day and get rejected 8 times – it’s great! (Because you have 2 wins!). I know it can suck at times. I know it can feel really bad when you get rejected.

But when you avoid rejection, you are avoiding the possibility of growing your business, getting that dream job – or even finding a partner! My advice to you – EMBRACE REJECTION! It’s not easy at the start, but I can promise you – each day you do it, it becomes that bit easier. And to all you lying “Positive Thinkers” out there – grow up! Treat others and yourself with honesty and respect!

Boy – I wish I learnt this 20 years ago!

How does “Positive Thinking” Make Failure Harder?

If Your Milk Turns Sour - Don't Be The Pussy Who Drinks it!

If Your Milk Turns Sour - Don't Be The Pussy Who Drinks it!

“Positive Thinking” it it’s extreme form encourages one to just focus on the “Positives” in a given situation (duhh!).

Well that sounds obvious, and in fact – it’s great being Positive right? After all – when we feel positive, we just feel better, things flow better and we are likely to get what we want?

The universe will provide? All that “Financial Freedom” flowing to me in abundance? And oh no – watch out for those evil “Negative Thinkers” out there, who suck and work 9 to 5 everyday for their “Miserable Lives”.

After all, people who work 9 to 5 suck right? They aren’t enlightened like those “Positive Thinkers?” huh?

Interesting concept “Positive Thinkers”! How do you explain why 1/2 the world lives in Poverty? Let me guess – they are the “Negative Thinkers” according to your logic?

When I first arrived in Sydney (after moving up with Hobart) I picked up a contract with a really unethical and well known employer that really has a lot of people out there who aren’t big fans of them.  During this time, I really encountered pretty much the extreme or “Workplace Politics” from all directions.

As things were tough (and I had a lot of sources telling me how great “Positive Thinking” was) I gave it a shot and really applied it in this sense.  Cutting a long story short, by using “Positive Thinking” it made me really inactive, it stopped me considering relevant scenarios and making contingency plans in case I got the sack or something there.

So eventually, my contract ended early, things didn’t play out my way and while I was so busy “Being Positive” I didn’t deal with potential relaties such as being unemployed, or being prepared for tough times.

“Positive Thinking” in this case, got me into a lot of trouble – it didn’t keep me aware of my environment, or preparing for when things go bad.

Using a perishable goods example, it’s a bit like having 1L of Milk and the expiry date just lapses.  A bit of “Realistic Thinking” kicks in saying, hmm – I better do something about it. But then on no, “Positive Thinking” will tell you to ignore that and focus on how great things are, i.e. it came from a cow, it’s in a nice carton.  You then don’t do anything about it – and hey presto, your Milk Goes Sour!

Then you tell a “Positive Thinker” what happened to you and they just say you aren’t “Positive Enough!”.  Failure for many people (including myself) is a very tough thing to deal with, but “Positive Thinking” just makes it harder and worse.

If you are in a sticky situation or something isn’t going your way, please don’t screw up like I did and don’t be a “Positive Thinker” here – please be realistic and do whatever you need to do nice and early.

After All – if your Milk turns sour, don’t be the Pussy who ends up drinking it!

I wish I learnt this stuff 20 years ago!

How to Destroy Your Life with “Positive Thinking” Peer Pressure?

"Positive Thinking" Peer Pressure - What is really Going on here?

Sometime ago (and even recently), I have had so many dumb, pathetic and stupid, extremist “Positive Thinkers” running around trying to brainwash me with their delusions of the world.

Most of the time, they try and make out they are your “Friend”, and they really care – but more often that not (i.e. at least 80% of the time), there is a clear commercial agenda going on.

Besides the obvious examples of MLM / Pyramid Seminars (such as the dangerous one that you know I am referring too) which teach you to prey on friends and family, I am also making a reference to the much more subtle ones.

During a course I attended some time ago, it was a great “Positive Group”.

I actually mean this positively for a change – I really liked some of the people in it (and made some great lasting friends too).

One sinister element too it though, was how the provider of the course was really trying the “Positive Hard” sell to get into your wallet.  People who purchased more products or upgraded to another high option – were loudly applauded and congratulated in front of the group.

Also, a professional Networking Group (which you probably know what I am referring too) – really makes out that “If Your Serious” and “Positive” about your Business and getting new clients – you will join us immediately and pay us your money.

What I have found as in from the playground, right through to Modern Day, some really dodgy, shonky and unethical “Positive Thinkers” out there have figured out how to incorporate themes of “Peer Pressure” into what they are doing.

That is, you do what the group says and confirm (usually by giving your time / money / obedience) they applaud you, and if you don’t – they vilify you.

So if your thinking, “So what Ed? So what if a group congratulates you for confirming? That is a good thing right?” – I am going to argue that it’s not.  Because, “Positive Thinking” if often used to disguise from really unethical money-making schemes.

I have met so many “Spiritual”, “Positive” people out there – who are cleverly designed sharks who are trying to rip you off.

I have also met some real “Genuine”, “Good-Natured” and “Truly Positive” people out there as well.

Just be careful please! If you have just met someone and they are “Too Nice” to you – remember, there is a likely agenda going on.  And, these guys don’t give a rats about your dreams or goals – to them, you are merely just a “Cog” in a machine to them.

I wish I learnt this stuff 20 years ago! 🙂

Why do “Positive Thinkers” Lie To Us About Tough Times?

“Positive Thinkers” Lie to Us – It is really Tough at Times! No matter the Spin!

“Positive Thinkers” lie all the time about tough times.

These people are really unethical and are just trying to con you out of your hard-earned money.

Besides my Formal Studies, I have read lots of books from the so-called “Gurus” on how to “Be Rich”, “Live Your Life” and “Stay Positive”.

One Con, which I picked up is that in all the books you pick off the shelf, they always try and make out how easy it is to make $1,000,000 and achieve the life of your dreams (usually in a time-frame measured by months and not years!).

It’s just and me talking here now – let’s have a frank conversation.  No matter what front we put on, we always have tough times.

We can have problems with our Partners, Children, Money, Business, Work, Sickness and all that.  According to these “Positive Thinkers”:

– You can snap yourself out of it immediately.

– It’s just the “Story you are telling yourself”.

– You need to just “Be Positive”.

Oh great, so my wife has left me – my kids are sick, I am having trouble at work – so if I just tell myself to be happy, I just will be?

Well, that is what many so called “Positive Thinkers” have told me face to face and in their books.  Here is the funny con of it all, with some of these Positive Thinkers I have witnessed first hand and had reported to me second-hand – is that they get as “Negative” as we do, have “Problems” just like us and can’t just “Change” their emotions like they make out they do.

So it’s fair to say that in tough times, just “Being Positive” is a lie.  You have to do a lot more than that, i.e. be patient, be honest, make changes, give yourself time etc.

So why are these “Positive Thinkers” and Authors lying to us? Here are a few questions regarding them:

– Are they lying to us to sell more of their books?

– Are they trying to create a front they are “Larger than Life” so we get conned by them?

– Do they pretend what they know is so powerful, you will go to their seminars and fork out for them?

Come On! We aren’t stupid.  As much as they like to think we are stupid, we are actually not and can question what these people are doing.  “Positive Thinking” just makes them rich at our expense! You and I both know what is really going on here – “Positive Thinkers” lying to us so they can take your money and buy themselves nice cars, holidays and stuff.

Tough Times happen, and they suck! However that is life and it can be tough and can take time to get through things. When you are feeling down, please watch your wallet / purse! That is when these con artists are at their peak!

Why are “Positive Thinkers” Always Trying to Take My Cash?

At least this Cowgirl / Hustler is Honest About it!

“Positive Thinkers” have really annoyed me lately. I have been harassed by a bunch of “Positive People” from Multi-Level-Marketing Schemes (“MLM”).

They are so “Positive” and are all making “So Much Money” – hence, they tried to put lots of pressure for me to join their schemes.  I have noted something incredibly interesting lately.

I know lots of multi-millionaires who are the “Real Thing”.

Yet, compared to these other Con-Artists:

– Absolutely NONE of them are “Positive Thinkers”.

– They are all HARDCORE “Realists”.

– When I have told them about “Positive Thinking” they sneer / laugh at me.

So this is very interesting – I know so many “Poor” people who go around, being “Positive” pretending they are doing very well.  When I suggest to them (even politely) they should look at both side of the equations and be pragmatic, they usually defend their beliefs quite strong and label me as “Negative” or not really understanding “Positive Thinking”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we all need to be in fear of Nuclear Annihilation all the time and incredibly negative.  I am just saying that lately, lots of people who are so positive (near delusional) have really showed me the limitations of the thinking.

One extremely unethnical practice I have noted are some of the Multi-Level Marketing schemes out there.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think some are extremely good and I am not attacking the industry (i.e. I have had very good experiences with NutriMetics & Herbal-Life) – I am talking about some shonky players that I bet you know about!  In actual fact, I think MLM is a good type of model.  But like anything – it can be misused.  My favourite biblical example is in the use of a knife, i.e:

– You can use it to cut bread.

– You can use it to cut someone up.

One thing that I think is so unethical (which in my opinion should be made illegal) is:

– They Get in “Poor People”.

– Sell them “Financial Freedom”, “Fluffy Clouds” and “BS”.

– They attack our Western Society, Our Way of Life and tell you how bad it is.

– Con them into handing over what little Money & Time they have.

– Manipulate them into believing that in 1 – 3 years, they will be millionaires.

One poor person I recently Coached has been completely sucked into these schemes.  They are so “Positive” and because they “Believe” (or more likely have been Conned by their MLM company) in what they are doing – they basically have put their career and life on hold to chase the fluffy clouds.  Don’t you love “Positive Thinking”? Yes – thank you for helping to destroy this person’s life.

That is really bad an unfair! This MLM company doesn’t care about the lives of people it’s damaging, doesn’t tell them clearly what they are up for – and even worse, when this person most likely doesn’t achieve their $10,000+ / Month of Passive Cashflow – they will then blame this person for not “Following the System” or being not “Positive Enough”. To go the next level, I have spoken to many Multi-Millionaries I know about this MLM company – and guess what? They all think it’s a complete rip off.  In fact, one used this exact words to me some years ago:

– It’s an evil company that teaches poor people, to prey on poor people.

When I first heard that, I thought I was a bit extreme – and not very nice.  But it’s really true.  There are some mean people in this world, that just love preying off other people. These companies use “Positive Thinking” as a means of getting people to lower their ability to scrutinize so they can rip them off and take over their lives.  This top trader I know Chris Lori has this great saying “Be Careful, it’s a Jungle out there!” – so true and relevant here I think!

Why is it so Easy to Manipulate “Good Honest People”?

You’re Not Getting My Cake Naughty Kitty!

Great Guys with Bad Girls, Great Girls with Bad Guys, the Honest Friend and the Lying Friend – our society is filled with tons of examples of the “Good-Natured” person being taken for a ride or taken advantage of by the “Not-so-Good Natured” person for their own personal gain.

Depending on whether you know me or not (let alone agree with the next statement), I have considered myself a “Nice Person”.  I am certainly not perfect by any means, but I consider myself fairly Good-Natured, Helpful and the like.

I also have a range of friends which some are really really Good-Natured and Nice people – in fact, much more than little old me! One thing I have really started to pay attention to and become more aware of, is how you often get really nice people which are often the victims of predatory behaviour of people that are simply selfish shysters (or at the very least quite self-centered and care little for their good natured friend).

A good example of this is in a friend of a friend.  This man is very simple, incredibly good-natured however one that society would label as “Slow” (I certainly don’t think that, but it’s a common perception of this person).  This poor person has this so called “Girlfriend” that demands lots of money from him, stops him having an extra friends and especially having any other female friends is completely forbidden.  A “Positive Thinking” will tell a person in this situation, just to “Visualize” things improving.  But in this case, I can promise you a “Positive Thinker” here will get continually abused!

Yet, this girlfriend does what she damn well pleases and certainly doesn’t apply the same rules to herself!

Another great example was one of my own great friends who I have known since  I was 15. In her early 20’s she met this guy that she fell head over heels for her – and I am sure you know where I am going with this story – he took total advantage of her and broke her heart (and he damn well knew he was doing it too).

This makes me think, why is it so easy to manipulate “Good-Natured People?”. I think where this can be a problem is that if you are “Good-Natured” it’s easy to assume that everyone else is.  That is:

– Because I won’t steal that Ladies / Guys Purse or Wallet it means that no one will take mine.

That is a fairly natural assumption, i.e. if you don’t believe it’s fine to run around killing people, then why on earth would anyone harm you?

Unfortunately, you and I both know – this is just not how the world works and there are unfortunately some very dark (and in some cases very evil) people in this world that are expert manipulators which I bet some specialize in how to really take advantage of “Good-Natured” people. By learning this the hard way, I have realized it is great to be “Good-Natured” (as I would want to be any other way), however one cannot be naive in this day and age.

When you are just so “Damn Positive” and you “Visualize” all this great stuff and you are “So Damn Happy” and you just believe the “World is the best place” – and you take this to the extreme, you can really set yourself up for a complete disaster (as not only I, but many others of my good friends have).

By the same token, you wouldn’t swim in shark infested waters, because the “Sun is so nice”, and the “Water is so Warm” – that in essence what delusional extremes of “Positive Thinking” tells you to do. I think being “Truly Positive” is a great thing, however in this world you have to balance that with a good dose of “Realism” to ensure that you don’t get manipulated or sucked-in to some elses agenda!

Do “Positive People” Completely Piss You Off?

Yes, I am so happy – now pay me $50 to join my program to be like me.

I don’t know about you, but when I go to Business Networking Meetings, Seminars or even when I was going to my Local Church, I always remember those “Highly Positive” people who would jump on you – much like an excited Puppy to a leg or a Chocolate Addict to the Confectionery Aisle in your local Woolworths (i.e. like the Chocolate Phase I went through mid June last year).

In fact, after working as a Business Coach and a Marketing Manager for years, I have been to more Seminars than I can remember and now am developing a disdain for these “Positive People” that jump all over me.

Now, before you think “Oh Ed, you are such a Negative Sod, You Suck and I want to see you Whipped in the town square for even talking this way” – I just want to be clear what I mean about “Positive People”.

I am not talking about genuinely optimistic people that work hard, focus, accept difficult situations but move forward in a logical and positive manner.

I am talking about those that:

– “Turn it On” when they see you.

– Genuinely don’t care for anyone but themselves – i.e. their “Positivity” is put on to either get your money or to feed their ego as they are convinced they are “Likable”.

– Are really putting on a front, either to manipulate you or because they are pretending to be happy when they are really not.

– Are so positive to the point, where their behavior is border-lining on dishonesty.

These people really drive me nuts and quite often – I have noticed with a lot of people who are selling or even organizations with “Cult-Like” elements, the “Positive Front” is really more of a tactic used to manipulate. After all:

– I am so happy because I am in this organization.

– It only costs $820 to join.

– You will be happy like me if you do so.

You and I both know, it’s just a tactic designed for someone else besides ourselves to profit.  “Positive Thinkers” using “Positive Thinking” designed to make you poor (and them rich obviously!).

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting the other extreme whereby you have a bad day and just share your negative energy with everyone.  Like most things, going from one extreme to the other won’t result in any improvement.

I am just suggesting that if people were more genuine it would make relationship building much easier and remove a lot of the unnecessary pretenses in our society.

In addition, people who really make out how “Positive” their situation (when it’s really not) to sell a product, service or membership are acting in a way that not only their mother’s would disapprove of, but would arguably be considered unethical by any reasonable person.

One thing I have found is that “Truly Positive” people, don’t actually pounce on you or hit you up with “Put-On & Fake Positive Energy”.  The ones I know just sit there calmly, smile and really act in a genuine manner.  I can only hope to become “Truly Positive” like some of the great Mentors I have right now.  I would rather be “Negative & Honest” than BS someone that is for sure!