4Networking has been a massive new start to my life and I have loved it beyond money big time.  I was lucky to launch Chatswood today with some brilliant people shown here!

4Networking has been a massive new start to my life and I have loved it beyond money big time. I was lucky to launch Chatswood today with some brilliant people shown here!

Considering the fact I don’t even own 1% of 4Networking Australia, you can probably tell my high level of commitment to the cause.  I am quite a critical character if you know me in the “Real World” and for me to be that focused on anything means it must be good.

In very direct terms 4Networking gave me the Community and Platform to help me turn my life around after “Losing the Farm” when I was turning 30.  Even though my 20’s were marked by some sweet impressive successes, bad decisions, “Low Self-Worth” and some big mistakes on my end led to me losing the lot and starting out again in life.

As I started my business, 4Networking sure gave me the referrals to build a 6-Figure Consulting business – it also gave me the new friends and power group to help me thrive again in life.  These days I am quite happy and while things still aren’t perfect, my challenges each day are of higher quality.

Over time and reflection that comes with age one would say, I kind of realized that I have started my “Second Life”.  That is, rightly or wrongly – I screwed things up, “My old life was taken from me” and after dealing with key issues such as Unemployment, Homelessness, Losing my Social Support Network and the like – I made a massive comeback.

WHAT I FOUND AMAZING was that when I visited 4Networking United Kingdom there were so many people there with my story or worse.  There are people joining 4Networking Australia today with stories even worse than mine.  People who once had massive homes, businesses and families – to have nothing and start again from scratch.  Some are like me and made mistakes and some are great people who got sick.  I know one amazing woman (who knows who she is) that fought for her life over Christmas spending all her money on life saving treatments. There are countless stories I have heard that go from sad to just purely inspiring.

Extreme challenges that when I explain in this format make me even sit back in my seat.  Even though there are so many good people here that had many bad things happen to them, what I find is that the challenges turned them from “Normal” into “Extraordinary” people.

My advice and lessons here? Rightly or Wrong, Your Fault or Someone Elses – Something can happen and your life just gets turned inside out and upside down.  Great Causes and Communities such as 4Networking with the RIGHT PEOPLE can sometimes be all you need to get back on track in life.

The other thing I have learned is that you can be stronger and better than you ever were.  I earn more today than I ever had, with people I care for and live on my terms.  How good is that? (Of course, don’t ask on how painful it was getting here.  But it was worth it x x).

I hope you enjoyed this read and love your work! Thanks from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who loves his “Second Life!”



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  1. Hi Edward,

    I am truly happy for your rebirth! You are an amazing leader who dare to challenge the status quo! Your going from go from “losing the farm” to success does not surprise me! You are the action guy who do the tasks necessary for success!

    I have heard a lot of “sad to just purely inspiring” stories through my association with the business people around me. Most people choose ‘normal’ as the way of life because they are happy with the status quo. It is the thinkers and doers who act differently that bring about extra-ordinary results!

    Thanks, Edward, for this inspiring post!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

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