Queensland Floods - Rebuilding (Thank you to Martin Howard from FLICKR)

Does finding Scapegoats repair the damage done?

It is very sad to see what happened to the poor people in QLD.  What is amazing about this situation though is that the disaster really brought out the generosity and strength in the Australia public.  “The Clean-Up” Army, the Volunteer donations were all amazing things.

It was also great to see that “Looters”, “Raiders” and “Greedy Profiteers” of people’s suffering were dealt with in a swift manner.  Those people are extremely “Un-Australian” and it was only a delight to see them get what they really deserve.  I just only hope that they are punished to the full extent of the law.

I would imagine that there are not many countries in the world where people are as generous as Australian’s and would contribute so much to helping “Complete Strangers”.

Similar to Hurricane Katrina, we now are seeing the real aftermath of Political Rhetoric coming out from both sides of Politics, The Government, Insurance Companies and the like.

Like many Australians and Residents of our country, I am not too happy with the Flood Levy that’s being imposed on us by the Federal Government.  Like the great Neil Mitchell and Julia Gillard interview I share some of those sentiments.

It’s not about the money – hell, I would gladly pay a lot more than what the government is asking for a Disaster Fund of some form.  Like many people I have spoken too, it’s not about the money being paid – it’s that:

– We don’t have the confidence that the money would used productively to support the QLD People.

What has really been bugging me (and lot’s of people lately) is that the focus has been “Oh, we need more money – let’s just Tax the Australian Population again”.  To make this even worse, the NBN is still going ahead and the cuts are being made to programs designed to improve the Ecological & Environmental situation in Australia.

I am a very strong Liberal Supporter and lately I have really started to agree and align myself with the perspective of the Greens.  I never really used to be a Greens supporter, however I honestly have to say that they have really stepped up to the plate and are oddly enough becoming a voice of reason in the current Minority Government we have.

What’s even becoming amazing is that it appears relations between the Coalition and the Greens are really starting to thaw.  Honestly something I never would have expected to see! No amount of “Positive Thinking” would have created this – it’s obviously a reflection of deeper values overlapping. What I really think is becoming sad is that like many things in politics, the eye is coming off the ball of the QLD People and it’s just becoming a “Hurricane Katranish” political battle about protecting polls and one’s position.

Political Discussion is great and it’s good to see that something is being done to help the Queenslanders, however it would be great if less focus was on “The Polls” and “Political Protection” and more on the poor people that need help. Touch wood we will see some action soon – and let’s hope that if we are taxed, it actually goes to helping the Queenslanders!

Political Rhetoric – it’s great when you “Stop Being Positive” and start to see through all the junk. There needs to be action to help the people, not action to help the polls!

[Edward’s Notes Years Later: Oh yeah! Tony Abbott is Prime Minster and Times are rocking and so glad to have the silly Labor and Greens out of Government.  Good things come to those that wait and patience just rocks I say!]

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  1. At least they are only Queenslanders!

    Since when has politics ever been anything other than winning votes, why does it surprise you? That’s why I like Bob Brown, he says what he think’s and be damned if the majority of people don’t agree.

    The only reason that the Liberals would appear friendly to the greens is to give them a green tinge since the disasters can be related to climate change, which will give them more votes. They still don’t believe in climate change which means just like labour, if they do get voted in nothing will be done to fix the problems of pollution and waste that our society sadly is built on.

    I wish the people listened the the green movement 20 years ago (we might not be in the predicament we are in now)

    • You know what? I very much agree with you.

      I don’t always agree with the policies of the Greens (being a Lib myself), but one thing I love about the Greens and Bob Brown is exactly that – they have clear policies, stick to their guns and do what they believe is right.

      The reason why this country has it’s problems is that we didn’t listen to the Greens (or at least the ecologically minded) people then and today we have a government that is just doing what you say.

      I do love that trait about Greens. They know what they want and they stick to it – regardless of what those polls say! 🙂

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