"Positive Thinkers": They love emptying your accounts to buy their Mansions!

“Positive Thinkers”: They love emptying your accounts to buy their Mansions!

Have you noticed that whenever there is something out there that, shall we say – “Has a big problem with it”, “Isn’t based on Reality” or even if is “Very Dodgy”, they always try and avoid the substance and do the whole “Positive Thinking” Hype thing?

The Carbox Tax lately is a real nice take on Positive Thinking.  Agree with it or not, it obviously will hit everyone’s hip pockets and make life even tougher in Australia (with the supposed gain of reducing our emmissions).

Obviously it’s a really hard sell (support it or not), so this is where the “Positive Thinking” tool-bag is pulled off the shelf.  Let’s get in Cate Blanchett, some other Australian actors and forget about all the “Day to Day Obvious” problems and focus on a nice big sunny future.

Interesting? Also with that lovely Pyramid Selling Scheme (from that certain MLM company where they always try and trick you into coming to their “Rha – Rha” meetings) – it is exactly the same tactic.

There is no “Substance” or reality and the Policies / Pyramid Scheme / Scam isn’t sold on credible results, analysis or relastic outcomes – but “Fluffy Clouds”, “Lying on a Beach making millions” or the Carbox Tax “Stopping worldwide C02 emissions”.

This is what you got to really watch out for – especially more these days.  Not just the Labor-Greens Government, or Cate Blanchett trying to look cool with her Hollywood Peers or even the annoying guy trying to con you into a dodgy pyramid scheme to go and fleece your mother, father, brother and sister – people are doing it very hard these days in Australia.

Desperation brings out the best and worst in people.  Desperation makes some people work harder and come up with great ideas to help the poor and their families, but then some come up with new “Con-Schemes” designed to make you suffer and buy them nice mansions or send their own kids to Private Schools (while you deal with the Credit Card debt they helped you create).

So remember boys and girls! Be careful out there! Keep a critical mind, think independently and don’t be suckered into stuff!

Am I saying be sceptical? Absoultely! Remember – the only people who don’t want you to be sceptical are trying to often sell you overpriced rubbish – or new taxes which will send jobs to China.  I wish I learnt this 20 years ago!

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