Right now, I am holidaying in a really nice spot with my other half and some friends in a place called “Port Stephens”.  It’s about 1 hour east of Newcastle (in NSW) and it’s a really nice spot.  Taking holidays is something I almost never voluntarily do and they often give me a long chance to think.

After I think “About Work” and what I have to do, I eventually slow down just enough to really think about far more profound topics that “What I need to get done?” and “Who is trying to get me?”

One thing that has really been bouncing around in my mind is the logic that I one heard in that “If you do only an average job, you can’t get an exceptional result”.

In my own life, in some areas I have done quite well – but in some areas I have done a “Real Average Job”.

Now, I am not saying that you work 24 hours a day or anything like that – but also the other extreme is just as bad.  If you go through life (in a given area, be it Relationships, Finances, Health, Spirituality, Friends or whatever floats your boat) and you do an average job at something – I really notice that you end up sucking at it!

In terms of my physical health I really used to put a lot of work into it and then I slid into an “Average Job”.  I wasn’t doing anything bad or extreme or anything – but then I watched the “Fat Build On”, to the point where I got really unhappy with it.

I am almost back to where I was, but I proved this profound piece of advice.  That is, if you don’t put in 100% into a given area, you will probably keep slipping and slipping until you eventually suck (at least that what happens to me).

If I don’t give 100% to my trading, I don’t keep up with my friends.  If I don’t give 100% to my job, my work piles up and I slip.  If I don’t focus 100% on what I eat, Chocolate and Cake creep in and I slip.

What I find really tough is getting the balance in between.  It’s easy to go overboard in one direction, but getting a balance in life seems to be very hard – if not impossible!

At the end of the day, you have to lean in the direction as getting a complete balance seems impossible.  How can you eat Chocolate Cake and be toned? How can you “Take it easy at work” and get amazing results? How can you get a business going if you only put in a “Half-Ass Effort and take it slow?”.

Well, from everyone I know who has made it in a given area,  being “Average” just doesn’t work.  You just have to get a “Little Extreme” to get what you really want. Now, what does “Little” mean in this context? Well – if you are competing with a stack of “Average” people, “Little” means much more than them! What taught me this “Average” lesson as well is job hunting.  In some Marketing Manager jobs I have applied for, I have been up against 200+ Applicants!

Holy Shit! How are you meant to compete against that? Unless you are bloody exceptional you stand no chance! As you don’t get prizes for coming in second (i.e. you “Win” or “Lose”) if you are average, you won’t get the job and you will just continue at the level you are.  As I then have cruised along, I have just felt like I totally suck! One thing in my own life.  In some areas I have done a 10/10 job.  In some areas I have done a 5/10 job.

Guess which areas of my life I suck in?


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