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Being Reputable, Telling the Truth and Being Trusted – Go Anna Porter!

The awesome Anna Porter, Property Mentor and Investor.  Very lucky to have connected with dynamic and trustworthy characters like her!

The awesome Anna Porter, Property Mentor and Investor. Very lucky to have connected with dynamic and trustworthy characters like her!

This article is dedicated to the amazing Property Mentor / Investor Anna Porter (from Surburbanite).

I had a very long extended “Business Lunch” yesterday, I was reflecting on some amazing discussion and realizations I had with Anna.  I am very lucky to have worked with her and she was my first sign up ever to one of my workshops which we now run all the time!

We spoke about many business topics and caught up on old times and one of the big themes that came up in our conversation again and again was all about being a “Reputable Player” not only in our markets, but within our own respective industries.

I was subject to a stack of heavy personal attacks by people over the past few weeks and poor Anna has had her fair share too.  We both realized that as one succeeds and contributes, the right people reward you – but the wrong people pull out daggers and come and get you out of destructive envy and insecurity.

The big reflection of this is that as you succeed in business, you tell the truth and stand your position – at the start of the game no one cares about you, but as you go up – people come out of the wood work trying to take a chunk out of you.

I had this person have a shot at me late last week and I know what to be completely true – when I started out, this person ignored me, but now I am actually making a different they are coming after me and trying to bring me down.  In the case of Anna Porter too, if you ever meet this dynamic business woman she is nothing short of amazing with a truly giving heart, but as she is successful she has her critics trying to stop her doing great work.

As we spoke, we joked about Sydney at times being one “Large Shark Tank” and I think that’s it – accept people are going to come and get you, but don’t deviate from your path – think long term and live the life of being Reputable, Trusted and telling it as it is!

And of course, watch out for those sharks too! One tried to chomp me last week, but I got ’em with the Harpoon Gun!

Doing it the Right Honourable Way like Amanda Says!

Amanda Levy - One Nice Sales Mentor who believes in doing it the right way.  Nice! Need more people like her around!

Amanda Levy – One Nice Sales Mentor who believes in doing it the right way. Nice! Need more people like her around!

This post I would like to dedicate to the fine Sales & Customer Service Mentor Amanda Levy who I have been very lucky to work with today. She is one dynamic woman who has her head “Screwed on Right”.

We had a great meeting of the minds in Manly today (which is a fine Suburb of the Northern Beaches of Sydney) in which we spoke Marketing and in particular talked about all the charlatans and dodgy people that unfortunately dominate our industry.

I have heard non-stop about people promising “Millions of Dollars” and dodgy Mentors out there which you know have no money, are usually overweight (some don’t even shave the day they go out) and to make it even better – the just promise unrealistic results that they can’t even achieve themselves. And I am not just talking some nut job, I am talking many upon many operating at this level of shonk.

To me, if someone is flogging some pathetic service and not getting their own results, it leads to two possibilities:

– They are complete idiots and don’t see the hypocrisy.
– They are manipulative liars who full know well their deception.

If anything, 2 of these people come to mind and I think they are a bit of both. They are dishonest idiots who are old to bend and destroy honest hard working people.

Bringing it back to Amanda Levy from today and why I think she is awesome is that we were talking about not “Hype” and “Millions of Dollars” and rubbish like that but proper services, using proper techniques, doing things with quality – the right way! This seems to be almost rare these days with loser after loser trying to abuse and manipulate.

Amanda was quite astute in putting her view forward and I just loved it, my big thing for today is:

– Do it properly, or don’t!

Simple, Germans make wonderful cars or they don’t. That is because they do things properly or don’t.  From Edward Zia, thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day out there!

Doing only YOUR BEST that day!

From Left to Right (Martha Arifin, David Coster, Jenny Kuo, Rhonda Osman, William Cownie, Lisa Aifantis and Ralph Rintoule).  Just amazing awesome people that I am lucky to be surrounded by!

From Left to Right (Martha Arifin, David Coster, Jenny Kuo, Rhonda Osman, William Cownie, Lisa Aifantis and Ralph Rintoule). Just amazing awesome people that I am lucky to be surrounded by!

I wish to dedicate this article to a secret anonymous fellow who I have a high level of respect for and a group of fantastic people I work with in the photo included!

In working with all of them and reflecting on myself, it has given me a strong level of appreciation for by all means PUSHING YOURSELF HARD but also accepting and realizing that regardless of what we do or say to ourselves, one can only do their best on that day!

In my life these days, I am very happy to have got all the junk out.  Even a month or two ago, this person just used me for years and I took steps to protect myself from them and keep them from harming me more.  Now, I am surrounded by THE RIGHT people and surprise, surprise  my life is totally awesome and I am very grateful (after putting up with just rubbish for years).

In talking to this lovely man who shan’t be mentioned, it got me reflecting on how much pressure I put on myself.  Similar to my friend Jenny Kuo and this fellow, we are the type of people who although are successful – at times, we put plenty of “Negative Pressure” on ourselves.

This goes from Motivating, to purely Destructive often resulting in Burn-Out, Lower Productivity and putting aside money when I say this – your life just sucks at times!

In terms of Sales & Marketing Especially – this is important in that if you are say getting into your business, you can only push yourself so hard and try so much.  Even though we (especially me) like to think we can control people when it comes to selling, you just can’t! All you can do is put yourself out there and see who takes you and take it from there.

Of course, the more you put yourself out there the better but if you are “Stress-Heads” like us, sometimes we just do our best – then we keep whipping ourselves to no-avail.

From the Secret Person I spoke to today, it really occurred to me when it comes to pushing yourself.  You can only do so hard, so if you are doing your best – accept the results that come your way and pat yourself on the back!

Wish I learn this one years ago – would have made me far more productive and happier!  Go Hard, But be nice to thyself! Hope you enjoyed the read and thank you for taking the time from Edward Zia – Resurrected Marketing Mentor.

Palm Squeezing & Business Networking in Powerhouse Style!

The fine Robert from IT Support Guys - Face to Face Selling Extreme right now!

The fine Robert from IT Support Guys – Face to Face Selling Extreme right now!

This article has been dedicated to the fine Robert DelVecchio from IT Support Guys.  He is a fine Italian-Australian Man who is busy working away on taking his business to the next level.

One thing that I love about Robert’s approach is his appreciate for “Grass Roots” Marketing / Sales.  That is, I am in love with Facebook & LinkedIn and all that – but for many business owners (including myself), businesses are rarely built from sitting back and doing Facebook Posts.

They are won by consistent Sales & Marketing done non stop Face to Face Selling! That is, by meeting other Business Owners, Squeezing Palms, Doing it All the Time with a Compelling Fair Value deal, one can’t go wrong especially when the law of averages play out! In speaking to Robert today, it reminded me and helped me focus on my clear appreciation of how Face to Face Selling works for many Small Business Owners.

The ones that make it, I find do the Same thing over and over again! That is, if they Cold-Call, they knock on the same number of doors each week – if they are more like me and in “Trust-Based Selling” they are meeting everyone for Coffee and Buying Lunches every day each week!

In fact, here is my top “Face to Face” Strategy Guide written late at night:

– Be consistently Selling!

– Look wonderful yourself.

– Have great Sales Materials to Back you Up!

– Have a great Service / Product with Fair Prices.

– Approach the right people in the right context.

– Give and Gain – and Ask for the Sale!


And that my friends is the big secret to all this. You aren’t doing it here and there, but ALL THE TIME so you get the simple exposure. If you meet say 10 x People, selling can be hard, but if you meet 50 x the results are almost guaranteed assuming everything is commercially sweet!

I hope this inspires you and a big thank you from Edward Zia for taking the time to read this one.  If you like what you see, make sure you check out the Awesome Marketing Vault – one Awesome Online course for Success!

Dodgy Organizations: Ripping you off by Holding Stuff Back!

Evil People Love it!

Evil People Love it!

One thing our Legal System is big on is clearly defining lying.  When one gives evidence, they have to “Tell the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth”.  That is – if one selectively tell’s part of a story with intent to twist it’s meaning – that is actually considered being deceptive.

An obvious example – I say such and such hit me and I want to charge them for Assault.  If I hold back of the fact that I stole his wifes handbag and pulled a knife on them – it obviously changes the whole meaning.

In more subtle, but still insidious example – I have done some training over the years with organizations that do exactly this.  That is – when they structure their training, they are quite clearly with-holding WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW with the whole purpose of trying to sell you more courses.

Don’t get me wrong – I am all for up-selling and such, but when the dodgy suckers start with-holding what you need to know, this is borderline theft.

Years ago (in a very different life) – I actually hired this “Coach” to help me out.  They would charge big dollars per session and kick me out right on 60 Minutes.  And it took me a few years to realize what they did – but they would never tell me what I needed to know.

Just enough to get me by, but always not enough to scam me back.  Years later I went into business for myself and yes – found this person still kicking around with no money and doing poorly.  Why? Everyone knows they are a shark!

So here is the thing – unless you have no choice (i.e. they are say a Airline or a  Teleco) – if someone is holding stuff back and not doing what they should – get rid of them! Dodgy sharks only get by – from people buying their services.

Although I know *almost everyone* reading this blog is honest and doing a great job, if you ARE NOT I invite you to change your thinking right now.  Most people I know who are dodgy never make it – and for the ones that do, please note:

– If you don’t change right now after reading this, you are an evil morally corrupt cockroach who isn’t advancing the human race.

As for you cool honest people – keep it up! Love your work.

Sex & Sizzle is better than Truth & Substance Right?

There is no substitute for Sex & Sizzle – Yeh, Right. Liar!

I am still thinking about my experience about being shafted by the “Bad-Natured” Multi-Level Marketers the other month.  I know what your thinking, “Ed Just Get Over It”, “Ed build a Bridge and Move on”, “Ed find yourself a hobby or something”.

I can promise you that I am over it – it’s just that it was such an interesting event in terms of the unethical practices and manipulation in the event itself, but also it got me thinking onto the broader thing that I noticed in being a Marketing Manager for a long time now:

– Sex & Sizzle has been used in advertising for no doubt hundreds (probably even thousands of years).

– In fact, Sex & Sizzle can even help sell product when there is little Truth & Substance?

Sex, Sizzle & Hype have obviously been used in Modern Times with extreme levels of intensity and it obviously works.  However, when it’s used to “Replace” substance you can have a big problem.  People aren’t stupid these days.  After years of companies ripping off people, people being sucked into not only dodgy MLM (“Multi-Level Marketing”) schemes but also buying rubbish products (that were really hyped up) – you can’t get away with this type of thing long-term.

One thing I am finding though, is that a lot of companies out there assume that:

– Our Customers are stupid, the Market is Stupid so tell them whatever to just get the sales.

After really reflecting on not just my MLM experience last month of being “Shafted” by some really mean & unethical people, it led me to think that those people probably have the above view of society and the market.

That is, if you “Assume” everyone is stupid, it will lead you to approaching the market very unintelligently.  This kind of unethical rubbish may have worked well in the 80’s, may work well in the short-term – however in many cases this kind of approach just doesn’t last in the long term.

So if you try and nail me on direct question is “Truth & Substance” between the “Sex & Sizzle” – I would answer YES.  However, there is no reason you can have both?

Many people think that there is a “Sea-Saw” balance between Sex & Sizzle Vs Truth & Substance.  This is certainly not the case – in fact, some of the most successful people I know, be it Shop Owners right through to other Business Coaches – they often do both very well.

Such as those dodgy MLM people who unfairly tricked me last month, “Shonks” and people who rip people off – your days are numbered! You may suck some people in, but I have had the unique pleasure of watching these “Sharks” eventually getting what they deserve.

Truth & Substance is #1 – but of course, back it up with some great “Sex, Sizzle or Hype” – nothing wrong with that!  “Positive Thinking” is great, with “Positive & True Substance!”.

Have a great day and I wish I learnt this 20 years ago!

Why do some stick to “Vague Positivity” Over Real Benefits?

I Think I am Buying The House – Right?

After my great experience last month with people tarnishing “Positive Thinking” by using it to try to manipulate me into joining their Multi-Level-Marketing Scheme, it took me back to what this lovely old Greek Millionaire told me when I started my first Marketing Manager job in Hobart:

[In a Thick Greek Accent] – People don’t Buy Advertising, they Buy Good Quality.

This business attitude (which obviously works for this man who owns many properties across Hobart) really got me thinking for years.  Ironically today, we see only too many companies that are as “Sleek” as can be.

You buy their goods and ouch! You get totally burnt – yet the Advertising was so Good! In terms of those people trying to manipulate me into some of the poorer MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) schemes out there – I really think they know their product is weak, so their only hope is by bringing out the “Positive Charm”.

It’s a real pity, I actually do quite like “Positive Thinking” – however, unfortunately many have figured out it’s a great way to your wallet or purse.  In my own business and learning from others is that at the end of the day, people have two questions:

– Will Your Product Help Me?

– Can I Trust You?

After working in Marketing for a while now, it’s fair to say that many people are sick of being ripped off and consumers today can really see through the “BS” and just want to know what is relevant to them!  For example, if you are a Website Designer people want to know the benefits i.e:

– “My Great Websites will help you sell more Online. We use the latest in Website Approaches and work closely with Google to ensure they get a strong presence. Here is what some of my customers have said…”.

This is much more powerful than “Positive Fluff” which says:

– “Do you want to achieve your dreams? Have ever lasting Milk and Honey flowing in Abundance? Learn about my websites now!”

Many (including myself) have learnt the hard way – don’t BS people and cut to the chase fast! I totally love Positive Thinking, but not how some charlatans abuse it!

I wish I learn this stuff 20 years ago!

[Edward’s Comment years later after writing this article: That “Good Quality” reference has been proven true over and over again. It not only built my business, but I used that thinking to help turn around of dozens of fledgling businesses that lacked that strength in their own models].