Man I ate over Christmas.  I mean really ate.  I think I ate about $45 worth of Chocolate myself and at least $20 worth of Potato Chips on top of it.  Even though I “Lemon Fasted” the weight off so I am now break-even (with Pre-Christmas) – I really justified to myself that it is “Okay” to overeat.  Normally, I don’t overeat to this extreme – however, psychologically I made up a great “Story” to tell myself to justify my behaviour.  That is, I said to myself:

– Well, it’s my parents so it’s okay.

– It’s only 1 time a year.

– It’s Christmas and you are meant to over eat.

– I will lose it after Christmas.

The thing that I learned is that many people who put on weight over Christmas, don’t end up losing it.  That is, even though one may come up with a “Story” giving them “Permission” to overeat, they often don’t lose it. And unfortunately, life then gets in the way.  That is, I have made up great “Stories” such as:

– [Wifes Birthday] – It’s a celebration so I will lose it tomorrow.

– [Easter] – It’s Easter and you are meant to eat lots of Easter Eggs.

– [Weekends] – Well, I worked all week – so I deserve a break.

– [Ed’s Birthday] – Well, come on?

And So On.

These are some of the stories I have told myself previously and after speaking to lots of people – I have seen very similar “Stories” come up.

Another word for these “Stories” is actually “Excuses” or put more elegantly – “Reasons”.

This Christmas, I actually did much better than previously.  Still – not happy with my performance, but it’s okay.  When I brought “Conscious” attention to the “Subconscious” reasons I was giving myself to indulge – I really had a close think as to why I am coming up with these reasons to begin with.


It relaxed me and calmed me.  But, addictions always have some type of “Short Term Payoff”. I totally understand why people with addictions can say:

– I can quit anytime I want.

It’s a great “Excuse” “Reason” to justify a something that delivers a “Short-Term” payoff, with heavy consequences.


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  1. No way Bibi! I actually left this comment 2 years later and I am so not a fatso now and it’s great!

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