Evil People Love it!

Evil People Love it!

One thing our Legal System is big on is clearly defining lying.  When one gives evidence, they have to “Tell the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth”.  That is – if one selectively tell’s part of a story with intent to twist it’s meaning – that is actually considered being deceptive.

An obvious example – I say such and such hit me and I want to charge them for Assault.  If I hold back of the fact that I stole his wifes handbag and pulled a knife on them – it obviously changes the whole meaning.

In more subtle, but still insidious example – I have done some training over the years with organizations that do exactly this.  That is – when they structure their training, they are quite clearly with-holding WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW with the whole purpose of trying to sell you more courses.

Don’t get me wrong – I am all for up-selling and such, but when the dodgy suckers start with-holding what you need to know, this is borderline theft.

Years ago (in a very different life) – I actually hired this “Coach” to help me out.  They would charge big dollars per session and kick me out right on 60 Minutes.  And it took me a few years to realize what they did – but they would never tell me what I needed to know.

Just enough to get me by, but always not enough to scam me back.  Years later I went into business for myself and yes – found this person still kicking around with no money and doing poorly.  Why? Everyone knows they are a shark!

So here is the thing – unless you have no choice (i.e. they are say a Airline or a  Teleco) – if someone is holding stuff back and not doing what they should – get rid of them! Dodgy sharks only get by – from people buying their services.

Although I know *almost everyone* reading this blog is honest and doing a great job, if you ARE NOT I invite you to change your thinking right now.  Most people I know who are dodgy never make it – and for the ones that do, please note:

– If you don’t change right now after reading this, you are an evil morally corrupt cockroach who isn’t advancing the human race.

As for you cool honest people – keep it up! Love your work.

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  1. Hi, Ed,

    I absolutely love this post! Me too have had not so pleasant experience with people who promised the world but delivered very little. Your warning at the end to the “evil morally corrupt cockroach” is C-O-O-L.

    In the business world, providing value is the best way to go. I am pleased to be under your wings, Ed. I look forward to implementing the strategies that you advised.

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

  2. Well you certainly are passionate about this! I can see it dripping from between the lines. I agree totally with you on this point and in fact I have become very jaded about the entire industry. I have seen “life coaches” who would appear more at home in a Mt Druitt McDonalds than a business newtwork meeting. They can’t even groom themselves in a professional manner. Then there are the ones with the fake smiles and the “I’m awesome” response to the usual “How are you?” greeting. They talk at 100 decibels, at 200 words per minute and think that by the sheer power of their will they will impress me.

    No, I have gone to the other side Luke. I have had enough of the seminars and the promises that simply can’t be met. My shoulder is aching now from all the arm raising in response to the presenters questions and at the end of the day it is more about the public not being happy where they are and they simply don’t know how to change it. Well as Paris Hilton once wisely said: “It ain’t rocket surgery”.Pay for a business coach who really knows his business strategies, read all the very best motivational books on your own and have a number of great mentors (most of whom would be happy to do that role for free) who have specialities in different areas. Mind you, pass the Grace on by mentoring someone else for free too. There is the Law Of Reciprocity to consider here.

    • Thank you for the quite reply! Sounds like we are birds of a feather. My favourite thing of what you are saying are the life coaches who you ask “How are you?” and in the most fakest, smug reply “I am just awesome”.

      I met this stupid moron at a Networking Event (not 4Networking!) and I said I like what I do. She then tried to “Coach” me and said, “Well you should love it”.

      I just walked off.

      And on a funny note, no one else was talking to her.

      I wonder why?

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