Considering the fact I don’t even own 1% of 4Networking Australia, you can probably tell my […]
In quite a few courses I have done they have all given similar advice of “Faking […]
I met this complete “Douche Bag” at a Networking Event recently. Well, actually – they more […]
Have you noticed that whenever there is something out there that, shall we say – “Has […]
Without sounding like a “Conspiracy Theorist” crackpot – Society really does a great job of making […]
To me this is a very profound concept. In not just my own Small Business, but […]
“Positive Thinking” it it’s extreme form encourages one to just focus on the “Positives” in a […]
Sometime ago (and even recently), I have had so many dumb, pathetic and stupid, extremist “Positive […]
“Positive Thinkers” lie all the time about tough times. These people are really unethical and are […]
“Positive Thinkers” have really annoyed me lately. I have been harassed by a bunch of “Positive People” from […]
Great Guys with Bad Girls, Great Girls with Bad Guys, the Honest Friend and the Lying […]
I don’t know about you, but when I go to Business Networking Meetings, Seminars or even […]